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Convert existing website traffic to customers

Convert existing website traffic to customers | Fredrik Ronnlund - Leadoo

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Fredrik Ronnlund, the CEO of Leadoo. Leadoo is a lead conversion platform that aims to solve the problem of online marketing, where businesses can drive traffic to their websites and create good content but struggle to convert visitors into leads.

Fredrik explains that traditional marketing automation and email nurturing methods are not as effective in capturing the contact information of interested website visitors. As a result, the marketing automation and CRM systems remain empty, without any leads to follow up with. This is where Leadoo comes in, offering a solution to convert website traffic into leads.

When asked about the top three features of the Leadoo platform, Fredrik highlights the in-page bot as a key feature. Its seamless integration within the website and ability to provide personalized content makes it highly effective in engaging visitors. The platform offers advanced personalization capabilities, allowing companies to tailor their messaging based on company size, industry, and previous interactions with the site. Lastly, Leadoo provides valuable insights into advertising performance, helping businesses optimize their campaigns based on different conversion metrics.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into how businesses can convert their website traffic into leads using Leadoo’s innovative lead conversion platform. Fredrik’s explanations highlight the importance of personalized, interactive content and its role in building trust and generating more qualified leads. Leadoo’s success in helping companies increase their conversion rates demonstrates the power of providing value and assistance to website visitors.