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Updated Nov 23rd, ’21
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QuickBooks Payroll Pricing

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QuickBooks Payroll Web Version

QuickBooks offers a three-tier pricing plan for their customers. To entice new customers, they offer 50% off for the first three months. That’s a great deal for new customers—however, the rate increases to actual prices after it. The QuickBooks online payroll pricing starts with $22.50 per month($45 per month without discount).

All their plans come with 30 days trial. This means you can try any of their plans, and if you do not like what they have to offer, you can deactivate your plan. The three QuickBooks Payroll subscription pricing plans include:

  • Core: starts from $22.50 per month($45 per month after three months) plus $4 per employee per month
  • Premium: starts from $37.50 per month($75 per month after three months) plus $8 per employee per month
  • Elite: starts from $62.50 per month($125 per month after month) plus $10 per employee per month.

  • Core

The core plan covers the basics that you would require to manage your team’s payroll and taxes. The basic approach consists of full-service payroll, including automated taxes and forms. Apart from that, businesses also get to use auto payroll to automate the payroll process. It requires some setup, but once setup is completed, no interference is required. The Core plan also gives access to health benefits for teams. Other key benefits include access to 401(k) plans, 1099 E-File & Pay, next-day direct deposit, and expert product support.

  • Premium

If you take QuickBooks Payroll cost into account, then Premium is their most popular plan. The premium plan is a step up compared to the Core plan as it comes with better employee services and HR support. As you may have guessed, the Premium plan comes with every feature offered in the Core plan. Apart from that, you also get additional features such as same-day direct deposit, HR support center, expert review, Worker’s comp administrator, and Track time on the go.

The same-day direct deposit is a step up compared to the Core plan. But, on the other hand, the HR support center is a place where you get answers to all your HR questions. In addition, if you are not sure about your payroll setup, you can also take advantage of expert review — available in the Premium plan.

Another key feature for the Premium plan is the Track time, which gives employees access to switch jobs, clock in and out, and make edits to their workflow. It also includes GPS tracking.

  • Elite

QuickBooks Payroll’s most expensive plan is their Elite plan. However, it is also their most feature-rich plan that provides access to on-demand experts, simplifying businesses’ payday and protecting them against legal issues. The elite plan gives you access to every feature offered in the Core and Premium plan. In addition, you get access to the expert setup feature where a QuickBooks Payroll expert completely sets up your business’s payroll. Obviously, you need to provide all the necessary information to them for a seamless setup process.

Other key Elite features include tracking time for projects on the go, Tax penalty protection, and Personal HR advisor. You also get access to 24/7 expert product support.

QuickBooks Payroll Desktop

QuickBooks also offers desktop pricing options for businesses who want to install the QuickBooks Payroll application on their local computers. For this, they have different pricing models. Let’s quickly go through the pricing plans for QuickBooks Payroll Desktop.

  • Enchanted Payroll: starts from $40 per month( $50 per month after six months) plus $2 per employee per month. — best for faster employee pay and tax time.
  • Assisted Payroll: starts from $54 per month ($109 per month after six months) plus $2 per employee per paycheck — best for assisted payroll and automated tax fillings.
  • Assisted Payroll + QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond: starts from $341.10 per month ($379 per month after one year).


How much does QuickBooks Payroll cost?

As mentioned above, they have three plans for QuickBooks Payroll, including:

  • Core: starts from $45 per month plus $4 per employee per month
  • Premium: starts from $75 per month plus $8 per employee per month
  • Elite: starts from $125 per month after month) plus $10 per employee per month.

For QuickBooks Payroll Desktop, they have different pricing, which we have discussed above.

What is the difference between QuickBooks Basic Payroll and Enhanced Payroll?

The key difference between the QuickBooks basic Payroll and enhanced payroll is the functionality you get with them. The basic one offers minimal features so that you can do paycheck calculations and payroll taxes. On the other hand, the enhanced version offers a complete set of features to handle payroll features and tax form filling and preparations.