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Sembly Reviews

& Product Details

What is Sembly?

Sembly is an advanced AI team assistant designed to revolutionize the way professionals handle their meetings. This innovative platform offers automated transcription, meeting note-taking, and insightful generation for all your professional discussions.

With Sembly, users can focus on their discussions while the software takes detailed notes, ensuring no important decision or topic is missed. The platform turns meetings into searchable records, making it easy to recall past discussions without the need to re-listen.

One of its standout features is the AI-generated meeting summaries, which provide concise overviews of discussed topics in the user’s preferred language.

For those who can’t attend a meeting, Sembly offers the option to review notes later, ensuring everyone stays informed. Additionally, the platform supports integrations with popular task management tools, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to optimize their internal communication processes.

With Sembly, meetings become more productive, organized, and insightful.

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Record, transcribe, and generate smart meeting summaries.
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    Sembly AI

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    United States

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Starting from:

$15 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Sembly AI offers a range of pricing plans tailored for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Their "Personal" plan includes a monthly record limit of 4 hours and a workspace for one member. The "Professional" plan offers unlimited recording, multi-language support, and a 7-day free trial. The "Team" and "Enterprise" plans provide enhanced features, including AI-powered task management, sentiment analysis, and dedicated support.

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Host Controls
  • Meeting Notes
  • Video Conferencing
  • Recording
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Meeting Management
  • Mobile Access

Additional Features

  • Issue Management
  • Automatic Formatting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Meeting Preparation Tools
  • Speech Recognition
  • Playback Controls
  • API
  • Customizable Templates
  • User Management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Tagging
  • Search/Filter
  • Natural Language Search
  • Automatic Transcription Services
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Content Scan
  • Timecoding
  • Calendar Sync
  • Call Recording
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Machine Learning
  • Notes Management
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Storage
  • Mobile App
  • Project Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Full Text Search
  • Workflow Management
  • Task Management
  • Templates
  • Single Sign On
  • Task Tagging
  • Speech-to-Text Analysis
  • Annotations
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Audio Capture
  • Idea Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Text Editing
  • Risk Management
  • Automatic Transcription
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Calendar/Reminder System


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Global Average Score
  • AI Meeting Assistant

    Sembly is recognized as a competent AI tool for managing and organizing team meetings, focusing on tracking progress and reviewing tasks.

  • User Ratings

    The software has garnered positive ratings across various platforms. It is particularly praised for its functionality, integrations, and usability.

  • Integration with Other Tools

    Given the nature of Sembly as a meeting assistant, seamless integration with a wide range of other business and productivity tools could enhance its utility. Any limitations in this area might be a point for improvement.


Here at Tekpon's Global Buzz, we blend AI smarts with a human touch to offer a snapshot of user reviews from the web. While we carefully craft these summaries, please remember they reflect diverse user views and experiences, not Tekpon’s own opinions.

Tell us your opinion about Sembly and help others.

Meeting assistant applications can help automate and streamline meeting-related tasks. The artwork depicts a virtual gathering where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist you with all your online encounters. For this, you need robust AI-powered meeting assistant solutions.

Sembly AI is an AI-powered assistant that efficiently keeps track of meeting details and everything that happens inside it. It helps organize your notes, messages, contacts, tasks, conversations, and feedback. With data-driven technology automating the meeting management process, Sembly AI helps organizers boost attendee engagement, maximize ROI, and improve the company’s reputation.

Sembly AI is a tool designed to help businesses function more efficiently in all areas.

Sembly: Cloud-based Meeting Assistant

Gil Makleff and Artem Koren, who have successfully built firms from small startups to significant functioning entities sold to blue-chip organizations, created Sembly AI in early 2019.

Sembly is a free online meeting assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It not only converts your meeting notes into searchable text but also analyses operational meeting data to provide you with useful information.

