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LastPass Alternatives

LastPass is an excellent password manager. However, that doesn’t mean it is the only option you have. There are some excellent LastPass alternatives you can try. LastPass is a secure platform. However, it did fall prey to multiple security breaches in the past. Those hacks have breached multiple aspects of the LastPass data, including reminders, email addresses, and authentication hashes. So, what are the LastPass alternatives? Let’s list them below.

  • 1Password

If you are looking for a good LastPass alternative, you need to check out 1Password. Just like LastPass, it also utilizes high-standard security to protect your password. Localized management of passwords ensures that hackers cannot access the password in any condition. But, the thing that makes 1Password amazing is its third-party security audits. 1Password is also enterprise-ready and provides features required for businesses. You also get access to family plans and can try out their user plans for 14-days.

  • Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a cheap yet effective LastPass alternative. Moreover, Bitwarden is also enterprise-ready, just like 1Password. BitWarden is also an open-source solution, which means it is the most transparent password manager. So, if your business cannot trust password management solutions, you can try Bitwarden, considering that its source code is publicly available. Bitwarden global access also makes it ideal for teams with a broader geographical reach.

  • NordPass

 NordPass is a product of the Team that also developed NordVPN. They provide an excellent VPN solution but also an equally impressive password manager. NordPass’s most significant advantage over LastPass is that it can work in offline mode as well. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can also try it before deciding to use it. In addition, NordPass is audited by third-party firms, including Cure53, which rates it highly. The encryption and security aspects are also well-designed to protect your data against leaks or theft.

  • Dashlane

Dashlane is a data protection system that lets you save your password securely and store personal data. Also, DashLane is very popular in the Apple ecosystem. However, it works with other operating systems, including Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, and Chrome. Dashlane also offers you access to VPN, in case you need one. However, you need to pay more for it. Dashlane is priced slightly on the higher side.

1Password vs. LastPass

So, which one is better? 1Password or LastPass? Well, both of them are good. Let’s try to capture how they differ below. Regarding platform and app compatibility, both LastPass and 1Password are available on almost every browser and operating system type, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari browsers, ChromeOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. However, LastPass doesn’t offer a desktop app for offline usage. In that case, you need to use 1Password. LastPass and 1Password are also different when setting up your account. During your first setup, LastPass asks you to set up a master password, whereas, in the case of 1Password, you need to secret key and master keyword. This makes 1Password more secure as it adds an extra layer of security.

Both of them come with powerful password generators. This way, you can create unique and randomized passwords for your accounts. But what about sharing login information with others? In this case, LastPass seems to provide more value regarding features and how it handles sharing information. However, you get sharing features for teams, families, and enterprises. LastPass edges 1Password as it offers both vault and folder sharing features. This is handy for business teams who want to share information securely compared to just sharing passwords.

In terms of security, both of them take the approach of offline processing of data. However, LastPass does store your data on its servers in an encrypted form. 1Password, on the other hand, also does that, but you can always change to the offline-only mode if you are working with highly secure information. Apart from that, both of them offer two-factor authentication. For pricing, LastPass seems to be a cheaper option. Also, LastPass offers a free version, whereas 1Password doesn’t.

NordPass vs. LastPass

If you are looking for a cheaper, paid alternative to LastPass, then NordPass is a good pick. It starts at $1.49 per month. Moreover, NordPass also comes with a free version if you want to give it free version a try before buying their paid option.

Both of them offer a comprehensive platform and browser support. In terms of encryption, NordPass utilizes XChaCha20 encryption. It is a different approach to LastPass, which uses the more popular option, the 256-bit AES encryption. In terms of multi-factor security, both NordPass and LastPass offer two-factor authentication. LastPass offers a variety of ways you can set up 2FA, including hardware, a bio pass, emails, voice calls, and so on. NordPass also offers authentication apps but lacks a wide range of 2FA support. In terms of feature sets, both offer almost similar features for password manager and vault.


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