Top 3 Digital tools for real-life lawyers

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Law is one of those fields where you have to give 110% to get significant and worthy results. It takes an analytical mind, organization, and contact with clients and collaborators. And much bureaucracy. Fortunately, the work of a modern-day attorney no longer looks like it did a decade ago. Responsibilities may not have changed much, but how an attorney performs their work did. Moreover, in a predominantly digitalized environment, software for lawyers has begun to emerge and considerably ease their work. Thus, digital tools for lawyers manage to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

In this highly competitive legal landscape, you must always be one step ahead of the competition in terms of methods to have maximum yield, preferably with minimal resources. And software for lawyers offers a plethora of digital tools to improve the delivery of legal services.  

Best three productivity tools to grow your legal business

You must have asked yourself, ‘How to grow my legal business?’. Yet, we have some answers for you.  Whether it is team collaboration software or project and document management platforms, there are digital tools for lawyers on the market you might not want to miss out on. 

Even though legal services seem to be a conservative field, with traditional practices, studies show an increase in the use of legal tech. Moreover, statistics show that the worldwide legal tech industry will expand significantly in the next years. These digital tools for lawyers will be accessible to legal organizations to transform how they perform their work. For example, revenues are expected to exceed $25 billion US by 2025. This is a real opportunity the legal services market provides for the industry.  

Let’s look at some of the most useful digital tools for lawyers!

  1. Bill4time

Billfortime has a very suggestive name and sheds light on its core functionality of time billing software. Bill4time offers digital tools for lawyers since it was developed by consulting and law firms. Its main features consist of time tracking and legal billing. Hence, you can bill your clients based on your time helping them. The appointment’s time is converted into billable time, which, in turn, is converted into invoices. You can customize the latter based on your preferences. In addition, this online payment system for legal firms works with popular payment software such as PayPal, LawPay, and Stripe. 

Bill4time Time Billing

Furthermore, Bill4time law firm billing software understands the need for mobility and flexibility. Thus, users can access it from any device. Their data is available and synchronized both on desktop and mobile apps as Billfortime is a Cloud-based time billing and project management app. 

But what about security? These digital tools for lawyers and consultants offered by Bill4time are highly secure, offering bank-grade security. In addition, this software for lawyers works with third-party industry leaders in data protection, boasting extra layers of security. The list is not that extensive for Bill4time integrations, but some of the apps it includes are Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Quickbooks, and Uptime. 

  1. Slack

Communication and great organization is the key to every business’ success. Thus, Slack offers a platform for collaboration and client communication. It comes with efficient ways to communicate by providing a chat and organizing and sharing tools. Since the world is moving fast, this business communication app allows you to keep up with it and adapt.

Besides being a client communication platform, Slack works great for remote teams, letting them collaborate in real-time. You can create rooms for every office, team, department, or client you need to keep in touch with. These rooms fall under the Channels feature, aiming to organize and improve workflow and communication. 


This software provides useful digital tools for lawyers and legal firms since their time is valuable and limited. You can eliminate the never-ending email replay chains with the efficient messaging feature. Moreover, users can schedule messages so that the recipient gets them at the appropriate time. Slack is a brilliant project management tool because you can create group chats and share documents and files with your teams. At the same time, it supports high-quality video and audio conferences. 

In addition, its suitable digital tools for lawyers ensure a high level of data security and protection. Device and identity management, data protection, and information governance are some of the security features the Slack business communication app provides. 

Organize your conversations in Slack | Slack 101
  1. DocuSign

A legal practitioner understands the frustration of signing and forwarding documents to be signed by others. Of course, people can’t eliminate this protocol, but they can simplify it. DocuSign is an esignature tool that allows users to sign papers digitally.

Yes, lawyers can use these kinds of digital tools because the electronic signature provided by DocuSign is a safe and legally accepted alternative to the manual signature. In addition, this document signing app allows you to create templates for standard documents that must be eSigned in your company. Yet, you can save much valuable time for other tasks. 

DocuSign eSignature: How to Sign a Document

In addition, DocuSign offers perfect digital tools for lawyers letting them use templates for non-disclosure agreement forms, proposals, contracts, service agreements, and many other forms. They also can protect these documents with a password to avoid unauthorized access to them. Moreover, this software for lawyers includes tools like document tracking to see if the document submitted for a digital signature has been seen and eSigned by your collaborators and clients. The same goes for the documents that require your eSignature. 

DocuSign Overview

We can all agree that attorneys and legal practitioners have complex jobs requiring much effort. Thus, digital tools for lawyers are a must-have in the era of digital developments and remote teams. Not only software for lawyers can improve the workflow, but it can also grow legal firms’ businesses.