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What is Castmagic?

Castmagic is an AI-based platform that converts long-form audio files into various forms of evergreen content such as transcripts, summaries, video clip timestamps, guest quotes, blog posts, tweet threads, newsletters, and Q&A.

It automates the time-consuming processes involved in editing and post-production work for podcasts, freeing up time for content creators and podcasters. With it, users can streamline their post-production process, increase content output, and turn audio into assets instantly.

The platform is ideal for podcasters, producers, showrunners, content marketers, and creators who want to save time and automate tedious work. The platform is trusted by well-known podcasts such as Noah Kagan Presents, My First Million, and DTC Pod. It also supports 18 languages and allows uploading of MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, and AAC files.

In summary, Castmagic offers a smart and efficient solution for turning audio files into valuable content assets, streamlining the content creation process, and saving time for content creators. Its AI-based features ensure the delivery of high-quality content, and it is suitable for anyone looking to repurpose their audio content into various formats.

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Starting from:

$39 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Castmagic offers usage-based pricing with four plans ranging from $39/month to $299/month, depending on the amount of content transcription and creation required. A free trial is also available. Choosing annual billing brings a 40% discount on the monthly rate.

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Rising Star

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)
  • Speech Recognition
  • Self Service Data Preparation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Natural Language Search
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Multi-Language
  • ML Algorithm Library
  • Model Training
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Blending
  • Data Connectors
  • Data Extraction
  • Chatbot
  • Chat Transcript
  • Configurable Workflow

Additional Features

  • Content Extraction
  • Social Media Assets
  • Quotes & Hooks
  • Transcripts
  • Custom Prompts
  • Show Notes
  • Timestamps


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Global Average Score
  • AI-Powered Efficiency

    Castmagic uses AI technology to automate converting long-form audio into ready-to-use content. It excels at transcribing, editing, summarizing audio files, and identifying critical highlights for each channel.

  • High-Quality Transcripts

    It provides accurate and detailed transcripts of recordings and labels speakers for easy distinction.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Castmagic is praised for its ease of use, with a minimalist and clutter-free interface that simplifies navigation and content management.

  • Versatile Content Generation

    The software offers Magic Chat for customized AI interactions, facilitating the generation of diverse content types like newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and tweet threads.

  • Time-Saving for Podcasters

    Many users report significant time savings in creating show notes, social media promos, and email newsletters.

  • Enhanced Marketing Tools

    Features like automatically generated Twitter threads, show notes, and quotes are found to be highly useful for marketing purposes.

  • Multilingual Support

    Castmagic supports over 60 languages, increasing its usability for a global audience.

  • Positive Customer Feedback

    Reviewers consistently rate Castmagic highly, particularly its transformative impact on podcasting and content creation workflows.

  • Complex or Technical Topics

    Some users have noted that accuracy may decline with complex or technical subjects.

  • Integration Limitations

    There are limitations in integrating with certain podcast hosts (e.g., Tekpon), requiring manual copying and pasting of show notes and assets.

  • Export Options

    Current export capabilities are limited to copy-pasting or downloading files via CSV. Users desire more streamlined export options to platforms like WordPress or social media.

  • Mobile Compatibility

    While Castmagic is highly effective on desktops, some users experienced issues when using it on mobile devices.


Here at Tekpon's Global Buzz, we blend AI smarts with a human touch to offer a snapshot of user reviews from the web. While we carefully craft these summaries, please remember they reflect diverse user views and experiences, not Tekpon’s own opinions.

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Castmagic Review – The AI of Podcasts

The podcasting industry is not left behind in today’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) world. Content creators constantly look for scalable, cloud-based solutions to streamline their workflows. Amidst this backdrop, Castmagic emerges as a beacon, offering a SaaS solution that promises to redefine the post-production journey for podcasters. This AI-driven platform is not just about automation; it’s about harnessing the power of technology to transform long-form audio into rich, multifaceted content assets.