This app emphasizes important points from the meeting transcript. It also creates meeting notes from the activities, concerns, and requirements stated throughout the meeting. The meeting transcriptions may be easily searched, edited, and shared.

Sembly also detects your voice, learns your vocabulary, and understands your directions so that it can respond appropriately. To use Sembly, you don’t even need to download anything. Instead, you may invite it to the meeting through email or a link, or you can use the app to sync with your calendar.

Sembly is a cross-platform online and mobile tool that accompanies users on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet sessions, allowing them to review, search, and share information thanks to its extremely accurate, second-generation proprietary transcription engine.

Sembly Professional is the latest version of the Sembly SaaS platform, which was previously highlighted on Forbes. Its sophisticated AI capabilities boost efficiency for teams who want to spend less time accumulating notes and more time producing outcomes.

“We are delighted about Sembly Professional’s capacity to make all-conference platform customers’ day-to-day lives better,” says Sembly AI CEO Gil Makleff. Sembly AI is the only company to offer this degree of Artificial Intelligence innovation that works.

How can you leverage AI to improve team meetings?

Imagine having a full-time person whose job was to transcribe team meetings, generate summaries, assign action items to individual attendees, and offer leadership with insights into how meetings are assisting the organization in accomplishing its objectives.

You don’t have to envision anything using Sembly and other AI technologies. Amazing things can happen when AI is treated as an extension of your team. We’ve witnessed a decrease in meeting length, a rise in favorable mood, and more involvement from each attendee.

We’re going through a paradigm transition right now. The way businesses hold meetings is evolving, and we’re looking forward to learning more about how AI might help them adapt.

Welcome to Sembly! The smartest AI assistant for your online meetings

What can Sembly be used for?

Sembly is a web and mobile tool that goes with you to your Teams, Zoom, and gMeet meetings, allowing you to review, search and share meeting content. Use Sembly Team to access sophisticated AI analytics that will help you and your team accomplish more while attending fewer meetings! 

On all major conferencing platforms, Sembly seamlessly syncs with your calendar to attend and record your planned meetings. In addition, Sembly transcribes your calls so you can go back and review what was said afterward, eliminating the need for on-the-fly note-taking. 

You may go back and read what was said, search across all of your meetings, and share critical information with friends or coworkers. Examine what was stated in a particular meeting or search across all of your meetings.

Share a portion of the meeting with your team so everyone can catch up, even if they weren’t present. Sembly provides summaries for you, saving you time.

How to get started?

Using your regular email address is a tried-and-true method of registering. However, because you didn’t sign up for calendars, you’ll have to invite Sembly to your calls moving ahead manually… Unless you want to create calendars later in the settings.

  • Fill up your email address.
  • Click Sign-up
  • Fill in your name in the following window and click Next.
  • Click Done once you’ve entered a password.
  • You will be immediately redirected to Sembly! Go to your Inbox and confirm your new account in the Sembly email that has arrived in your inbox. When you log in, use the email and password fields each time.

What is Sembly

Sembly Professional: What is new?

For a limited time, the Sembly AI team is thrilled to announce world-first advancements that are available for free with Sembly Professional:

Glance View – creates a subject summary of a meeting using magic and a little Artificial Intelligence. This unique feature allows viewers to comprehend the purpose of the meeting immediately, the major issues covered, and the main conclusions. In addition, it lets you share the meeting’s organized outcomes with customers or colleagues who couldn’t attend.

Automatic Phrase Recognition – Users may access a list of Actions, Issues, Requirements, and other things that are automatically identified on the ‘Key Items’ page. Key items give a comprehensive picture of key conversation topics that can be swiftly transformed into tickets and tasks.

