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How to get better with every sales meeting

How to get better with every sales meeting | Gerald Zankl - Kickscale

In the latest episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, Cristian Dina hosts Gerald Zankl, co-founder and CEO of Kickscale. The conversation focuses on the art of perfecting sales meetings, with Gerald talking about how Kickscale assists sales professionals in enhancing their performance through innovative technology.

Gerald discussed Kickscale’s core offerings, which include the automatic generation of email summaries, deep analysis of sales meetings, and reflective opportunities for sales representatives to improve upon their previous calls. This trifecta forms the platform’s backbone, empowering sales teams to be more productive and make more informed decisions by reviewing customer interactions.

Our guest spoke of his experience as a software developer. He connected this to his business and economics studies at the University of Clagenfield, where he met his co-founder Marcus. Before Kickscale, he garnered expertise in technical sales and marketing at Bitmovin and led their global Insight sales team.

Gerald recounted his career change from a well-paid job to pursuing an entrepreneurial path with Kickscale. He admitted that it was a leap motivated by the quest for fulfillment beyond monetary incentives. Sharing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Gerald’s message was unmistakable: start, persist, and when the product traction is evident, devote undivided attention to business growth. He provided a glimpse into Kickscale’s evolution, from meeting co-founders to growing the team to ten members and focusing on scaling through development, sales, and marketing efforts.

This episode highlighted the speaker’s professional trajectory and Kickscale’s offerings. It imparted valuable insights for sales professionals and startup founders navigating the complexities of product development, market fit, and customer relationships.