Introduction of Castmagic

Castmagic is an innovative AI-driven platform that revolutionizes how podcasts are transcribed and managed. With its advanced features and automation capabilities, Castmagic simplifies the podcast post-production process, saving podcasters valuable time and effort.

A Deep Dive into Castmagic’s Feature Suite

In the vast sea of SaaS offerings, what makes Castmagic stand out? Let’s dissect its feature set:

Automated Transcript Generation

At its core, Castmagic is powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms. One of the key features of Castmagic is its automated transcription tool. Instead of spending hours manually transcribing each episode, podcasters can rely on Castmagic’s AI technology to accurately transcribe their audio content in a fraction of the time. This speeds up the post-production process and ensures that every word spoken during the podcast is captured precisely.

Notes, Summaries, and Quotes

Beyond mere transcription, Castmagic acts as a content curator. It distills hours of content into concise summaries, extracts impactful quotes, and crafts detailed notes. This is content repurposing at its finest, enabling podcasters to maximize their content’s reach across various digital platforms. Moreover, podcasters can easily add timestamps to highlight important moments within an episode, making it easier for listeners to navigate the content. The platform also allows for creating engaging show notes that summarize each episode, key takeaways, and links to relevant resources.

Content Promotion Tools

In the SaaS world, promotion is key. Castmagic recognizes this, offering tools for seamless content sharing across platforms, from newsletters to LinkedIn posts and tweet threads. Combined with a user-centric design, these features make Castmagic a formidable player in the SaaS podcasting space. Moreover, Castmagic goes beyond transcriptions and show notes by offering AI-generated content for newsletters and social media platforms. This feature enables podcasters to effortlessly repurpose their podcast episodes into bite-sized snippets or quotes that can be shared across various channels. By leveraging this AI-generated content, podcasters can increase audience engagement and reach a wider audience on different platforms.

Streamlining the Post-Production Process

Regarding podcasting, content creation is just one part of the equation. The post-production process is crucial in ensuring your podcast reaches its full potential. This is where Castmagic comes in, offering a range of powerful AI-driven features that streamline the post-production process and make it more efficient.

Optimizing Podcast Content with Castmagic

Regarding podcasting, content optimization is crucial in attracting and retaining listeners. With Castmagic, podcasters have access to a range of powerful AI-driven features that can help enhance the overall quality of their content. Two key features that contribute to optimizing podcast content are timestamps and quotes/hooks extraction.

Enhancing Listener Experience with Timestamps

One of the ways Castmagic revolutionizes the podcasting experience is by providing an easy way to add timestamps to podcast episodes. Timestamps allow listeners to navigate through episodes effortlessly, enabling them to jump directly to the most interesting or relevant sections. By incorporating timestamps into their podcasts, creators can provide a more user-friendly experience for their audience.

Timestamps also offer several benefits for both new and existing listeners. For new listeners, timestamps preview what they can expect from the episode, helping them decide whether it aligns with their interests. Existing listeners can quickly revisit specific parts of an episode they found particularly valuable or engaging. This feature saves time and enhances listener satisfaction by allowing them to find and revisit their favorite moments easily.

Creating Engaging Content with Quotes and Hooks

Another way Castmagic optimizes podcast content is through its ability to extract compelling quotes and hooks from episodes. Quotes capture the essence of an episode’s key points or memorable moments, while hooks are attention-grabbing statements designed to captivate potential listeners. Using Castmagic’s AI-powered quote and hook extraction feature, podcasters can easily identify and highlight the most impactful parts of their episodes. These snippets can then be used across various promotional channels, such as social media posts or newsletters, enticing potential listeners with intriguing insights or exciting moments from the show.

The importance of captivating content cannot be overstated in today’s highly competitive podcast landscape. With countless options available to listeners, podcasters must stand out from the crowd and capture their audience’s attention. By leveraging Castmagic’s quote and hook extraction feature, podcasters can create engaging content that piques curiosity and entices listeners to tune in.

