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Boardable Pricing

All of the Boardable plans have custom pricing and are available upon request.

Boardable Plans

Boardable Free

Limited Features
  • Document Center - Up to 10 Files
  • Agenda Builder
  • Video & Dial-In Conferencing - Spotlight Video
  • Meetings - Unlimited
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Mobile App
  • Groups & Committees - 3
  • Meeting Guests (Non-Users) - 2 per meeting
  • Onboarding - Boardable Academy

Boardable Essentials

On Request
Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Boardable Free, plus:
  • Document Center - Unlimited Storage
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Task Manager
  • Discussions
  • Video & Dial-In Conferencing - Spotlight & Zoom
  • Groups & Committees - 10
  • Meeting Guests (Non-Users) - 5 Per Meeting
  • Polls - Unlimited
  • Reporting - Last 90 Days
  • Goals - 1 Goal
  • Onboarding - Webinars & Office Hours
  • Live Chat & 24/7 Technical Resources
  • Success Management

Boardable Professional

$2On Request
Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Boardable Essentials, plus:
  • Board Packet Quick Print
  • Broadcast Announcements
  • Annotations
  • Groups & Committees - Unlimited
  • Meeting Guests (Non-Users) - Unlimited
  • Reporting - Unlimited
  • Goals - Unlimited
  • Meeting Recording
  • e-Signatures
  • Onboarding - Guided Rollout & Training

Boardable Enterprise

On Request
Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Boardable Professional, plus:
  • Reporting - Custom
  • Onboarding - Customized Training
  • Live Chat & 24/7 Technical Resources - Premium
  • Success Management - Success Manager & Product Catalog
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Boardable Plans

Whether you’re a small board that needs the basics or a multi-level enterprise, there sure is a Boardable pricing plan that fits your needs.

The Boardable Free plan grants you access to the Document Center, where you can upload up to 10 files, and to Agenda Builder. In addition, you can host unlimited meetings, but only for three groups & committees and two guests per meeting.

The Essentials plan is the first paid one. It has unlimited document storage, a meeting scheduler, a task manager, and discussions. With this plan, you can host unlimited meetings for up to 10 groups & committees and five guests per meeting. Furthermore, it includes polls, reporting (last 90 days), and one goal.

The Boardable Professional plan is the only one that comes with a Free 14-day Trial. Also, it allows you to access annotations, board packet quick print, and broadcast announcements. In addition, there are no limits for groups & committees, meeting guests, reporting, and goals.

The last paid plan is Enterprise. With this plan, everything is unlimited. On top of the features offered by the Professional plan, here you get professional live chat & 24/7 Technical Resources, a success manager & product catalog, + customized training.


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