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ActivTrak Review

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ActivTrak is an easy-to-use, low-cost employee monitoring solution that’s ideal for small to midsize businesses (SMBs), especially in today’s remote work environment. Moreover, this tool is a time and productivity tracking system that simplifies a lot of the intricacies of employee monitoring and reframes them under the banner of keeping workers, organizations, and projects on track. So, without further ado, let us dig into our ActivTrak review.



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“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything,” stated Ronald Coase, a British-born American economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1991. Data can be a valuable source of information. It’s no surprise that individuals enjoy gathering and analyzing data. Particularly in today’s society, where managers want to record every aspect of their work as data. On the other hand, it all adds to the noise of information. That is why it is critical to filter out only what is truly important. And if not with special software, what is the best way to achieve it?

Various tools for employee monitoring are available on the SaaS market. They are used not just to monitor work but also to collect data. Time management software, project management software, and collaboration software are just a handful of the official names they go by.

And choosing the only software when there are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from isn’t easy. In addition, going into each tool’s vast feature lists and tutorials to see how they work is time-consuming and may raise more questions than answers. So, this time, we’ll look at ActivTrak to assist you in better comprehending one of the various tools available.

ActivTrak: Employee Monitoring Software

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is delivered via the Google Cloud Platform, allowing it to take advantage of many of Google’s native capabilities in areas like big data analytics, AI, and security. Managers can make immediate modifications based on real-time employee data thanks to analytics-driven insights.

Even if drilling in and deciding whether tasks are productive or non-productive can be arduous, especially for larger firms, ActivTrak’s dashboard is one of the easiest to use. In addition, managers will like ActivTrak’s time-tracking tool, which complements its deep tracking capability. ActivTrak, along with Teramind and Veriato Cerebral, receives an Editors’ Choice nomination for their comprehensive time tracking and analytics.

The user interface of ActivTrak is clean and responsive. It provides simple agent installation and extensive and accurate productivity-focused reporting and alerting comparable to those provided by a business intelligence (BI) tool. In addition, it is made up of a robust core of monitoring tools and features designed to regulate data access and protect user privacy.

ActivTrak’s approach to employee monitoring is less heavy-handed towards employees due to these qualities. While it is as intelligent and complete as most other solutions, increasing productivity is something that employees can easily support. It’s the best of the products we looked at, with a strong emphasis on staff productivity and team behavior analytics.

What is ActivTrak?

One can read about on the ActivTrak website “Without relying on human input, ActivTrak’s invisible Agent tracks and measures job activity. Usernames, application title bars, website URLs, activity duration, screenshots, idle time, and USB activity are all included in this unbiased dataset.” In other words, it’s a program that keeps track of your employees.

It is entirely free to join ActivTrak. Even with the free plan, you may get a lot of information on how your staff work. However, if you want more sophisticated capabilities like unlimited data storage, exporting all reports and images, and a localized data center, you need to upgrade to the Advanced plan, starting at $7.20 per user per month. ActivTrak began as a LAN-based solution, but it has since grown significantly and is now utilized by thousands of clients. The team’s headquarters is in Dallas, TX, USA.

activtrak dashboard

How does ActivTrak work?

You must sign up to fully understand how ActivTrak works. It’s easy as pie; all you have to do is enter your email address and establish a password, and you’re done! Your account is now active. You can invite your team once you sign up, or you can do it later. It’s preferable to do it once you’ve gotten a handle on the software. However, you must first download ActivTrak Agent (available for any desktop operating system) to utilize it fully. It’s required for data collection.

How can you use ActivTrak for your business?

The ActivTrak Agent program runs in the background. It immediately begins collecting data on your behavior after being installed on your computer and displays it on the dashboard, which is organized into 11 sections:

  • Quick stats
  • Real-time
  • Productivity
  • Top users
  • Recent screenshots
  • Leading applications

  • Top sites
  • Top categories
  • Pending categorization
  • Top groups
  • Top alarm risk scores

This gives you a broad summary of all the information. You can examine different users’ data and periods (days, weeks, months, years). But I have to say, all of the figures and information I can view impresses me. And it’s all in one location. The software displays everything that occurs on the computer when used. You can visit the left sidebar with extra options to see more details. There are ten icons in total, but I’ll go over nine of them because they’re the most crucial.

