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What is Wondershare Filmora?

 Filmora from Wondershare is an effective video editing software that anyone can use to create beautiful videos. The Wondershare Filmora video editor is straightforward and ensures users can drag and drop moving graphics into their videos. In addition, a Wondershare Filmora review showed that a user could use the software’s royalty-free songs found in the music library to combine photos and videos effortlessly.

Moreover, are you looking for an effective video editing tool to help you easily create and edit professional videos? Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that helps people make beautiful videos using a lot of great editing tools present in the software.

With Filmora, any user can drag and drop moving graphics in the video they want to create. But let’s learn more about this great tool from our Filmora review. And after that, you can say if this is the tool you need for your ideas!

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$69.99 /year

Pricing Model: Subscription

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Wondershare Filmora comes with a plan for individuals, teams & businesses, as well as educators & students.

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  • Audio Editing Tools
  • Storyboard/Timeline
  • Voice Over
  • Text Overlay
  • Stabilization
  • Split/ Merge
  • Speed Adjustments
  • Social Sharing
  • Chroma Key/Green Screen
  • Screen Recorder
  • Motion Tracking
  • Motion Design
  • Color Correction
  • Clip Transitions
  • Mobile Video Editing
  • Media Library
  • Animations
  • Collaboration tools


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Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

The Wondershare Filmora video editor makes editing and creating excellent videos a lovely experience. A Wondershare Filmora review revealed that this software contains many audio and video editing features that users can use to develop professional videos. It also has editing support for 4K videos.

Based on a Wondershare Filmora review we made, this tool supports Android and iOS systems and is web-based. This video editing tool is best for enterprises, medium businesses, and small businesses. Moreover, you are also exposed to features like GIF support, noise removal, an audio mixer, video stabilization, color tuning, an audio equalizer, an advanced text editor, and many more.

How to use Wondershare Filmora?

 Now that you know that Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software, you may wonder how to use this tool effectively. We will show you. Below are steps on how to use the Wondershare Filmora software.

  • Download the app

To start using the Wondershare Filmora app, you must first download it from the play store or apple store. After downloading it, you will see the Wondershare Filmora login page, where you must enter your Wondershare Filmora registration key and email address. After doing that successfully, you can then begin to create beautiful videos.

  • Begin a new task

Use the drop-down option on the app and click on “Select Project Aspect Ratio.” This particular setting will determine the shape of the video. At the same time, the aspect ratio determines the width and height of your video.

  • Import media

Get all the files you want to work on and put them in a single folder. After grouping the files,  import them.

  • Include clips to your timeline

To add a clip to your timeline, drag and drop the clips from the media library to your timeline.

  • Trim and adjust the video clips

You must adjust your clip as soon as you add a clip to your timeline. You can do this by clicking on the left or right edges of the clip on your timeline and dragging it to shorten it. To trim a clip, hold the handles on the edge of a clip and trim it, or you could also click the scissors icon with a clip you chose before splitting it into equal parts.

  • Arrange your film clips

It would be best to place your video clips in an organized order while editing them. To do that, click on any clip, then drag it to the position you want.

  • Apply your video effects

Select a clip, then click on the “Effects” icon at the upper part of the app. You will see a deep visual library of effects you can add to your project. Double-click on any effect of your choice and add it to your selected clip.

  • Fix transitions between clips

Transitions help you quickly cut from scene to scene so you don’t lose your audience’s attention. You will need to double-click on a transition preset to fix transitions between clips. First, select the two clips you want to work on, and click on “Transitions” above the editing area. Then, double-click on any of the many transitions presets so you can easily blend two clips.

  • Include your text overlays

This is the part where you need to add text to your video–the text could be the title of the video or a caption that’s suitable for the video. To access the text area on your Filmora app, tap on titles above the video editor to open the text options available. Then, drag and drop any of these effects you like for your video. Then, you will be free to customize the text you selected.

  • Export your complete video

You will find the export button above the editing area. You can save your video offline or share it on your social media pages.

How to get Wondershare Filmora for free?

 To get a free Wondershare Filmora account, there are two techniques involved that you can choose from. First, follow the steps below to get a free Wondershare Filmora download on your device would help if you

  • invite your friends to download and install the Wondershare Filmora app so you can redeem your Filmora license. When any friends you invite download and install the Filmora app, you will earn some points. You later redeem those points in exchange for a Filmora subscription or license. And it’s free.
  • You are using the mission to export three videos technique. You can also use this method to get the Wondershare Filmora software for free. If you are already a user of the Filmora software, all you need to do is export three videos from the software. But this technique can only work if you use the Filmora 10.2 and above versions. And it may not always be available.

Wondershare Filmora Detailed Features

For a tool to be what you need, you must find out what features it offers. Then, the features will make that difference between tools. Thus, let’s see what kind of features Filmora offers to its users:

  • Screen recording
  • Scene detection
  • Audio equalizer
  • Advanced text editing
  • Video stabilization
  • Speed control
  • Video and audio controls
  • Audio-mixer
  • Color grading presets
  • Chroma key backgrounds

  • Split-screen
  • GIF support
  • Noise removal
  • Audio separation
  • 4K resolution editing support
  • Mosaic (Blurring)
  • SocImportport
  • Tilt-shift Frame by frame preview
  • Layer multiple video clips

How to remove the watermark from Wondershare Filmora?

Another great thing you’ll be able to do with Filmora is removing the watermark from your videos. To remove the watermark from Wondershare Filmora, you must use the Apowersoft online watermark remover tool.

Go to the Filmora official page. Then, select the “Remove Watermark from Video” tab to import the video you want to work on. Once you upload the video, position the selection box on the Filmora watermark. Then, go ahead and tap the “Erase” button. After doing this, click on the “Download” blue button to save your video that no longer has a watermark.

Wondershare Filmora Cost

Another factor that will determine your purchase is the pricing of the subscription. Wondershare Filmora offers a 30-day free trial but not a free version. And I think that’s because Filmora is closer to the Adobe suite tool than the other software products that will help you create introductory videos. But, then, you can choose from different plans; they also offer separate pricing for Windows users and Mac users.

Alternatives to Wondershare Filmora

With video content growing so much and businesses embracing more and more this type of content in their communication, the software industry is delivering many solutions for this need regarding video makers. That is why you would find many great tools; some are not so professional. But, in the end, it is only your decision based on your needs. If you desire something more professional but not Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora from Wondershare is quite a good choice.

Yet, if you’re looking for other features or something cheaper, let me assure you that you’ll find a lot of this as an alternative to Filmora. Let’s see some of them:

  • Animoto
  • Viddyoze
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • See All Alternatives

Wondershare Filmora Detailed Integrations

Filmora offers some integrations with other apps to get the best of this tool. Here is a list of Wondershare Filmora integrations: 

  • Filmstock
  • Vimeo Pro
  • FreeLogoDesign
  • smith micro software
  • Amazon.com
  • Avanquest
  • Serif
  • Herman St.
  • arvato BERTELSMANN

Wondershare Filmora Review Conclusions

Wondershare Filmora is a compelling video editing software used by people who want to create and edit excellent videos. This tool provides editing support for 4K videos. It is affordable, and there are many features in the software that helps you to customize your videos too.

Is Wondershare Filmora the best?

 Wondershare Filmora is not necessarily the best, but it is among the best. It is best for anyone who needs somewhat advanced video editing software but is unwilling to spend so much money and time required to learn with a progressive editing app like Adobe Premiere Pro. Wondershare Filmora has a beautiful User Interface (UI), and it is effortless to use by anyone. Within a few minutes, you can create a fantastic video with Filmora.

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