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What is RelayThat?

RelayThat is a simple style design app that automates the branded design and allows for easy, simple, and classic design for social media ads networks, printing, and blogs at once. It is a user-friendly app that enables easy access to over 100 templates that only need photos, edited colors, and text to be included or added. In addition, it requires very little time.

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On-brand design automated on every channel.
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$15 /user/month

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RelayThat offers three pricing plans, but they don't provide a free one.

  • Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Customizable Branding
  • Custom Fonts


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Easily create professional designs, and share or print them.


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Customize, automate and scale up the ad production and delivery.

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RelayThat – Design Automation

Design automation is the completion of design work by the software. This involves semi-automated design equipment that humans use in designing and fully automated systems that aid the completion of design work. RelayThat is a renowned app that is known to make designing easy because of its user-friendly features. RelatThat has earned awards as an automated design app that designs on-brand, second to none marketing assets in a less required time and for pocket-friendly cost compared to when hiring a designer.

All you need to do is input in some branded creative and RelayThat will instinctively present to you over hundreds of amazing designs in different form, format, size that you could need for your social media handles. It is very easy to use RelayThat. It makes for easy navigation; the appearance is nice and very easy to move to and fro. With a single touch of a button, you can easily navigate between a series of brands and projects and interact with other members effortlessly.

RelayThat banner maker online design tool

With over 2,000 smart layouts, you can easily and effortlessly add brand assets once and also have the option to make limitless design options thoughtlessly. Furthermore, you can drive the traffic offline by employing image SEO automation and producing thoughtless headlines for social updates or posts. Through the use of a single brand portal, it becomes amazingly easy to have total control of all your tools, i.e., fonts, images, font pairs, text ideas, and color.

RelayThat Intro

How to use a RelayThat?

RelayThat is a very easy app to use, with no complications whatsoever. You don’t need a tutorial to use RelayThat. It is user-friendly. Anyone can use it as long as you want to. Below I will show the steps involved in using RelayThat.

The first step is simply signing up on RelayThat. The process is simple; just input your details, and boom, you are good to go. Yeah, just like that. This first step is registering your account, and then you log in anytime you want to.

The second step involves you creating your workspace. You want to start designing, and you will need a workspace. You may be wondering, what is a workspace? It is simple; a workspace is a conscientious space for a particular brand identity. It is a space intended for a particular purpose. You can have more than one workspace. Since it is a space intended for a particular purpose, you can have a workspace reserved for, let say, sport while you have another for church programs.

The next step is RelayThat workspace has different templates you can work with. The template you choose depends on what you want to achieve. These templates include Blank Light, Blank Dark, Fitness, Personal brand, Outdoors, education, Real estate, Small business, Agency, Cryptocurrency, Enterprise, and more.

If I were to advise you on which templates to use, I would say Blank light template because it involves starting from scratch, which helps develop your creative ability. Blank dark is almost the same as blank light. The difference is that blank dark has a dark background.

RelayThat Editor

When you finally choose a template, you will see the RelayThat Editor. RelayThat Editor is very easy to use. It includes tools of various kinds.

  • Tools — Includes sections for Layouts, Uploads, Images, Fonts, Colors, Buttons, and Titles.
  • Layouts — Different templates for ads, social media, print, and other uses such as layout previews, watermarks, etc.,
  • Photos — You will add, enable, or disable photos in this area
  • Texts — You will add, display or hide texts over there
  • Colors — Control the colors

Generated graphics for other sizes — Ultimately, RelayThat is responsible for generating graphics according to your entries and selections. This feature is what makes RelayThat special over other graphic designing tools. I have personal experience with PixelLab. The experience wasn’t good at all, and I had to delete the app. Using RelayThat has made designing very interesting and enjoyable. I can make six more wonderful designs in less than 20mins. It’s crazy, right?. I can’t believe it myself. Unlike other design apps I have tried, I have unfinished projects because it becomes so hard to understand, navigate and move around the apps. I always have the picture of what I want to design in my head, but somehow I don’t get it when using other apps.

  • Edit your graphic

I can tell you that there are numerous ways you make your work look so amazing and professional in the sight of your viewers. So it won’t just command attention but also display professionalism.

  • Use text fields well.

Only use important text fields that match your work. You don’t necessarily need to use all text fields. However, too much of it may result in overcrowding and may confuse readers.

Highlight text

You can use this bracket  ({}) to highlight a word or words

  • Text highlighting

  • Use fonts

RelayThat gives you room for increased creativity. You can decide to upload custom fonts; this means you don’t necessarily need to use the fonts given by RelayThat. If uploading your fonts will make your work or design stand out, RelayThat will not stand in your way but rather offers you the opportunity to upload your preferred font. To make it more interesting, you can upload fonts of any language and apply them in RelayThat.

  • Use buttons

Initially, RelayThat had no button, but because they are all about serving the users better, they introduced a button that makes click-through easy and fast.

  • Smart buttons in RelayThat

Encapsulate any of these buttons in your graphics

  • Download graphic

This is the last step. It involves downloading your design In RelayThat currently, you can export your design in two file extensions: PNG and JPG. For instance, if you designed work or project for printing, ads, etc., I would recommend the PNG file format as it has many advantages over JPG in terms of appearance. But, the JPG file format is recommended for the web. (i.e: blog images).

What are the best RelayThat Features?

  • Uploads
  • Search Photos and Icons
  • Headline generator
  • Save designs
  • Magic Import
  • Brand Management
  • Custom Fonts
  • Ads collection for Facebook & Google
  • Image SEO

Regarding features, it offers some basic ones. Yet, some particularities give RelayThat a chance. And I will remind Image SEO, which is great for marketers. However, renaming your images for SEO purposes is sometimes not easy if you are not a professional. Thus, RelayThat makes it easy to reuse file name keywords.

RelayThat Conclusion

Canva is another design app I have used that gave me a little comfort. I enjoyed it to some extent, it was good and helpful to some point, but when I used RelayThat, I discovered there was more I could enjoy. I designed my project at ease. All you need to do when using a RelayThat is upload a good image, add text and color and leave the rest for RelayThat. It can be very difficult to develop a good graphic design idea with RelayThat, and you need not worry about that.

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