Insights Top Websites

ActivTrak Features

ActivTrak combines activity tracking with productivity tools. In addition, new customers can use the company’s new Premium package, which includes increased employee monitoring and workforce tracking tools. Finally, we have an inside look at the new device, and it’s rather stunning. The features listed below combine ActivTrak’s present offerings with the upcoming product release’s features.

  • User Activity and Time Tracking

 You can use ActivTrak to track how many hours your workers work per week and what they do during those hours. ActivTrak focuses on measuring productive versus unproductive behavior rather than monitoring specific keystrokes and recording video.

Users can label websites, programs, and activities as productive or unproductive, and ActivTrak will track how much time they spend on each. Because ActivTrak additionally tracks mouse and keyboard movements (rather than just keystrokes), you can tell if your employees are busy or inactive throughout the day.

Team pulse for remote work

  • Workforce Analytics

 ActivTrak stands apart because of its advanced workforce insights and analytics. With the new Premium package, businesses can use ActivTrak’s new Insight tool to quickly determine where employees shine and where they need to improve. These insights are also useful for increasing productivity, balancing employee workloads, lowering the risk of burnout, and identifying critical technologies.

The Insights tools are simple to use and easily break down employee data into information that people can use. The dashboard also provides further advice on using your corporate data to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.

insights feature for employee management

  • Summary of the report

Top-level personnel can use this page to see critical productivity metrics and improve business performance. It contains information like total time, productive time, and focused time. It also displays degrees of burnout danger, efficiency, and activity trends (e.g., most-used applications across the organization).

  • Comparison of two teams

This option is for top-level staff as well, but it goes a step further by allowing you to compare teams side by side. You can compare employee productivity and concentrated hours to targets to keep your business healthy. If one team excels at something, it is obvious, and that team may teach the rest of the company how to do things differently. In addition, you can shift a team’s schedule if they work too many hours.

compare two teams

  • Breakdown of Activities

Managers can use this area to compare team members. In addition, you’ll be able to observe what tools they’re using, which will help the coaching staff progress.

  • Efficiency in the workplace

This tab, intended for managers, summarizes staff behaviors such as team productivity and focus, efficiency, and uninterrupted work levels versus organizational levels. It aids in the balancing of teams and the identification of inefficiency sources.

goals reports

  • Workload Harmony

This tab is also for managers, and it illustrates patterns in employee work hours, breaks, and burnout risk in an easy-to-understand graph. You can observe which staff are working long hours and maybe on the verge of burnout at a glance, which is useful for allocating work as needed.

Working hours report

  • Use of technology

Examine the technology that your team employs to ensure a productive environment.

ActivTrak Pricing Plans

ActivTrak offers four complete staff monitoring plans: a free one, two mid-level, and one enterprise. In addition, you may be able to pay monthly or annually, depending on the plan you select. Here’s a rundown of the plans and their prices:


Freeper user
  • Up to 3 Users
  • 3G Storage
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Applications Report
  • Leading Websites Report
  • Top Users Report
  • Top Categories Report
  • Productivity Report
  • Automated Classification of Websites & Apps Activity
  • Activity Alarms
  • Email Notification
  • Email support
  • Add-ons not available on the free plan


$9per user/month
  • 5 Users minimum
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Everything in Free plus:
  • Team Productivity Pulse
  • Working Hours Report
  • Productivity classification by groups
  • Notifications via Slack or MS Teams
  • USB Device & File Transfer Detection
  • Alarm-triggered screenshots
  • Remote Install
  • Chat, phone, email support
  • Diagnostics / Health Check
  • Onboarding & enablement resources
  • ActivConnect - $2 per user/mo
  • Export & query data
  • App integrations
  • BI starter templates for Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau


