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AdGuard Review

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In a world of ads, all you need is an ad-blocking. If you don’t know about it, then you should take a deeper look in our AdGuard review. First of all, AdGuard is a leading company developing ad-blocking software for multiple platforms and devices. Their goal is to offer a safe and clean user experience while browsing online. Also, AdGuard is the name of their best product, a multifunctional ad blocking desktop program, mobile apps, and browser extensions that will make your online experience smoother.


Ease of use
Value for Money
Customer Support
Pricing Details

Starting from: $2.49/per month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Yes, has free trial

Yes, has free version

  • Easy to use
  • Provides top-notch protection
  • Option to allow usefully ads
  • Parental Control
  • Friendly interface
  • Works on multiple types of systems
  • Slows down the browser
  • Blocks some websites
Best for
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

The chronicle of AdGuard begins in 2009, in Russia, in the middle of the economic crisis. And like every start-up, they’ve had their ups and downs. From the first version of the program, which was intensely criticized, until today, they are continually developing their software and improving the user experience. As a result, it takes ten years to fight the unwanted and annoying part of the Internet and only a few minutes to read this AdGuard adblocker review.

What is AdGuard?

If you’re wondering what people hate the most when going online, the answer is simple: ads. This is because this type of advertising became so intrusive and is almost everywhere. For example, let’s say you watch your favorite video on YouTube. In that case, you will probably see a random banner about a particular bank.

If you do your shopping online, you will have the pleasure’ of reading a random ad about some product you are not interested in; even when reading the news or playing your favorite game, you are the perfect target for these ads. It feels like an invasion of privacy, and nobody wants to feel unsafe while browsing online.

Moreover, some ads can contain malware, putting your device at risk, and it is the last thing you want. Ads can be useful only if they are engaging or friendly. But probably you are not reading this review to find out more about ads nor why they are still everywhere you go online.


What is AdGuard ad blocker review Tekpon


Let me assure you that for every situation, there is a solution. And I know that you are looking for that solution. When talking about privacy and user experience, one of the first steps is reading this AdGuard review – read it, enjoy it, install it, and block the ads. Probably you are asking yourself – is AdGuard any good? Let me begin by telling you that you are putting the right question, and I hope that an AdGuard review will give you an answer and help you find one of the most efficient solutions for your devices.

Benefits of AdGuard ad blocker

Besides being your solution for all these ads, pop-ups, or banners, AdGuard ad blocker is a software built to block them. So, AdGuard is not only a useful (ad)guardian angel but also a great shield between your device and unwanted threats. The software also blocks the URLs by detecting malware, hiding CCS and HTML code, and offering protection against phishing.

As a result, you will not be a target, but only if you want. So, yeah, AdGuard is an excellent software on your device or browser and trustworthy. Maybe it sounds too technical for you but let me put this AdGuard review in a more friendly and easy context for you to understand.

How is working AdGuard adblocker?

Three friends are part of your device – Browser, App, and System. All of them have a connection with the Internet, the one and the only link that matters to you nowadays. But are you always sure about this connection? Are you still feel sure to connect with the Internet? Probably not. So here’s why you need AdGuard.

AdGuard intercepts the internet connections; some are blocked on the network driver level; some tell the truth and pass to the next module. The following module is an HTTPS filtering that takes care of encrypted connections and ensures they stay safe and secure.

Last but not least, one of the core parts of AdGuard is its filtering engine. This last part from the connection offers great control over the apps and browsers and your Internet load. So, It’s a long battle for developers like you to be safe and secure while browsing the Internet, but that’s why you need a fast, secure and trustworthy ad guardian to fight alongside you.

If you made it to this very word, you probably asked how much Adguard costs. Off-topic, for this kind of software that will help you not so see any ad or pop-up or banner while doing your things online, you should say, “Shut up and take my money.”

There is a free trial version and an AdGuard premium one. You have an Adguard pro version and Android for Windows and Mac, iOS and Safari; AdGuard Browser extension, AdGuard Content Blocker, AdGuard DNS, and AdGuard Home.

Say no to:

  • Tracking Personal Data
  • Building Personality Profile
  • Selling And Sharing Data
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Privacy Violation
  • Surveillance

Who is behind AdGuard Software?

In 2009, in Moscow, AdGuard was coming to life. The creators of AdGuard describe themself as “Jedi of the light side of the Internet.”

Their sole mission is to make the users’ web navigation comfortable & safe. They do so by providing more than an ad blocker. While using the software created by AdGuard Software Ltd, you will be protected from online threats, prevent tracking, and filter obscene materials.

The company behind AdGuard is AdGuard Software Ltd. It all started in 2009, in Moscow, when the future founders of AdGuard were busy learning about the potential of user data.