“We’ve been hard at work to make Sembly more useful while keeping it simple and entertaining to use, and now we’ve released our newest update,” says Artem Koren, Sembly AI’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

Sembly Professional Features

Sembly Professional has extra features, including better transcription, cross-meeting search, a beautiful web app, and seamless calendar integration. Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll get if you upgrade to Sembly Professional:

  • Integration with your calendar: Sembly will automatically join your meetings.
  • Sembly maintains track of who said what and when.
  • Sembly is your meeting assistant that recognizes voice instructions.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Throughout your meeting, Sembly emphasizes key points.
  • Meeting-at-a-Glance: Sembly generates easy-to-read meeting summaries.
  • Post-Meeting Discourse and Involvement: Sembly allows for post-meeting dialogue and engagement.
  • Sembly’s rapid search feature lets you easily locate key topics from previous chats.
  • Sembly stores all of its meetings in a meeting cloud for convenient access.

Sembly Detailed Features

The list of features that make Sembly stand out among its competitors is listed below:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Templates
  • Auto-detection action items
  • Workspace collaboration
  • Transcription 
  • Meeting recording
  • Business intelligence
  • Post-meeting inclusions
  • Voice ID
  • Phrase capture
  • Voice commands
  • Access and privacy management
  • Meeting Summary
  • Meeting sharing
  • Sentiment

Now let us have a detailed look into some of the features:

  • Meeting transcription and recording

The text content of users’ meetings may be simply viewed, replayed, and shared. This enables them to remain in sync with one another and make educated decisions based on their discussions.

  • Sentiment

Deepen your comprehension of the meeting’s highlights and take the appropriate measures.

  • Meeting Sharing

Users can contribute different aspects of a meeting or provide insight to colleagues after the meeting has ended, even if they were not there.

  • Summary of the meeting

The glance view feature in Sembly AI helps users save time. It aids consumers in comprehending the many issues that were covered as well as the meeting’s result. In addition, you may share the meeting’s structured outcomes with team members and clients who weren’t there.

  • Note Taking

Don’t bother about taking notes; Sembly will take them for you. Nothing will slip between the cracks: action items, issues, risks, requirements, and who said what.

  • Collaboration and workspace

Users can edit meeting transcripts and alter critical elements using the collaboration tool.

  • Automated AI meeting minutes

In just one click, you can extract meaning from your encounters. After the conversation, you’ll receive a summary containing the subjects addressed, choices, and planned actions.

  • Your meetings are joined, recorded, and stored by Sembly Agent. Sembly can be invited through email, meeting link, or calendar sync. There are no downloads required for setup.
  • AI-powered Sembly web app transcribes the meeting and outlines the main points, topics, activities, challenges, dangers, and needs are all identified.
  • Meeting minutes are generated automatically by Sembly. Sembly collects important information and puts it into meeting minutes that you can modify and share with others.
  • Sembly creates meeting minutes that provide concise, shareable descriptions of what occurred during the meeting. In addition, it documents the meeting’s major outcomes, such as the themes covered, key decisions, and action items.

  • Automatic Risk Recognition

The Sembly SaaS platform now includes a new function called Sembly Automatic Risk Recognition. Sembly’s sophisticated AI capabilities boost efficiency for product managers and teams. By extracting discussed activities, concerns, risks, and requirements, Sembly develops accessible meeting notes.

Artificial intelligence can distinguish numerous things in meeting transcripts thanks to NLP. For example, what type of entity may be classified as a risk? It’s a hazy occurrence or situation that, if it happens, has a detrimental impact on a goal.

The Sembly Team will utilize the following checklist to discover a potential risk:

  • Conditions that have been identified
  • Uncertain incidents that have been identified (may occur, which would lead to)
  • Effect on goals as described

Sembly Professional users may locate recognized hazards under the ‘Key Things’ page, which contains lists of automatically detected Actions, Issues, Requirements, and other items.

When you add risk to the Key items tab, you get a full view of essential meeting topics that you can rapidly transform into tickets and tasks.

Sembly Detailed Integrations

Google Calendar, Google Meet, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom are all integrated with Sembly.

