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What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is a marketing platform that offers social media statistics, and inspiration for content creation and curation. It searches the web for material that matches specific search queries and evaluates them based on their social interaction, evergreen score, and backlinks.

BuzzSumo can help content marketers evaluate the top-performing content in any market. Its powerful social search engine can find the most shared content for a specific topic, author, or domain, allowing users to see what content is popular with their target audience.

This information can be extremely useful in content development efforts and provide insights into the social media success of the material. You can keep track of your competitors’ social media achievements and find significant influencers in your industry. Analyze, follow, and interact with major influencers to expand your audience. There is also a free 30-day trial available.

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Pricing Details:

For the first 30 days of your subscription, it is free, and you may cancel at any moment. So, there's no reason not to give BuzzSumo a try. A BuzzSumo Free version is also available with limited functionality. The paid plans are Pro, Plus, and Large. The cost starts at $99/month and goes up to $299 per month. However, you can save 20% when choosing annual billing.

  • Campaign Management
  • Content Management
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Content Creation Workflow

Additional Features

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Research
  • Influencer Search
  • Brand Monitoring
  • API
  • Brief Generator
  • Backlinks
  • Customized Reports
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Competitor Analytics


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Tell us your opinion about BuzzSumo and help others.

Rashi Arora

Nothing is more useful in our age of content than gathering the data that underpins it all. BuzzSumo is an all-in-one bundle when it comes to data collection. BuzzSumo’s information may be used for competitive analysis, industry research, and even influencer identification, to name a few things. You won’t have to hunt the internet for information, putting it together from many sources.

Scraping and unattractive datasets are no longer an issue. BuzzSumo explores the social web, finding content and relevant information and presenting it in a user-friendly interface. It might be challenging to create your content in the hopes of viral success, backlinks, and marketing. Fortunately, many people have done it before you, and their success is well-documented. So, without further ado, let us dig into the detailed BuzzSumo review.

BuzzSumo: Content Marketing Tool

BuzzSumo existed in a “rudimentary” form before it was launched in 2014, according to its first investor, Steve Rayson. Rayson, a seasoned entrepreneur who has exited several bootstrapped startups, stumbled across this early version of BuzzSumo while searching the web for the latest popular material.

Rayon’s initial encounter with BuzzSumo rapidly became a daily ritual. First, Rayson met with co-founders James Blackwell and Henley Wing in New York to discuss converting BuzzSumo into a full-fledged corporation after seeing the tool’s potential.

BuzzSumo was founded with $150,000 in early investment from Rayson. Today, it’s the platform of choice for businesses worldwide that want to know what’s hot, whom to follow on social media, and whom to watch.

BuzzSumo Overview

The first thing to know about BuzzSumo is that it is cloud-based. You won’t have to install any software as a result. Instead, simply open the browser, go to the website and log in. After that, you may use the tool without opening any extra tools. BuzzSumo is similarly simple. 

After logging in, type a keyword into the search field and hit “Go!” BuzzSumo will display the most popular web articles on the subject. You can also choose any topic. For example, enter a single word (“spelunking”), a phrase (“marlin fishing”), or a phrase with many words (“great places to visit in Asia”). BuzzSumo will locate the most popular articles and blog entries on the internet.

What factors does the tool consider when determining which articles are the most popular? First, the number of social shares and backlinks is considered. BuzzSumo looks at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit engagements. The number of backlinks from different domains is also counted. The content that receives the most interactions is the winner. At the top of the list, you’ll notice that. The list is laid together in a tabular fashion.

What are the benefits of using BuzzSumo?

Search Engine for Social Media

Learn about all popular posts, including BuzzSumo, in your social marketing plan. The platform provides you with access to popular material that is currently trending. You may utilize the information to build attention-getting content and grow your following.

Generate Useful Content

Marketers only use around half of the content created for a marketing campaign. The information is either irrelevant to marketing goals or unworthy of being shared with the intended audience. BuzzSumo works with content creators and curators to help them create content relevant to marketers’ needs. This saves money and time since the content is shared and published rather than thrown away.

