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As I said in the review, AdGuard is a nice tool for privacy and network security. The software product will block all those annoying ads and block some websites that are trying to steal your data. But let’s find the Adguard pricing plans, and then you can choose the right one for you!

If you compare the prices with the service quality, I would say that it is a fair and affordable price for what the software is doing, and you also can use the adblocker on more than one device. Also, the cost and subscription vary depending on region and currency. As I said before, you’re not paying only for an adblocker; you are paying for an experience, a much smoother and more comfortable experience while browsing the Internet. AdGuard has a free 14-day trial version when you first install the tool; this will help you see how the software works and if the AdGuard pricing is sustainable for your needs. After this free trial, you can choose the ideal subscription for you.

How much does AdGuard cost?

AdGuard Plans

Annual (Personal)

$2.49For 3 devices

Lifetime (Personal)

$79.99 For 3 devices
One Time Fee

Annual (Family)

$5.49 For 9 devices

Lifetime (Family)

$169.99For 9 devices
One Time Fee
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Is there a free version of AdGuard?

Yes, they offer a free version for mobile, Android and iOS, and Google Chrome, yet with limited features. If you want full protection and get rid of all ads, you better choose the premium subscription. Moreover, if you want to go premium, you’ll get a 14-day AdGuard free trial to taste the tool and see for yourself what it can do. Still, it is a tool worth the money and is not that expensive compared to what it can do for your device and privacy. In addition, their pricing plans can secure at least three devices.


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