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Creatopy Pricing

If Creatopy piqued your interest from our review, maybe you want to determine its pricing. And what plans have to offer to its users. Users can test Creatopy for free, but one might need a premium subscription to get the most out of this tool, including features like banner sets, AMP HTML, and MP4 downloads. This might sound scary, but Creatopy pricing is surprisingly affordable.

Creatopy Plans

Creatopy Create

$32per Editor
  • Videos, static & animated designs
  • Export in all formats
  • 5000+ design & video templates
  • Elements library with icons, illustrations, stock videos & 20+ million Shutterstock Images
  • Image, SVG, Video & Audio Upload
  • Font library & text presets
  • Customer Support
  • Collaborate on designs
  • Brand Kits (3)
  • Projects (unlimited)
  • Animation Timeline
  • Magic Animator
  • Custom Templates
  • Comments
  • Background remover
  • Auto Resizer
  • Photoshop design upload

Creatopy Automate

$45per Editor
  • Everything in Creatopy Create, plus:
  • Brand Kits - Unlimited
  • Generator
  • Feed Ad Builder
  • Branded share link

Creatopy Optimize

On Request
Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Creatopy Automate, plus:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ad Serving (25+ Ad Networks)
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Dynamic ad texts
  • A/B Testing
  • User groups
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Creatopy Enterprise

On Request
Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Creatopy Optimize, plus:
  • From 10+ Editor roles
  • Advanced Security Certifications
  • Custom pricing
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Creatopy Pricing Plans

Creatopy has the following pricing models:

  • Create – Create unlimited animated designs and videos, and organize them into projects.
  • Automate – Empower your team to automate the production and editing of your visual designs for increased efficiency.
  • Optimize – Best for distributing and optimizing your ads.
  • Enterprise – For complex teams with many Editors. Get in touch for a customized experience.

Is Creatopy free?

Creatopy doesn’t offer a Free Plan. However, you can have a 7-days free trial for those who want to try it without paying a fee or a full subscription. Depending on which trial you signed up for, there are feature-specific limitations. There is also the time limit – you have seven days to try out one or both Create and Automate plans (you can switch from one plan to another within the same trial period).


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Tekpon Score
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Tekpon Score
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