Increasing Audience Engagement with AI-generated content

In addition to streamlining the post-production process and optimizing podcast content, Castmagic offers another powerful feature that can greatly enhance audience engagement: AI-generated content for newsletters and social media. With Castmagic’s automated newsletter content, podcasters can save time and effort by letting the platform generate personalized and engaging content for their newsletters.

Using advanced AI algorithms, Castmagic analyzes the podcast episode and extracts key insights, memorable quotes, and thought-provoking hooks. It then automatically generates compelling content that can be used in newsletters to entice subscribers and keep them engaged. By leveraging this feature, podcasters no longer have to spend hours manually crafting newsletter content or struggling to develop fresh ideas. Castmagic takes care of everything, ensuring every newsletter is packed with valuable information and captivating snippets from the podcast episode.

Furthermore, Castmagic also enables social media optimization by creating AI-generated content tailored for various social media platforms. Consistency in posting high-quality content on social media is crucial for building a strong online presence and attracting new listeners. With Castmagic’s AI-generated social media content, podcasters can effortlessly maintain an active presence across different platforms without excessive brainstorming or creating posts from scratch.

This feature allows podcasters to easily share eye-catching quotes, interesting facts, or intriguing questions from their episodes on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. This helps drive traffic back to the podcast and encourages audience interaction through comments and shares. Ultimately, it allows podcasters to connect with their audience deeper and foster a sense of community around their show.

The Tangible Benefits of Castmagic for Modern Podcasters

The SaaS model is all about delivering tangible benefits, and Castmagic doesn’t disappoint:

  • Scalability: One of the hallmarks of SaaS is scalability, and Castmagic embodies this. Whether you’re a solo podcaster or a large media house, Castmagic scales as per your needs, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: In the fast-paced SaaS world, time is of the essence. Castmagic’s automated features ensure podcasters can sidestep the traditionally time-consuming post-production tasks, focusing instead on content creation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Modern SaaS solutions are data-centric, and Castmagic is no exception. It provides valuable insights, allowing podcasters to understand their audience better and tailor their content accordingly.

Pricing Models for Castmagic

True to its SaaS roots, Castmagic offers flexible pricing models designed to cater to a diverse user base:

  • Hobby Plan: At $39/mo, this is perfect for budding podcasters. It offers all the core features, ensuring that even those just starting can produce professional-grade content.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $99/mo, this is for the more seasoned players. With support for longer episodes and multiple podcasts, it’s designed for those looking to expand their podcasting horizons.
  • Rising Star Plan: At $299/mo, this is for true professionals. It offers advanced features and support, ensuring that even the most demanding podcasting needs are met.


After exploring the various benefits of using Castmagic for podcasters, it is clear that this AI-driven platform has the power to revolutionize the way podcasts are transcribed and managed. By streamlining the post-production process, saving time with automated transcription and show notes, optimizing content for maximum engagement, and providing AI-generated content for newsletters and social media, Castmagic offers a comprehensive solution for podcasters looking to enhance their workflow and grow their audience.

With Castmagic, podcasters can say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of manually transcribing their episodes. The platform’s powerful AI technology automatically transcribes podcasts with impressive accuracy, saving podcasters countless hours of work. Not only does this streamline the post-production process, but it also ensures that every word spoken in an episode is captured and easily accessible.

Castmagic offers a game-changing solution for podcasters seeking to streamline their post-production process and optimize their content output. By automating tasks like transcription and show notes, podcasters can save valuable time and effort that can be better spent on creating great content and growing their audience.

The platform’s AI-generated content for newsletters and social media further enhances engagement and helps podcasters maintain a strong online presence. With Castmagic, podcasters can unlock the full potential of their podcasts and take their shows to new heights. So why wait? Try Castmagic today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Castmagic FAQs

Castmagic is an AI-powered tool designed for podcasters to transcribe, summarize, and promote their episodes efficiently.

While tailored for podcasters, Castmagic can transcribe and summarize any long-form audio content.

Absolutely! Its intuitive design ensures both beginners and pros can harness its features effectively.

Yes, they offer a free trial. For detailed information on trials or demos, visiting Castmagic’s official website is best.


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