AdGuard DNS

What is a DNS, and how safe is it? DNS comes from the Domain Name System and is one of the Internet’s cornerstones. DNS is used to look up the server’s IP address whenever servers are accessed. But how is it working, and how safe is AdGuard DNS? AdGuard DNS is open-source and free for personal use; there is no equipment limitation, and it can work on every device. If using AdGuard DNS, every time a browser or an app sends an ad request, the AdGuard servers respond with an empty response. The software has its base of domain names that serve ads, trackers, and fraud regularly updated.

What is DNS review Tekpon

AdGuard for Windows

A useful desktop program created to make your browsing experience more comfortable and secure. Moreover, it is not only a web filter or an adblocker but also a fascinating tool that will make your information load faster, helps you save your traffic, keeps your privacy as a priority, and protect your device from unwanted malicious content.

And, yes, with AdGuard, you will forget about all these ads, banners, or pop-up windows that distract you from what you are doing. And yet, this is not everything that is why they created the software. AdGuard is pro data privacy, and he was designed to protect you from phishing websites and the little ones from inappropriate content due to their age.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a well-known and undesired web fraud aimed at stealing your data – bank account, passwords – through fake web pages. So, next time when you will be paying for a Netflix subscription in Brasil even though you’ve never been there, mark my words and install AdGuard.

The software installation is straightforward and is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions), Opera, Google Chrome, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. And you can opt for a personal or family subscription. The personal subscription key license allows you to use AdGuard adblocker for up to 3 devices, and it doesn’t matter the operating system. In addition, you can choose the yearly or the lifetime subscription.

To resume this AdGuard adblocker review for Windows, this is what he can do for you and your devices:

  • Block all kinds of ads
  • Safe web browsing
  • Privacy protection
  • Parental Control
  • Protect your data
  • Block browser API
  • No more ads on YouTube

AdGuard for Mac

Here is an interesting fact about AdGuard: it was the first standalone ad blocker for Mac globally. The software offers the same protection on every device, no matter the operating system. But history is written for the macOS system.

Unlike other competitors, AdGuard was designed for this kind of structure and built from scratches – native design, better optimization. Everything to be the perfect match for a MacBook or other devices running macOS. What can he do for your device?

AdGuard adblocker for MacOs review Tekpon

  • Efficient ad booking
  • Privacy protection
  • Safe web surfing
  • Works everywhere – not only on Safari
  • Filtering inside apps
  • No ads on YouTube

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard for Android’s primary function is web adblocking. There is no secret that you have more annoying ads on a smartphone; even developers of free games are monetizing their business by implementing many commercial ads. But also protect your device from fraudulent websites or online services that can steal your data information by identifying them and blocking their requests.

It is a comfortable and safe app for your device with an intuitive interface that will make browsing a secure and peaceful experience. So how is he doing this?

  • Enjoy only the content you want to see
  • Manage your apps
  • Customize filtering
  • Control how much traffic is every app consuming
  • Protect your data

AdGuard ad blocker for iOS

Like the version for macOS, AGuard for iOS has been created especially for iPhone and Safari. Moreover, you have free and AdGuard Pro versions, which is not the same as AdGuard Premium.

The most crucial difference between these two versions for iOS is that AdGuard Pro does not limit its functionality by Safari, and it works on all apps and browsers. So, is AdGuard Pro worth it? I say yes, but let the words speak for AdGuard Pro.

AdGuard ad blocker for IOS

AdGuard DNS integration allows AdGuard Pro to filter traffic in two modes: Default Mode and Family mode. The first one is blocking ads, trackers, or phishing sites. The Family Mode is doing everything that the Default Mode is doing, and the additional is blocking all the sites with adult content.

This last one is ideal if you have kids and want to install it on/her device. For the rest, AdGuard Pro has the same functions as the free version – it can block all kinds of ads, counters, and malicious websites in Safari. In addition, each version will help pages load much faster and eliminate the banners, excess ads, and advertising videos.

AdGuard Features

  • AdGuard Ad Blocker

AdGuard’s adblocker feature does what you need the most: blocking ad banners and messages from web pages. With the help of AdGuard, you can enjoy your preferred content without being disturbed by ads, banners, or pop-up windows. You can even enjoy videos on YouTube without ads on Windows or macOS, but not on iOS.

For the iOS version, AdGuard can not block ads from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Instead, the modules use special filters that are sets of filtering rules. Also, you can turn off the adblocker if it is necessary on specific tabs. The Android version is also blocking annoying ads in games.

  • Browsing security

As we mentioned before, phishing is a widespread web fraud that steals your data. This type of fraud is nicely dressed in fake web pages mimicking popular websites or real services, and its mission is to steal your data – bank account or passwords. And here is where AdGuard intervenes. Browsing security, one of the AdGuard features, offers powerful protection against such situations.

More, the regularly updated module bases allow it to recognize such malicious websites, and at the same time, the user’s personal information is not transferred anywhere. Furthermore, AdGuard will notify you if it is a threat through a pop-up window by turning the online threat protection module.

