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How to buy or sell SaaS businesses in less than 30 days

How to buy or sell SaaS businesses in less than 30 days | JP Lewin - Foundy

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, our host interviews JP Lewin, the founder of Foundy, a modern end-to-end platform for buying and selling SaaS businesses. The episode revolves around the topic of how to buy or sell SaaS businesses in less than 30 days and provides valuable insights and strategies for entrepreneurs in this industry.

The traditional way of selling a business through advisory firms is highlighted as outdated and difficult for small to medium-sized businesses. Foundy’s platform aims to modernize and streamline the entire M&A process. It allows sellers and buyers to create profiles quickly, integrate metrics, and go live on the marketplace. Foundy also offers expert sell advisory services, which include building key documents and conducting a targeted search for buyers.

How they solved the classic marketplace problem

JP also shares his company’s journey of becoming a founder-friendly, tech-savvy, and modern alternative to traditional advisory firms. He explains how many B2B SaaS companies, overwhelmed and confused by the traditional process, have turned to Foundy and become loyal customers. The conversation then shifts to the importance of community and the upcoming events Foundy plans to host. These events aim to provide a safe space for founders to connect, share experiences, and offer support to each other. Foundy believes in democratizing access to entrepreneurship and providing valuable educational content, webinars, and a Slack group to help aspiring founders at scale.

JP Lewin mentions how Foundy has achieved product-market fit and is excited about their progress. Users are actively using the platform, and even investment banks have started utilizing it to streamline their buying and selling process. The pricing of Foundy’s services is transparent, uniform, and tailored for different business sizes, providing clarity to entrepreneurs.
In terms of building a team, JP Lewin acknowledges that hiring, especially for engineers, is a complex challenge.

Overall, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast provides valuable insights into buying or selling SaaS businesses and highlights the modern alternative Foundy offers to traditional advisory firms. With a focus on community, transparency, and streamlined processes, Foundy aims to empower founders and democratize access to entrepreneurship.