Receive Competitor Alert Emails

BuzzSumo shows you the sources and channels your rivals use to reach their target audience. This gives you an advantage over your competition since you can first access and utilize those resources. As a result, you can become a powerful influencer in your chosen market. You may also tweak the tool to receive notifications when a specific term hits a certain level. Your social marketing analysis will be simplified as a result of this.

How, why and when to use BuzzSumo

How do people use BuzzSumo?

Marketers in various sectors use BuzzSumo to establish a successful content strategy. For example, at TechRadar, the UK’s most popular high-tech news site, Steve Wright is the head of social media. He considers BuzzSumo a great resource for determining the most popular types of content. 

“BuzzSumo has fast become an indispensable research tool and a critical component of our content initiatives,” he explains. “Not just for TechRadar, but also for Gamesradar+, PC Gamer, Creative Bloq, and MusicRadar, social media is a critical traffic driver, and BuzzSumo gives highly valuable efficiency in analyzing performance and selecting where we should focus.”

Towergate Insurance’s content manager, Nick Colman, agrees, claiming that BuzzSumo is involved in practically every stage of his company’s content generation process. “It helps my team, and I build concepts, measure our work against our rivals, and successfully reach out to relevant and receptive influencers.” 

One of our aims is to develop links, but we also want to ensure that our material reaches the groups it was meant for. BuzzSumo helps us uncover populations we would not have considered otherwise,” he adds.

How does BuzzSumo work?

You must know what’s trendy to create material that gives your audience the most bang for their buck and relevant information to their interests. On the other hand, finding and analyzing the trend manually is quite tough.

To understand trending, you may need to spend many days scouring social media sites and SERP websites. The killer content relevant to trends and user search would then take a few days to come up with. Unfortunately, by the time you finish this procedure, your opponent may have already published identical information on the internet, allowing them to beat you to the punch.

BuzzSumo has an algorithm that searches for every piece of information on the internet relevant to your keyword, subject, or specialty. The process takes only a few seconds and produces results that include all important information.

The BuzzSumo tool isn’t just for content marketing or research. BuzzSumo also includes tools for finding top social media influencers, conducting backlink studies, and much more.

Simply type your content keyword or topic into the BuzzSumo search bar and press enter. The BuzzSumo engine will then conduct a comprehensive search of the whole internet, including websites, social media platforms, and forums, to examine every piece of information. 

Finally, you will see simple results on the search board to read, comprehend, and follow. All you have to do now is examine the already popular material and develop new ideas and techniques to give readers extra value. That is all there is to it.

That’s how BuzzSumo works, and it can help you create content that contains all the necessary information while also providing the most value for the reader’s time.

What Is BuzzSumo? - Find Out In Just 3 Minutes!

Details of BuzzSumo Features

Let us examine the features as well as how to make the most of them:

  • Brand Observation

BuzzSumo, in addition to being a content analysis and marketing tool, has a function that allows you to track your brand’s reputation and mentions on the internet.

This functionality is also simple to use. All you have to do is fill in the following information: The company’s name, role, and website.

And then, bam! You’ve completed your task. You will be alerted whenever your brand is referenced, positively or adversely. This aids in the management of any form of publicity.

  • Research Content

Creating evergreen content that people want to read repeatedly is not simple. You’ll have to go further to find out what’s popular and what people enjoy reading. BuzzSumo Research Content assists you in creating content that content marketers and readers enjoy. The Research Content functionality may be used in the following ways:

It is separated into many distinct functions, each worthwhile to use and to aid in developing excellent ideas.

Content Research and Planning with BuzzSumo

  • Most Shared Ideas

This section is pretty straightforward, and anyone can figure it out. Simply type your desired term into the search window and hit “Search.” The results will be ordered according to “Total Engagements,” the default setting, and the most useful. What makes BuzzSumo even more appealing is its thorough filter, allowing you to dive as deep as possible.

