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Instapage Reviews

& Product Details

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a robust landing page platform designed to enhance digital marketing efforts by simplifying the creation and optimization of landing pages without needing coding skills. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing users to construct professional-quality pages using over 500 customizable templates and reusable blocks known as Instablocks®. This flexibility is vital for marketers aiming to quickly adapt pages to different campaigns and audience segments.

The platform integrates advanced features like A/B testing, heatmaps, and real-time visual collaboration, enabling teams to test variations and optimize pages based on data-driven insights. Instapage also supports accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to ensure fast loading times, crucial for maintaining user engagement and improving conversion rates.

Another standout feature is its AI-powered content generation. It automatically creates relevant headlines, paragraphs, and calls to action tailored to specific ad groups and audience demographics, further personalizing the user experience and enhancing ad performance.

Instapage’s AdMap® tool links ads directly to the corresponding landing pages, providing a cohesive journey that increases the likelihood of conversion. This suite of tools and its ease of use make Instapage an effective solution for marketers looking to increase their digital advertising ROI efficiently.

Best For

Create landing pages without limits.
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
  • On-Premise - Linux
  • Company Name

    Instapage Inc.

  • Located In

    United States

  • Website

Starting from:

$99 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Instapage pricing starts at $99 per month for the Create plan, offering features like drag-and-drop builder and unlimited conversions. The Optimize plan costs $199 per month and includes advanced A/B testing. The Scale plan costs $299/month and comes with an extended usage package. Custom pricing is available for the Convert plan. Annual plans offer up to 20% discounts. A 14-day free trial is available.

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Instapage Create


Instapage Optimize


Instapage Scale

  • A/B Testing
  • Builder
  • Content Library
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Drag and Drop
  • Form Builder
  • Lead Management
  • Real Time Editing
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Management
  • Templates
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Forms Management
  • Lead Capture

Additional Features

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • API
  • Audience Targeting
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Channel Management
  • Client Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Contact Database
  • Contact Management
  • Content Management
  • Content Publishing Options
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • CRM
  • Cross Channel Attribution
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Fields
  • Customizable Reports
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Visualization
  • Display Ad Management
  • Dynamic Content
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Experience Management
  • File Storage
  • Heatmaps
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-Campaign
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Personalization
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Real-Time Data
  • Recommendations
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • ROI Tracking
  • Search Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Split Testing
  • Tagging
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Visual Analytics
  • Website Analytics
  • Website Personalization
  • Website Publishing Options
  • Workflow Management


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Global Average Score
  • Ease of Use

    Many users have highlighted the ease of use of Instapage, particularly praising its user-friendly visual editor which allows for easy creation and editing of landing pages.

  • Customer Support

    The customer support team at Instapage has been commended for their helpfulness and responsiveness, which has been particularly beneficial for users encountering technical issues.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Instapage integrates well with other software, enhancing its utility in broader marketing and sales workflows.

  • Performance

    The platform is noted for the fast loading times of its landing pages, even when they include a variety of large images.

  • Design Flexibility

    Users appreciate the flexibility in design offered by Instapage, allowing for highly customized landing pages without restrictions on layout configurations.

  • Pricing Transparency

    Some users have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the pricing structure, which could be perceived as high unless significant value is derived from its use.

  • Technical Challenges

    Newer users have reported challenges with domain settings and managing DNS records, suggesting a steeper learning curve for those not as tech-savvy.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    Adjusting content for mobile devices can be cumbersome, with some users finding the process of resizing images and adjusting layouts on mobile platforms not very intuitive.

  • Bug Issues

    There are reports of occasional bugs, especially in integration with other apps like Zapier, which can disrupt workflow efficiency.

  • Feature Limitations

    Some basic features, such as capturing UTM parameters, require custom setup, which users feel should be standard given their widespread use.


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Ana Maria Stanciuc

Are you considering building a landing page for your product but feeling overwhelmed by the task? In the past, designing a well-optimized page used to be a tedious and expensive process, requiring back-and-forth communication with designers. However, this is no longer the case. Thanks to advancements in design processes, we now have access to countless tools that can accomplish all the design-related tasks for us with ease.