$15per user/month
  • 5 Users minimum
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Everything in Advanced plus:
  • Team productivity goal setting & tracking
  • Team & individual productivity benchmarks
  • Virtual Coach recommendations
  • Email subscriptions and sharing
  • Personal insights dashboard for employees
  • Organization health dashboard
  • Work efficiency & focus
  • Inefficiency and distraction analysis
  • Workload balance & burnout risk
  • Technology usage and adoption
  • Chat, phone, email support
  • Diagnostics / Health Check
  • Comprehensive Productivity Lab recommendations
  • Onboarding & enablement resources
  • Learning Hub in product
  • ActivConnect - $2 per user/mo
  • Export & query data
  • App integrations
  • BI starter templates for Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau


Custom pricing
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  • Tailor the solution to your organization’s needs
  • Integrate with other data sources

See all Features

  • Compliance and Security

By preventing users from visiting particular websites, ActivTrak can assist in maintaining a secure workforce. In addition, you may control access by computer, user, or user group, which is ideal for multilevel teams that want separate access to websites or applications. It also allows you to limit how much time you spend on social media.

ActivTrak also provides security features such as audit trails, automated email and Slack answers, and USB device activity warnings to prevent sensitive data from being copied. In addition, to comprehend actions that breach company policies, you can create user risk scores with severity levels.

  • Notifications and Reports

ActivTrak provides several detailed reports that may be used to track the productivity of individual employees and the entire company. Using this feature, you can see the top users, employee work hours and availability statuses (active, passive, offline), top websites and applications, trend reports, and other detailed logs of user activities and events in real-time.

  • Customer Service

You can contact ActivTrak customer service in a variety of ways. For example, the company’s tech support team replies to email requests for help, or you may use live chat or contact the company’s toll-free hotline to get instant help. In addition, ActivTrak provides multilingual help and coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For additional assistance with onboarding, training, or classes, you can reach out to a dedicated team of professionals. ActivTrak also provides several online tools, including FAQs, how-to videos, case studies, blogs, white papers, templates, and webcasts.

ActivTrak Alternatives

Various alternatives that are available in the market to ActivTrak are listed down below:

  • SimplyHired HRIS
  • Homebase
  • Connecteam
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • Zoho BackToWork
  • Replicon Time Attend
  • Kronos
  • Planday
  • Employment Hero

ActivTrak vs. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a cutting-edge workforce management platform that helps medium-sized organizations manage their payroll, taxes, human resources departments, employee time, and benefits. There are several categories in ADP Workforce Now, including:

Payroll Services for Businesses and Tax Compliance

Streamline your payroll services with features like time tracking and new-employee reporting, as well as access to our dedicated staff of professionals who can offer continuous support. Simplify difficult tax compliance activities, so you can effortlessly file your taxes, calculate payroll deductions accurately, and generate valuable web reports.

Software & Solutions for Human Resources (HR)

 ADP Workforce Now improves your hiring process by helping you to create a customized recruitment website with specific job postings, social media integration, and an effective candidate screening system. Maximize your employee engagement by offering a range of innovative services, such as goal management, compensation planning, and performance reviews. Integrate the entire HR process on a secure and centralized online platform, reducing time-consuming and unnecessary paperwork.

Management of Time and Labor

ADP Workforce Now gives you access to a single platform where you can track your employees’ time, attendance, and productivity. With a smartphone integration option, your staff can log their time and see how close they are to working extra. Establishing information, such as allowed time off, seamlessly interfaces with Microsoft Outlook Calendars.

Management of Benefits

ADP Workforce Now makes administering benefit plans easier by providing detailed reports on coverage levels, dependents, beneficiaries, and deductions. In addition, our team of professionals provides Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance information and advice.

ActivTrak Review Conclusions

ActivTrak appears to be a basic staff monitoring program, but it is a comprehensive data collection and gathering system. It’s a valuable source of knowledge because of all of its characteristics.

Moreover, ActivTrak is software that both individuals and groups may use. This solution will match your demands regardless of the industry you work in, as long as you need data to enhance your outcomes and ensure that the correct processes are in place in your organization.

But bear in mind that this isn’t just about numbers. It’s all about figuring out how work gets done, how you and your team behave, and how procedures work. The software helps you get a wider picture of what’s going on in the company, track and measure staff performance, and understand what’s happening in the market. Thus, ActivTrak is a tool anyone may use to improve their productivity and make the most of every minute.