The results may be filtered by date, content type, language, word count, and country! You may also store this search result by selecting “Save Search,” These saved searches will appear on the “Projects” page.

  • What’s Hot Right Now

This function is useful for news/media firms and companies that write about current events.

Writing on hot subjects helps businesses gain momentum, awareness, and more followers on social media. In addition, people are interested in hearing what you and your organization stand for.

You may also use their time and language filters to filter out the news. Then, depending on your needs, you may arrange the information into “Trending Now” or “Most Engagements.”

Countries, sports, everything, business, and much more are among the categories available. In addition, you may choose a category that is relevant to your business.

  • Analyze the content

This is the function you’ll use the most, whether you’re a content marketer or producer. This aids in calculating the return on investment (ROI) of money and time spent on content generation, distribution, and promotion.

This is one of my favorite features, and it’s also really simple to use.

Enter your business name or website to see all the material you’ve published, the number of interactions on each post, average engagement by the network, content type, and more.

It also aids in comprehending your audience or readers by displaying data such as total engagements by day of publication, average engagement by content length, and top content pieces. BuzzSumo not only assists in the creation of an idea but also in the calculation of the outcomes.

When you’ve finished reviewing your content and its engagement, look at what your rivals are doing in terms of content.

“Domain Comparisons” is another function offered by BuzzSumo because it’s critical to keep an eye on your competition.

BuzzSumo | 9 Evergreen Content Need-To-Knows With Brian Dean | Q&A Included

  • Analyzer of Questions

The question analyzer assists you in determining what questions your clients or readers may have. The question analyzer on BuzzSumo brings up every question that has been asked concerning the term you typed into the search field. You may look up questions about your product, brand, services, and other topics.

How a Best Answer Content Strategy Drives B2B Marketing Results

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are the foundation of any excellent piece of content; without a thorough understanding of this aspect of content marketing, it’s all useless. BuzzSumo is regarded as one of the top tools for content marketing and social media analysis since it is well-designed and provides all-around software with every function imaginable. Simply enter the URL and press search to use the backlink tool.

The most popular backlinks are ranked by “Total interactions.” In addition, backlink measures such as Domain Links and External Links are easily visible.

How to Use BuzzSumo's Backlinks Feature

  • Facebook Analyzer is a new add-on

Facebook Analyzer is a new add-on from BuzzSumo that only works if your Facebook account is linked to BuzzSumo. This feature is why your social media accounts must be connected or validated in BuzzSumo. You may examine your brand’s social signals on Facebook and your own Facebook sites.

BuzzSumo’s Content Search tool is an all-star performer. We didn’t see the necessity to expand our content stack with extra apps or tools.

It met all the content requirements a person or an organization can have. While content marketing has long been an important aspect of everyone’s marketing, influencer marketing has only been around for a few years.

You guessed it correctly! BuzzSumo has capabilities that will allow you to locate and approach influencers in any sector.

Using the BuzzSumo Facebook Analyzer

  • Locate Influencers

The locate influencers tool of BuzzSumo has two parts. One where you may look for influencers with the same target demographic as yours. The second stage is locating authors who have already authored excellent content in your business and commissioning them to write for you.

You may look for influencers based on their profiles or the most popular articles they’ve shared.

In the “Search Bio” area, enter the specific ability you want your influencer to have. Search Bios perplexed us, and they will perplex anyone new to BuzzSumo. You only need to write in the industry or relevant keywords in the content shared section.

Influencers with their Twitter accounts and shared links will appear in the search results. You may also keep the influencer’s information to contact them later.

Advanced filters, such as influencer type, country, and Instagram filter, are available in the Search Influencers function.

Using BuzzSumo to find influencers

  • Authors of Note

The Top Authors feature on BuzzSumo is incredibly clear and easy to use.

Simply type in your term, and you’ll get a selection of top writers, their overall interaction, content, and much more. You may quickly export this list to a CSV file and resume your outreach efforts the next day. Consider how much time you’ve saved.