One of these tools is Instapage, a powerful software that simplifies landing page creation and offers many helpful integrations. In this review, we will be exploring the features of Instapage. Let’s get started!

Instapage – landing page platform

Instapage is hosted in the cloud and comes with everything you need to create and publish landing pages. Whether you have a website or online presence or not, Instapage allows you to create conversion-focused landing pages that will help you generate more leads, sell more products, or any other to trigger the action of your customers.

No coding or design skills are required. Instapage’s features simplify creating effective landing pages no matter what you want to promote. With features like heatmap, analytics, and split testing tools, you can use visitor data to improve your landing page designs and make them more effective. Bellow’s a quick overview of the benefits of using this amazing landing page builder software.

About Instapage

Instapage is a web advertising solution that gives several conversion tools for advertisers and marketers. The organization is famous for its superior landing web page builder, but it is clear that Instapage needs the arena to realize that it gives a lot more.

Instapage calls its marketing suite an “Advertising Conversion Cloud.” In addition to being a feature-rich landing web page builder, Instapage gives several personalization and experimentation alternatives for advertisements.

Their AdMap device also can assist you in visualizing the journey that site visitors take. The key promoting factor of Instapage is conversions. On their about web page, Instapage notes that only 4% of clicks at the net honestly change into conversions.

In contrast, the common client conversion fee for Instapage customers is 16%. Let’s take a better look at what Instapage gives and spot whether or not it can add value to your business.

Overview of the Benefits

  • A library of customizable templates: With over 80 high-quality templates, you’ll never have to start from scratch or look for inspiration for your next landing page again.
  • Intuitive Landing Page Editor: Whether you want to start with a blank canvas or edit one of the many templates, Instapage’s drag-and-drop page builder interface is powerful yet easy to use.
  • Powerful Form Builder: Tocapturelanding pages capture the right kind of leads; Instapage makes it easy to create detailed user information left information from users.
  • Useful Selection of Widgets: In addition to forms, you can easily add other elements to your landing pages, including videos, images, and buttons.
  • Tracking and Reporting: With built-in analytics, heatmap, and A/B testing tools, you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not, then tweak your landing pages for better results.
  • Integration options: Instapage can connect to many services via Zapier, e.g., E-mail marketing platforms, WordPress, and many more.
  • Hosted System: Instead of using a WordPress landing page plugin, Instapage hosts everything independently from your website. You can use your account to create landing pages for multiple projects and websites. However, Instapage lets you quickly publish landing pages on your WordPress website.

How to use Instapage?

When you first head to the Instapage interface, you’ll get a huge overview of your account. And you could additionally create two things:

A web page – This is a real landing web page

A group – This is kind of like a folder. Groups assist you in arranging specific pages.

When you visit, create a brand new web page, maximum of the time, you’ll be doing it from a template. However, you could additionally import web page designs. Instapage has many templates (200+), divided into specific classes on the top. They vary from basic frameworks to more detailed designs with extra-described aesthetics. Of course, you also can always select to begin from a clean web page. Once you select a template, Instapage will drop you immediately into the Instapage Builder.

Details of Instapage Features

The benefits that Instapage offers to its customers are listed down below:

  • Drag and Drop Feature

Whether you begin with a clean canvas or one of the templates, the editor of Instapage offers you the liberty to provide a custom landing web page. Freedom is probably the keyword while describing the Instapage landing web page editor. You can begin with a clean canvas or edit a template to create your landing web page with the Instapage web page builder.

Unlike even the most superior WordPress web page builders, the Instapage web page builder helps you position your elements everywhere on the web page. Instead of being configured to a grid layout or a column & row-based structure, you’re free to transport objects for your web page everywhere on the canvas — even on top of each other. In addition, you can stack objects on top of each other if you need them within the Instapage landing web page editor.

  • Landing Page Widgets

You can quickly insert various elements into your landing web page designs using the Instapage widgets. To upload one, click on one of the widget icons at the sidebar menu of the Instapage editor, and it’s right away dropped onto the canvas. Next, it will be ready for customization. From there, you could move it across the web page and begin enhancing its look and content. You can also outline the movement related to a widget, setting what takes place while a person clicks on a button.

