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DemandTools Alternatives

Top DemandTools Alternatives

  • Melissa Data

  • Dupecatcher

  • Demandware (Commerce Cloud)


  • Ringlead

Dupecatcher vs. DemandTools

Dupecatcher is an instead specialize deduplication tool than a complete data cleaning tool as Demand Tools. Firstly, Dupecather offers all the benefits of the Cleansing Module in CRMfusion DemandTools does. Thus, we would find it more appropriate to compare it to the DupeBlocker function DemandTools by Validity has. Secondly, despite its apparent limitations compared to Demand tools.

Above all, Dupecatcher offers a cheap, actually free, alternative for deduplication in Salesforce. To sum up, if you are looking for a more versatile software rather than eliminating duplicates, we recommend you DemandTools despite the price.

Demandware (Commerce Cloud) vs. DemandTools

Formerly, Demandware was acquired in 2016 by Salesforce and became Commerce Cloud. Thus,  in its current version as Commerce Cloud, Demandware is a more complex tool rather than the data management competitor of DemandTools it once was.

Moreover, Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based commerce platform that helps companies create intelligent and aligned buying experiences across channels, even though Commerce Cloud allows bands to offer an exquisite shopping experience. Most importantly, we need to consider that at its core, DemandTools by CRMfusion remains a data quality tool. Even if Demand tools has the commerce solution, Commerce Cloud is so much more.

Therefore, if you are looking for an importing, deduping, and data management tool, we recommend you stick to Demandtools. Another vital asset DemandTools has is that it works with several CRM platforms, not just with Salesforce.

Lastly, we can’t speak of price comparison, as it has no relevance. All in all, DemandTools is different in so many ways from Commerce Cloud as making a price and feature comparison at this point; it’s almost irrelevant.

Demand tools vs. is a quick cloud-based solution available just for Salesforce users. Hence, it makes it easy for you to manage your data import from several platforms such as Dropbox, Box, and Excel.

Regarding Demand tools vs., their main interconnection is in the data import section. Therefore, the PeopleImport feature Demandtools has been almost a perfect match.

First of all, is a product available strictly for Salesforce compared to its more complex alternative, Demandtools, which is compatible with multiple CRM platforms. Second, Demandtools at a $10 price point without any record limitations is a cheaper, reliable, and competitive alternative to the Professional of $99. Thirdly, if you handle a small number of contacts, also offers a free package in contracts to Salesforce Demandtools. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Dataloader also works on Mac and Linux computers.

RingLead vs. Demand Tools

Let’s see what is RingLead and how does it perform compared to Demandtools. RingLead is a platform that helps you manage data at every stage of the customer lifecycle through automation. Features such as deduplication, validation, discovery, and data normalization make the SaaS product one of the closest to Demand tools. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use interface for any user compared to Demandtools and offers an extra edge with its AI.

Furthermore, RingLead has a 30 days free trial compared to Demandtools’ 5-day free trial, and a lot of documentation easily accessible. Finally, in terms of cost, the Demandtools alternative does not mention a specific price and operates on a custom basis.