BuzzSumo Author Feature

  • Outreach List

The Outreach List is an optional element that works with the primary features. For example, you may make a list of influencers by saving them to multiple lists and then reaching out to them using the same list.

Influencer Marketing & Outreach with BuzzSumo

  • Keep an eye on your brand

When you sign up for a BuzzSumo account, you’ll see a page where you’ll have to provide your brand information for monitoring purposes. And in this area, we’ll go over exactly what you’ll get when it comes to brand monitoring in-depth.

  • Mentions on the Internet

BuzzSumo visually portrays your brand’s daily, weekly, and monthly mentions for easier comprehension. It also displays published material and brand mentions in any post or blog.

This allows you to acquire firsthand information about your good and negative comments and gives you time to respond appropriately.

Tracking Competitor Content Marketing

  • Alerts

The BuzzSumo Alerts tool is user-friendly, and they’ve given it much consideration. For example, when you select the “Create Alert” button on the left-hand side, you’ll get a list of different alert kinds.

You may select any of the options above, and the alert will be produced once you complete a series of stages in which they ask you specific questions about the sort of alert you want. Some alert kinds are minimum engagement, “must contain,” or “must not contain” results, and other sophisticated filters. This allows them to give the precise notifications that a user is seeking.

Overview of Buzzsumo Alerts

Alternatives to BuzzSumo

Let’s list below the top alternatives that are available in the market to BuzzSumo:

  • MailChimp
  • Hivency
  • Influence
  • AdParlor
  • TINT
  • Oktopost
  • Mention
  • BuzzStream

If you want to expand your options, you might utilize a few different tools.

  • Google trends: There is an answer to every question on Google. The Google Trends tool, as the name implies, is a free alternative to BuzzSumo’s content search feature. Unfortunately, other tools, such as influencer finding, monitoring, and so on, are unavailable.
  • Ahrefs: Many people have compared this tool to BuzzSumo, and they are correct. They both have a lot of the same qualities. The main difference is that BuzzSumo is significantly less expensive than Ahrefs regarding agency pricing.
  • Feedly: This is a free service that uses Google Alerts to search, share, and read articles, posts, blogs, and other content. Feedly is a wonderful tool for finding material, although it lacks some of BuzzSumo’s capabilities, such as influencer search.

BuzzSumo Review Conclusions

BuzzSumo is an essential component of your social media and content toolkit. Furthermore, the content marketing tool provides everything a content or influencer marketer needs, from content analysis to locating popular material, finding influencers, and obtaining their contact information.

Furthermore, BuzzSumo update regularly. They aim to cover as many social media as possible, and they recently released “Reddit Analyzer,” a tool that lets you get into this underutilized social media channel.

The digital ecosystem is crowded with material, making it difficult for marketers to reach out and capture their customers’ attention. BuzzSumo’s approach to assisting marketers in identifying and analyzing the most engaging content and authors on the web in their industry makes it a useful resource. Marketers can quickly access a wealth of information in graphs and go further into what makes popular content useful to their viewers.

We recommend investing in BuzzSumo if you’re serious about creating content that establishes your brand as an authority and gets the traffic you need to build your business. Finally, we applaud BuzzSumo for its one-of-a-kind and multifaceted capabilities.


Rashi Arora


Rashi Arora

Product Owner @ Broadcom
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Content Writer & Review Specialist

Rashi Arora is currently working as a Project Manager at Aventra Group. Prior to this, she was a Product Owner at Broadcom. Rashi has gained expertise by managing renewals on Salesforce CPQ and improving the Renewal Admin Portal.
Ana Maria Stanciuc


Ana Maria Stanciuc

Head of Content & Editor-in-Chief @ Tekpon
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Creative Content Chief

Ana Maria Stanciuc is a highly skilled writer and content strategist with 10+ years of experience. She has experience in technical and creative writing across a variety of industries. She also has a background in journalism.


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