  • Mobile-Friendly Designs

 All landing pages created with the aid of using Instapage are mobile-pleasant by default. However, you can switch to the mobile view of a web page you’re operating on within the editor, making adjustments that the handiest cell customers will see. For example, you can transfer to the cellular view of the editor and then cover blocks you don’t need mobile customers to see.

So, suppose the concept of showing slightly different variations of your landing pages relying on whether or not your traffic is using a telephone or a computer tool sounds appealing. In that case, Instapage does consist of this functionality. However, you can’t quite create exceptional variations of a web page. Instead, you can cover factors you don’t need to be shown to mobile customers.

  • Pre Designed Templates

 Instapage’s marketing content claims there are over 200 templates to choose from, but when browsing the library, it appeared to be over 80. Also, some templates didn’t have full landing page options, like the thank you page. Templates, so don’t let the headline count of 200+ templates unduly influence your decision. Instapage gives you about 80 to 90 landing page templates to work with. However, as you can see in the landing page library, the templates you have access to are designed to a very high standard and cover many goals. You can preview all  Instapage templates before deciding which one to use.

Filters allow you to quickly find the type of template you’re looking for when launching a new landing page. The landing page templates are divided into categories to easily find the type you are looking for. Since the templates cover product sales, registration forms, event registration, and app downloads, you can get a good idea of ​​Instapage’s target audience.

  • Instablocks Feature

If you’re developing a couple of landing pages for yourself and your clients, Instapage has a splendid timesaving function that you could appreciate. That function is called Instablocks. It allows you to construct a library of reusable assets, or blocks, that you may insert into any of your landing pages. You can create custom blocks and keep them for reuse on your landing pages.

For example, you can create a custom testimonials block that carries fantastic comments from your customers. First, keep it as an Instablock. Then, on every occasion you’re developing a landing web page that wishes to encompass testimonials, you may quickly insert that Instablock into the web page.

Instapage Review Conclusions

Instapage is an effective tool. It’s a cut above the WordPress web page developers that many bloggers are used to. But, while it’s far more effective, the builder is still smooth to apply and handy for beginners. And I cherished how free-form the builder is. You have the power to put things anywhere. I also preferred how A/B testing and conversion goals have been constructed right into the builder. It seems like they’re a part of the real layout process rather than an afterthought that you tack directly to a finished web page.

Finally, the publishing options make it easy to apply the landing pages that you create, irrespective of what sort of internet site you’re running. It’s not the cheapest tool. But in case you need a high-powered, optimization-orientated landing web page builder, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Get started today!

Instapage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instapage is utilized primarily for creating and optimizing landing pages. It helps users design high-converting landing pages, integrate with advertising campaigns, and perform A/B testing to enhance campaign results.

Many users find Instapage valuable due to its robust features, such as AI-driven content generation, dynamic text replacement, and the ability to create fast-loading AMP pages. It also supports real-time collaboration and provides detailed analytics for optimizing landing pages.

To create a landing page on Instapage, start by signing into your account, selecting ‘Create Page,’ choosing a template or starting from scratch, customizing the design and content, and finally, publishing the page. The platform is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily add and edit elements without coding.

Yes, Instapage can be integrated with Shopify to enhance e-commerce marketing campaigns by using personalized landing pages that directly support Shopify’s store functionalities.

Instapage offers an affiliate program, providing partners with compensation for referrals that lead to new customer acquisitions.

Yes, Instapage integrates with WordPress, allowing users to seamlessly publish their landing pages to a WordPress site using the Instapage plugin.

Instapage integrates with HubSpot, allowing for the seamless flow of lead data into HubSpot’s CRM to improve marketing and sales alignment and enhance lead management capabilities.

Yes, Instapage features AI content creation tools that help users generate effective content for landing pages, which can be personalized and optimized through A/B testing to increase conversion rates.

Instapage’s AdMap is a feature that allows users to visually connect ads to relevant landing pages within their campaigns, ensuring a cohesive journey from ad to page, which helps in increasing the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.


Ana Maria Stanciuc


Ana Maria Stanciuc

Head of Content & Editor-in-Chief @ Tekpon

Creative Content Chief

Ana Maria Stanciuc is a highly skilled writer and content strategist with 10+ years of experience. She has experience in technical and creative writing across a variety of industries. She also has a background in journalism.


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