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VistaCreate (ex Crello) is a popular online graphic design app. Graphic designers, social media managers, bloggers, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs use it to create various content for their blogs, social media pages, advertisements, and many other things. Your designs on the Crello app are easy and affordable. You can either choose to create your designs from scratch or explore the various templates available on VistaCreate. Ex Crello, now VistaCreate, has over 50,000 animated templates that are updated every week so you can create amazing designs. In addition, you can use VistaCreate on your mobile phone–whether it’s Android or iOS.

You can either use the free version of VistaCreate or use the Pro plan that comes with more features that you can explore.

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Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

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VistaCreate (ex Crello) – Free Graphic Design Software

VistaCreate is a free online graphic design software that you can use in making your designs.  There are many beautiful templates that you can edit to create your design.

What is Crello (now VistaCreate)?

VistaCreate ex Crello review

VistaCreate (ex Crello) is an online graphic design app or free graphic design software that can help you make your designs unique. You can use this graphic design software to create content for your blog, social media pages, and advertisements. There are over 50,000 animated templates on Crello, and they update them weekly so that users can create myriads of designs. Then, with just a few clicks, you can create content from scratch on Crello.

What is Crello used for?

VistaCreate (ex Crello) is a video and graphic design tool used to create professional designs with just a few clicks using ready-made templates or creating the designs from scratch to finish.

VistaCreate Features

There are many features on Crello that you can explore to create beautiful designs.

Background Remover

  • The remove background feature on Crello will help you remove the background on an image. You can also make it look transparent.
  • You can use the brand kits feature to create beautiful branded designs.
  • There are many frames in the Crello library that you can use to make a printable postcard look beautiful, that you can use to make an ad or Insta story.
  • You can also use the add speech bubble to photo feature to add emotions to your designs.
  • With the add text to photo feature, you can add text to photos very fast and easily.
  • You can flip images on Crello with the flip image feature, within a few seconds.
  • You can also use the rotate image feature on Crello to rotate your image into the perfect position that you want using the buttons on the editing Crello panel.
  • The photo filters feature on Crello helps you to apply nice filters to your images in a snap. There are many photo filters on Crello.
  • The resize image feature on Crello helps you to resize the images in your design or the whole design.
  • The transparency and layers feature help to make images look transparent so you can layer up your design and put all the messages together.
  • With the blur feature on Crello, you can blur the background of your design to make the front elements look bold.
  • It has a crop image feature where you can crop an image to fit into what you want.

Crello Pricing (now VistaCreate)

Crello pricing is very affordable, and there are many features that you can explore. Moreover, now that Crello has become VistaCreate, their free plan is almost limitless. For example, there are no more limits for download, all fonts, templates & graphic elements from the library are now free. However, the greater news is that the most-used tools from Crello Pro – brand kits and background remover – are free for everyone to use!

There are also updates for the Pro plan users. The royalty-free library now has 50 million files, unlike 1 million as Crello Pro used to have. When purchasing the VistaCreate Pro plan, you will also get team accounts, exclusive access to multiple brand kits, and the storage limit has been removed. But, what happens to the ones who purchased the Crello Pro plan before October 27, 2021? Well, there’s no need to worry – the renewal price will remain the same over the next 12 months.

  • VistaCreate starter plan

The VistaCreate starter plan (ex Crello) is free, and you will enjoy these features:

  • Instantly access to more than 1 million creative assets.
  • Enjoy 50K+ design templates, video clips, and animations.
  • Brand Kit with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Background removal feature
  • Free fonts, animations, music, backgrounds, and objects
  • 10 GB storage for files and projects
  • No limits to downloading your projects

  • VistaCreate Pro plan

The Crello Pro plan costs 13 dollars per month. However, if you choose the yearly plan, there will be a 20% discount, only paying $10/month. You will enjoy the following features:

  • Freedom to remove backgrounds from photos.
  • Access to create an unlimited number of Brand Kits with colors, logos, and fonts.
  • Team account – You can invite up to 10 team members and create beautiful designs as a team.
  • You will have immediate access to 50M+ creative assets to download without limits.
  • Premium music, backgrounds, fonts, and objects.
  • 50K+ templates without any download limits.
  • Download projects and royalty-free files without restrictions.
  • Unlimited storage to keep your files.

How much does Crello cost (now VistaCreate)?

It will cost you 13 dollars per month to enjoy the VistaCreate Pro plan (ex Crello). However, if you want to benefit from a 20% discount, you have the option to choose the Annual billing – this way, you will pay only ten bucks per month. Crello also has a free version, but it does not offer a free trial.

VistaCreate Alternatives

There are many VistaCreate alternatives you can find on the Play Store or Apple store. An example is Crello vs Canva and many others.

