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Orchestrate your deals, simplify decisions, and crush quota

Orchestrate your deals, simplify decisions, and crush quota | Gal Deitsch - Aligned

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Gal Deitsch, the founder and Chief Product Officer of Aligned. Aligned is a SaaS platform designed to help go-to-market teams streamline their sales process and close deals more efficiently.

Gal starts by explaining that Aligned is a collaborative workspace that centralizes content, conversations, and processes for sellers and buyers, providing a single source of truth for every deal. The platform simplifies the sales process, increases buyer collaboration, and eliminates the chaos of B2B selling and buying.

When asked about the most significant problem Aligned solves for companies, Gal emphasizes the complexity of B2B sales and buying. In a deal cycle, there are multiple stakeholders, endless email threads, and constant content exchange. Aligned ends this chaos by centralizing everything in a unified space, simplifying deals, and enabling faster closures.

How to win deals and onboard clients faster

Gal then shares the top three most loved features of Aligned. The first is its collaboration capabilities, allowing sellers to easily chat and converse with prospects via a chat and contextual messaging system. The second is analytics, providing insights into the buyer’s journey and behavior within the platform. The third feature is automation, allowing sales reps and customer success managers to duplicate workspaces and share them with new clients effortlessly.

Gal explains that the platform primarily caters to go-to-market teams when asked about aligned target customers and industries. Sales teams use Aligned to manage complex deals and create mutual action plans. Customer success teams leverage the platform for faster client onboarding using the onboarding portal. BDRs and SDRs utilize Aligned for hyper-personalized outreach through automation capabilities.

Gal also shares the story behind starting Aligned. As a sales director in his previous company, he discovered the challenges of managing complex deals and orchestrating stakeholders. When he couldn’t find a suitable solution, he quit and started Aligned. With the help of his co-founder Yotam, who leads the company’s technical side, Gal has grown Aligned from a small team to over 20 employees. They have raised $6 million in funding from reputable VC firms.

In conclusion, Gal Deitsch’s interview highlights Aligned’s SaaS platform’s key features and advantages for go-to-market teams. By centralizing content, simplifying the sales process, and increasing collaboration, Aligned seeks to improve efficiency, close more deals, and drive customer growths.