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Bill4Time was founded back in 2006 and was built under the guidance of consulting and law firms. Now, the web-based platform is one of the most time billing software with more than 50.000 active users.

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About Bill4Time

Billfortime is a cloud-based tool developed by consulting and law firms for time tracking purposes. The software comes in two versions, one called: Billfortime and one called Bill4Time law. Therefore, our review of Bill 4 Time will focus mainly on the consulting platform rather than the law module.

Furthermore, the software comes highly recommended for companies looking for a legal prof time billing and expenses solution accessible on all devices. To understand the functionality that the tool in all its form brings to the table, let’s take a look at:

  • Bill 4 Time Features
  • Billfortime Integrations
  • Bill4Time Pricing
  • Bill4Time Security
  • Bill4 Time Reviews of Alternatives

Even if we friendly touched upon what the software does, let’s continue our Bill4Time review by properly introducing this tool to all the positive and negative aspects.

What is Bill4Time?

Bill4Time is a cloud-based time tracking and project management tool that offers special modules designed for consulting and law firms and not only. However, the software is used for time-tracking and billing.

If you are wondering why we are saying why this software is directed toward these to industries, give us the chance to explain why.

First, both consultants and lawyers have particular ways of charging their customers. Generally, that is in the form of payment per hour and project or lawsuit. Second, calling a law cabinet can be difficult as scaling a restaurant or a hair salon with a superstar chef or stylist. Third, each one of the partners in this business has different rates.

Last, Bill4Time reviews aspects such as billable and non-billable time by default without complicated settings needed to facilitate billing and invoicing and the completion of primary accounting, saving time and money for their users.

How to use Bill4Time?

The software offers you various time tracking methods, such as monitoring billable and nonbillable time that can be followed both on your desktop and mobile devices.  All you have to do to synchronize all your devices is to go to Bill4time login and add your credentials to them. Furthermore, you can convert your appointments directly into billable time and run multiple timers all at once. The software offers a client portal with numerous payment processing options to accept payments through PayPal, LawPay, and Stripe. Also, clients access the portal on both desktop and mobile devices. In conclusion, you can use Bill4Time to track, bill, invoice, and collect in a fast and easy way for you and your clients.

Bill4Time Features

With the Bill4time review of the features, this tool offers an understanding of what exactly you need. However, keep in mind that it integrates with many tools that complement most of its missing features. Also, keep in mind that the software was developed for lawyers and consultants. Therefore, there might be better options for both time-tracking and project management than Bill4Time. Some of these project management tools could be Paymo,, and even accounting tools such as Freshbooks.

At first glance, the tool is not that easy to grasp and seems relatively difficult to set up. Therefore, we would recommend you chose to migrate all your data with their help or start by going through their video material, documentation, or even request a tutorial on how to use the product.

Time Tracking

The Billfortime time tracking features come with choosing the type of rate to charge you, customers, fixed fee, or hours fee especially suitable for lawyers, web development agencies, and consultants. Furthermore, the software allows you this particular function to pick between billable and nonbillable time and convert it into invoices or exclude it from the invoice.

Feature for tracking time - honest reviews by Tekpon

So, if your billing method is one of the following, then you would have to set the entry for automation to the following:

Set to: Hourly, billable
Set to: Hourly, non-billable
Set to: Hourly, non-billable
Set to: Project Closing Flat Fee

Expense Tracking

Adding and tracking expenses into Billfortime is relatively easy and doesn’t really differ much from any other expense tracking or billing tool we spoke of before. All to set up to use this feature are:

  • Set the name of the Client in the checkbox
  • Choose from the pool down menu the name of the Project
  • Choose the Expense Type from the pool down menu
  • Write down the Description that will appear in the client’s invoice
  • Choose the expense calculator to make a detailed Cost overview for your client
  • Sell Price is the amount that will be billed to the client automatically after the cost. This can also be changed manually


Feature for tracking expenses in Bill4Time

Billing and Invoicing

Create fast and easy and from anywhere invoices based on the registered and tracked time and expenses or information introduced manually. Moreover, personalize your invoices and pick between several templates. Above, Bill4Time also offers the possibility to pay as fast as possible invoices through the available payment options such as Paypal and Stripe.

Online payments

Billfortime makes it easier for your clients to pay invoices through their payment gateways:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • LawPay

One of the main advantages of having these payment solutions is that it substantially reduces delays by between 30-70%. Moving on with the Bill4time review to the mobility aspect of the software.

Mobile app

Bill4Time is available on all devices. The software gives you the possibility to bill and tracks your team members’ activity on the go. Thus, all you have to do is go to Bill4Time login and add your credentials, and all the data you have saved in the cloud version of the product will be automatically transferred to your mobile or tablet version.

Billfortime mobile app

The Bill 4 time application is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android users. As a bonus, you can use Billfortime through an application for Mac computers.

Billfortime Security

Above all, for all of us who are at the time more concerned than they should be about security, Bill4Time offers bank-grade security.

Bill4Time works with third-party leaders in data security and offers over 99% uptime on their services.

Moreover, the company has geographically distributed data centers to avoid having security and technical issues when something intervenes in one region.

how secure is bill4time-reviews by tekpon

Bill4Time Pricing

Bill4Time pricing plans come with three distinct packages:

  • Time and Billing
  • Legal Pro
  • Legal Enterprise

The difference between this Bill4time review of pricing packages lies in the Legal Pro and Legal Enterprise features. As mentioned, the company developed this product with legal and consulting companies in mind; therefore, their expertise lies there. However, the product is suitable for any business that uses time tracking and billing, such as web design, architecture, and many more. For companies with nothing to do with the legal spectrum, we recommend the Time and Billing module as it is more than enough for their requirements.

Starting From: $27/user/month when billed annually

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14 days

You can get up to 10% off with the yearly pricing plan.

Bill4Time Integrations

Bill4Time has little to offer in terms of integrations. The software that so far impressed us with their all devices friendly product and versatile features offers only 11 third-party integrations.

  • Apple Calendar
  • Blumberg’s Law Products
  • Box
  • Cyber Revolution
  • Google Calendar
  • NetDocuments
  • nexFirm
  • Outlook
  • Quickbooks
  • Uptime
  • Viewabill

Bill4Time Alternatives

  • Time59
  • Sage TimeSlips

Bill4Time Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Bill4Time is a project management tool developed with a focus on legal and consulting practices. The focus comes from their perspective on time tracking, flexibility, and innovative expense tracking. Furthermore, the software brings a lot of value for money, even if the price per user isn’t the most affordable.

However, looking for a value for money and the lack of true competitors in the market, we concluded that Billfortime sheds light on a slightly foggy niche where the pricing strategy is not straightforward.