What editing tools to use for your YouTube videos

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Video materials are the new black for every business, content creator, or individual who wants more engagement from the public. Recent statistics show that in 2020, 96% of people will increase their video consumption. Moreover, by 2022, it is expected that the average person will spend 100 minutes each day watching video content. This is because videos are far more dynamic than photos, and they are more captivating and entertaining. Hence, in the recent past, when we lacked face-to-face connection, Youtube videos and TV shows have shown to be the most effective substitutes. 

However, it is not only about recording a video, posting it, and expecting to get thousands of views. For this to happen, professionalism and time devoted to achieving the best possible result must be reflected in video content. So how to edit YouTube videos, you’d ask. We’ll present some of the best video editing software for YouTube in the next section!

Best tools to create and edit YouTube videos

Content creation and video making, in particular, are about creativity, devotion, patience, and great video editing tools to support your efforts. Perhaps you have something valuable to say or show to the boundless web. To have people listening to you, take care of the visual impact of your materials. When the YouTube video or video from any other platform looks pro and high-quality, people will only pay attention to what you have to say. To distinguish yourself from others, your videos should look professional. 

Fortunately, these video-making tools will provide you with the most useful features to make your video content stand out. 

  1. Corel VideoStudio

Since videos are an inherent part of our lives, creating interesting video content is essential to catch people’s eyes. Thus, Corel VideoStudio understood its assignment. You can use this user-friendly tool for YouTube videos and vlog creation even if you are not an expert in editing clips. This video editing tool offers a plethora of functionalities; some of them are standard and others more advanced.

For example, Corel video editor provides timelines, storyboards, transitions, and picture-in-picture features and works as audio editing software. Moreover, you should expect to get a better mask maker tool than the previous versions, AR stickers, and many split-screen video templates to create the PiP effect style. 

Introducing Corel VideoStudio

Besides the useful feature suite, Corel VideoStudio is capable of fast rendering, 360 degrees VR support, and has limited system requirements. Thus, great capabilities at great performance to create cool Youtube videos!

  1. Pinnacle Studio

With Pinnacle Studio, your YouTube channel will be famous for professional videos. In addition, the Pinnacle video editing tool has a drag and drops feature, making the video editing process simpler. This extremely useful feature complements the collection of pre-professional functionalities wonderfully.

Tools like screen recording, split-screen video editor, audio editing software, and over two thousand creative effects will make your YouTube videos spark. In addition, within Pinnacle’s intuitive user interface, you will discover many blend modes and color effects to highlight specific elements in your YouTube videos, smart object tracking, 8K video import, wide-angle lens correction, and many others.

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  1. Wondershare Filmora

For Wondershare Filmora, it doesn’t matter the length of your video content. This video editor can deal with either long or short videos with high-quality results. In addition, the Filmora video editor supports 4K video making while providing many overlays and effects, a complete editing suite, and distinctive integrations that make it simpler to deal with toolchains.

In addition, this unique editor for YouTube videos integrates a GIF editor, has audio editing and noise reduction functionalities, and a royalty-free music library. Filmora video editor integrates seamlessly with apps like Filmstock, Vimeo Pro, FreeLogoDesign, and many others. Its 4K resolution editing support offers your YouTube videos the quality required by current standards.

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  1. Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere gives so many smart tools for your vlog creations so that you can become better at storytelling. Your YouTube videos come to life through creative effects, professional templates, animated graphics, and reliable integrations with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, or Frame.io.

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Additionally, Adobe software supports video editing from a professional camera or phone footage. Everything gets a unique sparkle within this video-making lens that could be translated into 8K video content materials. Moreover, you can make your voice heard with Adobe’s high-quality audio editing software. Adobe Premiere fully supports your creative efforts from scratch to outstanding YouTube videos!

Edit your Youtube videos like a pro with the best video-making tools! You don’t have to be an expert to edit your Youtube vlogs!