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Why you need to use a chaos engineering platform

Why you need to use a chaos engineering and resilience platform | Benjamin Wilms - Steadybit

In the latest episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, we interview Benjamin Wilms, the founder of Steadybit, about the importance of using a resilience and chaos testing platform. Benjamin shares valuable insights and highlights the need for companies to focus on product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Drawing from his experience as a software engineer, Benjamin recognizes the challenges of working in production environments. He began practicing chaos engineering to test how systems react under real conditions. However, relying on open-source tools required becoming an expert in multiple tools, which led him to create Steadybit, a solution to improve chaos engineering practices. Throughout the conversation, Benjamin emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and learning from others in software development. His experience as a consultant in different industries has provided valuable insights into various challenges companies face.

When discussing pricing for Steadybit, our guest explains that it is team-based, allowing organizations to onboard and separate teams individually. This approach enables teams to focus on their work without affecting their teammates. Pricing is based on the number of teams, not the number of seats, and there is no limit to the number of people that can be invited to a team.
To help organizations implement chaos engineering easily, Benjamin suggests starting with small experiments to understand the impacts of different scenarios, such as an AWS outage or network latency from a cloud provider. He highlights Steadybit as a tool that can assist with testing and figuring out these scenarios, with experts creating the experiments and others in the organization re-executing them.

Overall, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast provides valuable insights into the importance of resilience and chaos testing platforms like Steadybit, highlighting the need for organizations to prioritize product excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous learning in the ever-evolving software development industry.