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What is Speak AI?

Speak AI is text generator software you can use to create original content. The software is mainly used by business owners, marketers, and other professionals who want to create unique content for their websites and social media profiles.

The cloud-based text-to-speech software can generate speech for your articles, blog posts, books, and other content. In addition, you can use it to create audiobooks or to carry out any video transcription.

Speak is like a podcast host that never sleeps. Just give it some text, tell it what you want to be said aloud, and Speak AI will turn it around in a few minutes.

It offers various products. They include automated transcription, a shareable media repository, embedded audio and video recorder, professional transcription services, data visualization, Speak APIs, and free analysis tools. In addition, it has integrations with various tools like Slack, Google Docs, Twitter, Airtable, and Dropbox.

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Starting from:

$8 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Speak Pricing is divided into three plans: Started, Premium & Custom. All plans include audio, video & text capture from anywhere, advanced analysis & data visualization, transcript editor and professional transcription, easy ways to customize and share media, native integrations, and developer access.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Text Editing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Speech Recognition

Additional Features

  • Data Connectors
  • Dashboard
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self-service Analytics


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Speak AI is a text-to-speech generator that allows you to create voice messages for your website, mobile app, or business. With Speak AI, you can easily convert any written text into an audio file which you can play back on any device that supports it. This includes smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Let’s start out Speak Review and discover all the capabilities of this great transcription software.

Speak AI transcription tool

Speak is an AI text generator that allows you to create realistic-sounding audio from your text. The tool is designed for personal use but can also be used for business purposes. The text-to-speech generator converts your written text into an audio file that sounds like your voice. Moreover, it uses artificial intelligence technology to accomplish this task and will help you save time when creating unique content for social media campaigns and other marketing efforts.

What’s more impressive is that the tool doesn’t require any technical knowledge or special skills – you only need a computer and an internet connection. The app uses machine learning techniques to convert text into spoken words. The system has been trained to read over 1 million words in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, and French. It also supports custom commands for more advanced users.

You can use Speak AI to create audio files of any length, including full-length books, song lyrics, etc. The software also includes hundreds of built-in sound effects and music tracks so you can create unique audio files that are perfect for any occasion.

How to use Speak?

Setting up the app is very easy. Here is how:

  • Step 1: Click on the get started button, and yes, I’m in!
  • Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page. You must enter your name, email address, and mobile number on this page.
  • Step 3: After entering your details, click on the blue next button.
  • Step 4: You will soon receive an email in your inbox with a link to complete your registration process. Click on that link and follow the instructions given in it.

After creating an account, you can start creating a new character from scratch or use an existing character from your library:
If you choose the create from scratch option, it will take you to another window where you need to fill in the details about your character, like gender, name, etc. After completing all the details, click on the save & continue button.

Detailed Speak features

The following are some of the features that set the text-to-speech free tool apart from its competitors:

  • Voice conversion

This application allows you to change your voice, making it sound like another person’s or changing its pitch. This feature is useful if you want your voice to sound younger or older than it is.

  • Read out loud

With this feature, you can have text read out loud by pressing a button. It can be helpful if you want someone else to read something out loud on your behalf.

  • Record & play feature

The program allows users to record their voices and play back those recordings later. You can also record other sounds such as music or nature sounds and play them back whenever needed.

  • Multiple languages & voices

The software supports more than 70 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. You can also choose from 22 different voices for each language.

  • Text to speech

This feature allows you to type in any text and will speak the words back to you. You can also choose a voice that suits your needs or mix and match multiple voices for an interesting effect. The text can be either male or female, with various accents available. You can also choose the speed of speech and whether it should be read out loud or not.

  • Text generation capabilities

If you want to create chatbots that interact with your customers on Facebook messenger or other messaging apps, then Speak AI can help you do that. You can also use the program for any other type of website or blog post where you need unique content quickly and easily.

Speak review conclusions

If you want a way to generate text from your voice, then Speak AI text-to-voice generator is a great choice. Based on our Speak review, it’s a great application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and works on Android and iOS devices.

Speak AI allows you to create text based on real-time or after recording. It makes video transcription a seamless process and removes the need for human transcription. You can use it for creating short stories or articles, such as an article about yourself or your product, or just have fun with it and makeup stories using the different characters available in the application.

You can also customize the voices used by changing their gender and age range so they match the character of your story better. With the Speak text converter tool, you can get nothing less than the best. It’s a tool you should try out.