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DemandTools Pricing

DemandTools is a breeze of fresh air in terms of pricing. They kept it very simple and integrated the full spectrum of organizations. Now let us look more in-depth into what they have to offer.

DemandTools Plans

DemandTools Free

Limited Features
  • CRM - Salesforce
  • Deployment - SaaS
  • Dedupe - 14-day Trial
  • Duplicate dashboard - Up to 20k records
  • Standard objects
  • Custom objects
  • Record selection criteria
  • Fuzzy matching logic
  • Custom matching rules
  • Custom-winning record rules
  • Custom field rules
  • Cross-field matching
  • Pre-configured scenarios
  • Automatic merging on a schedule
  • Import
  • Insert
  • Update - Key field only
  • Upsert - Key field only
  • Field standardization
  • Data source - .xlsx, .csv
  • File size limit - 10MB
  • Export
  • Documentation & video library

DemandTools Elements

$5per CRM License
  • Everything in DemandTools Free, plus:
  • Dedupe - Unlimited
  • Duplicate dashboard - Unlimited
  • File size limit - 50MB
  • Support
  • Live, weekly office hours
  • Email support

DemandTools Full

$10per CRM License
  • Everything in DemandTools Elements, plus:
  • CRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Deployment - On-premises
  • Dedupe from a file
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Assess
  • Multi-object import
  • Update - Key Field & Match Conditions
  • Upsert - Key Field & Match Conditions
  • Data source - .xlsx, .csv, Salesforce orgs, MySQL, MSSQL
  • File size limit - none
  • Delete
  • Modify
  • Tune
  • Convert
  • Reassign
  • Verify
  • Match
  • User Management
  • Customer success manager with personalized on-boarding (for qualifying accounts)
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How much does DemandTools by CRMfusion cost?

Small and Medium Size Businesses

$10 per user per month. However, in 2020 for their 20th anniversary, DemandTools by Validity released special pricing for any organization with under 100 Salesforce users of a $1200 yearly license for ten users, with each additional CRMfusion DemandTools user costing $120. You can enjoy the duplication software free and all the other features for five days.

Pricing Packages Demand Tools - Reviews by Tekpon

Non-profit Organizations

Demand tools offer a 20% discount to all the USA’s not-for-profit organizations with assets under $250.000 at the end of the financial year. To apply for the grant, you must submit the form available online with your organization’s 990 or the equivalent for international organizations.

Thus, the 20% discount applies to all Validity products, not just to DemandTools.

If you are wondering how to reinstate the Demandtools subscription non-profit, let’s look at what you have to do.

How to reinstate DemandTools subscription non-profit?

Look for their Not-For-Profit Grant Program section on the Validity website and fill out the form available over there. As you have a history with the company, reinstating your subscription would be relatively easy.

Form for non-profit organisation discount application- reviews by Tekpon

Large companies and Corporations

Contact a Validity sales representative directly for a corporation’s annual price rate on DemandTools. If you are just above the 100-seat mark, each extra user will cost you an additional $120 annually.

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