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Rules to build iconic brands with community led growth

Rules to build iconic brands with community led growth | Lloyed Lobo - Traction Community

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina welcomes Lloyed Lobo, founder of Traction Community. The discussion centers around the rules to build iconic brands with community-led growth. Lobo shares valuable insights and experiences, offering a wealth of knowledge for entrepreneurs and brand builders.

Lloyed begins by emphasizing the importance of target market selection. He highlights four key factors: market passion, size and growth, propensity to pay, and ease of access. Understanding the ideal customer profile involves spending significant time with them and gaining insights into their problems, aspirations, and barriers.

Lloyed emphasizes the benefit of bootstrapping a company without external funding and mentions how Boast AI achieved $10 million in ARR without investor money. The speaker also mentions the success story of UiPath, a Romanian company that initially bootstrapped before having a successful IPO.

Our guest emphasizes the importance of selling first and then building a company, especially for bootstrap founders. Lloyed encourages founders to consider alternative funding routes, such as bootstrapping and strategic sales, to achieve wealth without relying solely on venture capital. He stresses the importance of defining personal success and aligning funding decisions accordingly.

The episode concludes with Lobo’s reflections on the power of community, communication, and consistency. He attributes his success to the support he received from the community and the value of helping others without expecting anything in return. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into building iconic brands with community-led growth. Lloyed’s experiences and advice guide entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges and opportunities of brand building and community development.