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How to optimize your advertising and reduce your cost per sale

How to optimize your advertising and reduce your cost per sale | Yann A. Skaalen - Digtective

How is Digtective helping with ad spend?

Yann: With Digtective, we help our customers reduce ad spending, and we help them get compliant with GDPR, CCPA, & e-PRIVACY compliant. When you have the correct data on all your analytics, and then you can attribute all your form submissions or your deals to the right source, you start looking at cost per order, cost per lead, cost per click, or other metrics you are. So we help companies scale and grow with the correct data.

What are the best Digtective features?

Yann: We usually cut at least 50% of the customer’s ad spend. When we set up a customer and start looking into the Google Ads account, we will probably stop about 50% of the ads you have there because they’re not making money. You’re not saving money when you stop 50% of the ads. And the money is just going over to that ads actually working. So you lead prices to go down, and that’s a good thing for all parties except Google. But it’s still good for Google as well because when things start working, and it’s documented, it’s working well, they’re going to spend more money, aren’t they?

What is the pricing for Digtective?

Yann: It’s €799 a month, and we take two euros a lead. We mainly work with highly regulated businesses, banks, brokers, insurance, and medical. Still, we are looking to move into other verticals because the pricing doesn’t make sense for eCommerce or other industries.

What are your current integrations?

Yann: With Google and Facebook, we use a dynamic tracker, a UTM value for everything. And those who don’t have a UTM value or a tracking code, we’re going to take them on the referrals like Google SEO being SEO, or all the links that the clients have or links or sources they have, to contribute to their leads generation.

Success cases of optimizing ad spend

Yann: We have a really good one on our homepage, I don’t remember the figures in my head, but I think we reduced the price by 86%, and we reduced the cost per sale by 84%. Those are good numbers, but I don’t think we have a customer because we haven’t saved at least half the budget.

We have a running subscription, and I would say there is no reason to churn. We see that the customers we had from the start are with us. So the only thing that can happen is if the client develops something in-house that is as good as our system. And they can do that, but for those who can’t, we are here to provide our services. So we actually don’t have any competitors in the space we work, but I would say our main challenge is getting the customers to start using our system.

What’s your end vision with Digtective?

Yann: It’s actually two things – securing the customer’s privacy, like when you serve on the webpage where nobody can store your data, and your data is safe, and at the same time, helping companies get the data they need to optimize their advertising.

Is SFM worth it?

Yann: I went down to Amalfi when they had the first event. It was quite cool, and I met friends or people there that I now call friends or that I will be friends with for life, and it’s not selling. Being a founder is quite lonely. You have your team around you, but it’s still lonely, and talking to like-minded people, hearing their stories, and sharing how to improve on the things you maybe are not good at. You have your strength, but you also have your weaknesses. It sounds like I’m selling south, but I would recommend any place for a founder where you meet other founders because it’s so lonely sometimes, and it’s really good to talk.

What’s your favorite software?

Yann: I love HubSpot. I have no explanation why, but it solved so many problems, and it’s a one-stop shop.