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The winning strategies for fundraising in 2023

The winning strategies for fundraising in 2023 | Tekpon SaaS Roundtable

This is the first episode of the Tekpon SaaS Roundtable, and today host Cristian Dina is joined by a panel of industry experts to explore the evolving landscape of fundraising strategies in the SaaS world. The guests include Horst Wenske, Sebastian Gabor, Thomas Smale, Chris Saum, Cenk Tukel, Alexandru Stan, and Jonny Price.

The episode kicks off with a discussion on the impact of fundraising restrictions on a founder’s control over their business. The panel emphasizes the importance of working with funding options that allow founders to maintain autonomy and freedom in decision-making.

The discussion takes an interesting turn as the host faces technical difficulties with their browser, raising the issue of visibility in the investment landscape. Nonetheless, without establishing connection points, the panelists impart valuable insights on angel investments, particularly in early-stage startups. They consider investing in funds or portfolios as a viable alternative to cherry-picking individual startups, emphasizing the advantages of having a large and diverse portfolio to increase the chances of investment success.

The episode draws to a close with insights into angel investing and bootstrapping. The panelists stressed the importance of diversifying angel investments and building a portfolio according to personal preferences. They urge founders to consider the ownership and growth trajectory they desire when deciding between bootstrapping and raising VC funding.

Ultimately, the episode provides an in-depth analysis of the evolving fundraising landscape, shedding light on various funding options and strategies for SaaS businesses in 2023. Listeners are equipped with invaluable insights from industry experts, empowering them to make informed decisions while navigating the complex world of fundraising.