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Starting two companies at the same time?

All-in-one global solution that automates your gifting operation | Archer Chiang - CEO Giftpack

About Giftpack

Giftpack is the AI Gifting Platform for corporate gifting, which picks the most suitable gift with unmatched precision and speed of delivery. From large corporations to small businesses, they are utilizing AI to help streamline the process of corporate gifting.

Their platform enables users to generate customized gifts efficiently and socially distanced, too! For example, say it’s your colleague’s birthday, and you want to give them something special, but they live across the country.

Giftpack AI allows you to send a gift to them and track the delivery of that gift. Additionally, the software analyzes your receivers with an AI-powered engine based on their social data and other footprints on the internet.

Starting two companies at the same time is not a good idea

Archer: “Back then, I didn’t know there was a thing called focus, so I used my money to start two companies simultaneously. That was the worst decision ever. If you want to start, I mean more than one thing at a time. Please don’t do that. When you focus, you can do good.”

In the podcast above, you can find other pieces of advice that Archer has for starting founders.