  • Stealth Mode

Many websites are very ‘curious’ to know so many things about you. They gather all this information, such as IP addresses, browser operating systems, or screen resolution, while browsing their page. Some of them use cookies to mark the browser and save your settings. It is not too lovely to know that you can’t have privacy. Stealth Mode is your wall, your protection in front of these websites.

Through this feature, AdGuard keeps your personal information private and safe from such gathering systems. In addition, you can adjust the work of Stealth Mode, even helping you hide your real IP address.

  • Parental Control

Isn’t it nice to know that your child is not exposed to inappropriate content depending on his age? I bet it feels fantastic to see that you can have such a tool at your disposal, blocking the unsafe range. Let’s be honest. We live in times when every kid is born with a phone in their hands. They are online users, have social media accounts, or play online with their friends.

Of course, there is also a good part of it; the Internet is like a vast library full of information and can be very useful in their development. But unfortunately, they can also be an easy target to dangerous websites or inappropriate content for their age. When you deal as a parent with a situation like this, when the child’s curiosity leads him to hazardous content, you have two choices. First, you forbid your child to surf online or need some information for school or protect him from the unwanted content and filter the pages according to his age.

How does Parental Control work?

After installing the software and configuring the feature, the first thing you have to do is protect the program with a password known only by you and restrict access to specific websites. AdGuard Parental Control feature also has a sensitivity level; this characteristic determines access to which sites the child will be allowed. So, it is like a filter for this particular user.

So, the Parental Control AdGuard adblocker feature will make the Internet a safer place for your child, and you won’t be stressing any more than one day he will say to you that he knows how babies are made a video that he saw on the Internet.

  • Extension

AdGuard Extension feature works as a user script manager; the users can add their scripts and manage the existing ones. You have four extensions: AdGuard Assistant, AdGuard Extra, AdGuard Popup Blocker, Web of Trust.

  • AdGuard Assistant is actually like an assistant for users. It will help you change basic AdGuard settings right in the browser without opening the app. He works with all Microfost Windows-compatible browsers.
  • AdGuard Extra feature is a custom extension that works like a mini-program that changes the way pages work and fights the technique of re-inserting blocked ads.
  • AdGuard Popup Blocker feature, like the name itself, is blocking the pop-up windows from opening whenever you are browsing on the Internet. Some pop-ups are thought to be useful, and you can turn off the adblocker if needed.
  • Web Trust feature is like a scale measuring each website’s reputation based on the user’s review. Each site is rated by specific criteria like trust, security, or safety.

  • HTTPS Filtering

HTTPS Filtering feature works only for Android devices and can filter traffic shared via protected protocol HTTPS. You have to install a generated digital certificate that you can find in the AdGuard settings. This feature allows the user to decide which HTTPS domains should be filtered or not.

  • Firewall

AdGuard Firewall feature for Android gives you flexible control over your installed apps and Internet access. This software feature can deny Wi-Fi or mobile network access to active apps and monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic. If you want, it is like a shield between you and the online outsiders and is working based on a set of security rules.

  • Regional filters – only for iOS

This Adguard feature is only for iOS and free for both versions: AdGuard iOS and AdGuard Pro, the software’s premium paid version. This feature works like a language-specific filter to block certain ads on websites.

Now let’s move forward with our AdGuard Review and talk about pricing & alternatives.

AdGuard Pricing

Like any right product from the market, if you want more benefits, you have to pay for it, but you have a 14-day trial version, and it’s ideal for each user to observe how the software is working and if it’s what they need.

Starting From: $2.49/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

You can choose from four different types of subscriptions, and each version comes with its benefits.

AdGuard Alternatives

Years ago, advertising was not that intrusive and everywhere. Nowadays, you can find all these banners and ads on every website or social media page. And an adblocker software came like an obvious solution.

However, AdGuard is not the only software that can block the ads that you don’t want and have other great products on the market to choose from. Even if this tool is a fantastic tool for blocking ads and many other things, it may not be perfect for everyone. If you want some other software, here are some AdGuard alternatives:

  • Adblock Plus
  • AdWay
  • Blokada
  • DNS66

AdGuard Review Conclusion

AdGuard is more than a safe and trustworthy adblocker; this software provides more than a solution to your needs. AdGuard adblocker is the central shield between you and all this invasive advertising nowadays. AdGuard can hide and block online advertising from ads, banners, or pop-up windows. Moreover, AdGuard features offer protection from malware or dangerous websites meant to steal your data information and invade your privacy.

The software gives you free solutions for browsers, extensions, and mobile apps and a premium version with great features – ad blocking, loading speed, resource consumption, stability, and privacy while surfing online.

Besides these, the software has a nice and friendly interface making the user experience smoother, easy to install and use, and understandable for everyone. Furthermore, AdGuard adblocker uses minimum resources, has multi-platform support, and affordable pricing. Though he is detecting malware or threats is not working as antivirus software, its principal goal is to block all the intrusive ads and offer you more specific content while browsing on the Internet.

To sum up this AdGuard Review, it’s time to start enjoying the World Wide Web securely and use Network Security tools!