Here are some VistaCreate alternatives you should check out:

  • Snappa

Snappa is a Crello alternative, and it is a graphic design tool that small businesses and digital marketers use to create professional images without a graphic designer’s help.

  • Canva

Many social media managers and graphic designers use Canva to create beautiful graphic content.

  • Adobe InDesign

It is a popular and versatile desktop publishing software that enables you to have pixel-perfect control over your typography and designs.

  • PixaBay

PixaBay is a well-known community of creatives that share copyright-free videos and photos. You can use all the contents that are released under the Creative Commons CC0 tag. It shows that you are free to use them for commercial purposes, without giving the artist any credit and without seeking permission from the artist.

  • Lucidpress

You can use Lucidpress to work with people at any time on any browser. It is a web-based layout and design tool that comes with real-time collaboration.

  • Prezi

Prezi is a tool used to create presentations, content designs, and video tools to make the creator an effective communicator.

  • Adobe Spark

AdobeSpark is another Crello alternative. It is a free online mobile graphic design app that everyone with little to no design skills can use to create designs that tell stories.

  • Fotor Photo Editor

Graphic designers and photo editors widely use this tool to create beautiful designs and edit images.

  • Piktochart

With Piktochart, you can freely depict your visual story using reports, banners, presentations, and infographics.

  • PDFelement

With PDFelement, you can easily watermark, edit, convert, create, merge, annotate, sign and compress PDF files in the best way.

Crello vs. Canva

Crello vs Canva

Crello (now known as VistaCreate) and Canva vary in several ways. Check them out below:

  • In terms of pricing, the Canva pricing starts from 12.99 dollars each month for each user. They have a free version and a free trial. For Crello pricing, it starts from 10 dollars per month. Crello doesn’t have a free trial, but it has a free version.
  • Canva is best for anyone who wants to be creative with designs. Students, teachers, not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and individuals can use Canva. While Crello is best for small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketing professionals who want to create at an affordable rate every day.
  • Canva and Crello also differ in terms of features.

    Canva features:

    Workflow management, content library, customizable templates, offline editing, drag and drop, employee photos, print management, templates, mobile app, image library, design templates, version control, video editing, presentation tools, media library, step-by-step wizard, image editing, data import and export, search or filter, watermarking, design management, video support, publishing and sharing, pattern, color and art storage, visual discovery, pre-built templates, content sharing, asset categorization, real-time editing, asset library, custom fonts, asset sharing, collaboration tools, content management, offline presenting, change management, content import, and export, audio file management, artwork management, customizable branding, printing services integration and animation.

    Crello features:

    Design management, video editing, media import, video support, text overlay, presentation tools, pre-built templates, media library, search, preview functionality, video content, drag and drop, customizable branding, animation, content library, content import/export, search or filter, interactive content, customizable templates, pattern, color & art storage, animations and transitions, print management social media integrations, watermarking and collaboration tools

  • Canva was founded in 2012, and they are located in Australia, while Crello was founded in 2017 and is located in Cyprus.
  • Canva has deployment on mobile – iPad, mobile – iPhone, mobile – Android, and cloud, SaaS, and web-based. You can get support through chat, knowledge base, FAQs/Forum, email/help desk, and training can be done using videos or webinars. The same is for Crello; they have deployment on, mobile – iPad, mobile – iPhone, mobile – Android and cloud, SaaS, web-based. For support on Crello, you can get it done using FAQs/Forum, email/help desk, chat, and knowledge base. And their training can either be done using videos or documentation.

Which is better, Canva or Crello (now VistaCreate)?

Canva is a Crello alternative, but we will say Canva is more popular and versatile than VistaCreate. There are so many features that Canva has, and VistaCreate doesn’t. We would say that Canva is better in several ways than VistaCreate. You should use Canva for the following reasons:

  • Download your designs in SVG format and high resolution
  • To have access to more graphic elements, videos, images, and templates
  • If you focus more on designing static graphics
  • For more collaboration tools, features, and integrations with many third-party apps and services

You can also decide which is better for you by exploring their free versions.

VistaCreate Integrations

Below is a list of Crello integrations.

  • Shift
  • HelloWoofy
  • CloudSocial

Crello Review Conclusions (now VistaCreate)

VistaCreate is an online graphic design tool that you can use to create different graphic designs, videos, or animations for your websites, social media pages, and print materials. You can use Crello to resize, edit, and remove background from photos. There are over 50,000 beautiful designed templates available for you on VistaCreate. You either create your designs using the templates on VistaCreate or choose to create your designs from scratch to finish.

VistaCreate has a free version and pro plan that you can use to get creative with your designs. The pro plan starts at 10 dollars per month. VistaCreate is very easy to use, and it has a beautiful UI/UX.

You can also use VistaCreate to edit video content and add your favorite music or sounds and music to create outstanding visuals.