Google Meet Integration with Sembly

Sembly, the AI-powered meeting assistant can now be used with all Google Meet platform choices, including Personal Google Meet and Workspace Individual. This means that you can easily use Sembly to extract essential points from your Google Meet meetings and create stunning, content-rich minutes to share with your team or clients.

Whether you’re using Google Workspace or conducting a video conference from your personal Google account, you can use Sembly without limits. You can even add Sembly Agent to your personal Google Meet chats.

Sembly Personal, as well as any other Sembly plan, can be used with any Google and Gmail account, regardless of whether it is a Google Workspace account or not. However, with the Google Workspace Individual plan, you can enjoy more premium features such as lengthier group conversations, sophisticated noise reduction with Google Meet, and easy appointment scheduling through your professional booking website.

By using Sembly, you can extend the capabilities of Google Workspace or ordinary Google Meet meetings. It makes producing meeting minutes following Google Meet meetings a breeze.

In addition, Google Meet now supports personal Google and Gmail accounts, thanks to the latest Sembly upgrade.

Sembly Integration with Microsoft Teams

Sembly collaborates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to give you incredible value:

The Sembly agent attends meetings so the team can concentrate on the discussion without worrying about missing even the smallest detail.

Keep Your Attention On The Conversation. Users get a conversation transcript, follow-up actions, a meeting summary, smart meeting minutes, and sentiment and engagement data.

Follow up on essential topics promptly. In addition, users can share a moment with colleagues to clarify or add information, even users who did not attend the meeting, allowing for speedy and inclusive post-meeting discussion among many team members. Either on the Sembly platform or the MS Teams mobile app, both of which are quick and simple to use!

Philips SmartMeeting + Sembly

Alternatives to Sembly

The top alternatives that are available in the market to Sembly are:

  • Fellow
  • Fathom
  • Hirebook
  • Coda
  • Peoplebox
  • Avoma
  • Docket
  • WorkPatterns
  • Otter
  • Boardable 
  • Hugo
  • Range

Fathom vs.

Fathom is a free meeting assistant tool that helps remote teams improve productivity. You may click on the link on your screen to emphasize that portion of the meeting while this software captures your Zoom conference call or virtual meeting.

After the conversation, you will have instant access to the full transcript and all your highlights. You can share these highlights with your colleagues instead of meeting notes.

Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot are just a few major apps Fathom can integrate with. You may also use systems like Gmail, Google Docs, Notion, Asana, and Todoist to move auto-generated call and action item summaries.


The Avoma app is best for those who wish to make meetings more actionable. This free meeting assistant has features that are useful before, during, and after the meeting.

Zoom, UberConference, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, and Lifesize are the video conferencing systems it supports.

For audio and video meetings, the app generates transcription and AI notes so you can focus on the dialogue. As a result, your chats become a searchable information source for the company.

Avoma not only automatically recognizes the speakers but also provides information on speaking duration and the talk-to-listen ratio of each participant, which users can use to evaluate employee performance.

Using this application, you may take real-time notes and collaborate on them with your coworkers.


Are you still taking handwritten meeting notes? Then, switch to Otter, a free AI-powered assistant that will create meeting notes for you. Also, users can use this application to take notes during any other crucial voice discussions, such as lectures and interviews.

  • Its sophisticated features raise team productivity and cooperation to new heights. For example, the program automatically joins online meetings and captures talks before sharing them with other participants.
  • The recorded meeting transcript may also be viewed in real time. You may also use any device to play, search, edit, organize, and share the recordings.
  • To save time when listening to a long recording, skip the stillness and speed up the playing. You may also use a summary keyword to search across the meeting notes or examine all of its instances. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are all supported by Otter.

Sembly Review Conclusions

As you can see from the preceding discussion, AI meeting assistant applications like Sembly may help a business streamline its meeting-related responsibilities. In addition, these solutions may automate various manual processes, allowing your colleagues to concentrate on more vital responsibilities. So, try out today!


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