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Melissa data Pricing

Melissadata offers multiple pricing options depending on the type of customer -individual, small, and medium-sized companies or enterprises-. However, the easiest way to use the products is through credits. Every feature that’s offered can be accessed through the lookup credits, but each component consumes a given amount of credit.For instance, you can purchase one of the six tiers:

  • Tier 0-1 000 Melissa data free lookups/month
  • Tier 1 – 10.000 credits for $30
  • Tier 2 – 30.000 Melissa lookup credits for $90
  • Tier 3 – 100.000 credits for $285
  • Tier 4 – 500.000 credits for $1395
  • Tier 5 – For enterprise volume, contact the Melissa data sales team
Tier 0
1000 lookups free/month
Tier 1
$30/10.000 lookups
Tier 2
$90/30.000 lookups
Tier 3
$285/100.000 lookups
Tier 4
$1395/500.000 lookups
Tier 5
Enterprise volume - contact the sales team for a rate

You can use Melissa’s data pricing packages for several actions. Each one of the steps consumes several Melissa credits. For instance, let’s take a look at some of the possible activities and what the cost would be:

Cost per Melissa Data lookup

Action Type

What it does
Pricing per lookup

Property Information
Owner’s name, assessed value, mortgage amount, sales price
9 Credits
Property viewer
View map of Properties & information on the Owner, Resident or Business
12 Credits (9 for the property + 3 Google Maps)
Business Check
Information on a business
10 credits
Global Phone Check
Information on any US or international phone number in 240+ countries
10 lookup credits
All other Melissa lookups
1 credit

The cool part about the credit price package is the option to control your spending on data quality. You aren’t by any means restricted by an annual subscription.

Easy peasy, if you do a database clean up you purchase as many credits as you need when you need them, no strings attached.

Test all the features through the Melissa data free lookup credit, which offers you access to all the features.

The cherry on top of the cake is that Melissa data’s free package renews monthly, and you have 1000 credits to use as you please.

Are you wondering where you can use your freemium?

Let’s enlighten you. For example, are you a call center that has problems with data validity? Melissadata will solve your problem by validating all your data, updating phone numbers and death records. Give Melissa data free lookup a chance.

Their databases of over 240+ countries will convince you to try some of the other Melissa annual price rates available upon request but aren’t included in their general price offering. We’re sure that the vast portfolio of 10000 clients are on annual prices. So, don’t get discouraged. If you are interested in yearly plans, reach out to their sales team, and they will help you.

Conclusion & Overview

To sum-up, the Melissa data free lookups program is pretty unique and with barely any restriction if you have a small company. Price rates are acceptable for the wide range and quality of service that they offer.


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