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Are you worried about your MacBook security and privacy? Or do you believe that your precious device is immune to a malware attack? We apologize for breaking this bubble for you; attackers do get through Mac, it might be a tougher target than Windows, but yes, people can achieve it. Thus, installing an antivirus that is designed specifically for Mac is very important. We will be reviewing one such software today that goes beyond the mere needs and protects against malware. MacKeeper is one such product that offers security, privacy, and other tune-up features. So without further ado, let us dive into the detailed review.

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MacKeeper – Clean your MacBook

MacKeeper is one of the best antivirus software available for Mac users. It is a multipurpose application that protects the computer from online security threats, improves its performance, and lets one reclaim the disk space. The product is an acquainted and quite arguable name withinside the Mac world. In the past, people used it in lots of third-party affiliate marketing efforts that gave it a bad reputation, however fortuitously, that’s now tech history.

Now, it’s run by new management. It has independent approval from Apple and independent test labs and AV-Test, which gave it a 6 out of 6 rating for each overall performance and protection. So a lot of the largest information around MacKeeper is associated with certification. Understandably, it appears keen to emphasize that it’s an official app now. In 2020, it carried out Apple notarization, for example. Essentially, which means Apple considers MacKeeper secure to download. More recently, Clario carried out ISO 27001 certification. This is important because it’s an across-the-world diagnosed certification, and it indicates the organization takes records safety seriously.

What is MacKeeper? 

As I said before, MacKeeper is a great tool to help users keep their MacBook safe and protected from viruses or malware. Or any other online threads. Installation of MacKeeper could be very simple. As soon as the software program is in the vicinity, you may stroll through the different alternatives for scanning, cleaning, and so on, one by one where you need to authorize the software in System Preferences you’re given instructions or even buttons that take you to the right System Preferences pane.

MacKeeper’s most important window capabilities include a menu down the left side, divided into Security, Cleaning, Performance, and Privacy items. On the right aspect is an integrated chat help system. The Find & Fix option, selected by default, features a big button to release a test at the center bottom, with a diagram of things to be (or have been) scanned occupying the maximum of the screen. It’s a bit busy; however, it is smooth sufficient to navigate.

MacKeeper review malware removal

How to clean your MacBook? 

MacKeeper is smooth to set up. Download the ‘.pkg’ installation file from MacKeeper’s website (which takes much less than 30 seconds), open the file, and follow the instructions. Installation takes not than five mins in total. Once done, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Activate One-Click Scan
  • Select Files for Removal
  • Remove the files that are not required
  • (Optional) Use the filter to find a specific file
  • Customize the tool in preferences

How does MacKeeper work? 

MacKeeper is extremely well designed because of its minimalistic look and intuitive interface. When you first open the program, MacKeeper activates you to take a look at your system. It then offers you its tips withinside the four important regions of security, privacy, cleaning, and performance. Using each function is also extremely simple.

If you are concerned about removing the program, then that is easy to do as well. Fortunately, the up-to-date MacKeeper is very easy to remove. All you want to do is drag and drop the utility into the trash like every other program. The company has even introduced an easy FAQ to follow on its internet site if you want more guidance.

MacKeepr review virus protection

MacKeeper Features 

Now let us review the main features that MacKeeper has in the hood to offer to its users:

  • Finding the Duplicates

It may be that you’re all of a sudden running out of storage, so your device has started lagging. This characteristic detects any copies of documents and double downloads or comparable pictures that take in the useless areas on your Mac. When checking out this MacKeeper review, we observed that the tools list them for you, including the size and how often they appear, even if they are beneath different names. Then, after providing them, you can manually evaluate them to decide which to keep, transfer to external storage, or delete. That way, you’ll free up extra space on your hard disk.

  • Smart Uninstaller

MacKeeper reviews highlight smart uninstallers as a handy tool to have. This is why: Merely deleting the apps from your folder isn’t enough because it leaves their components intact. Instead, MacKeeper scans your device and removes leftover apps, browser extensions, plugins, and widgets from your machine. This helps in freeing up space and also improving your Mac’s performance.

  • Safe Clean-up

You can use this tool to scan your hard disk, including caches, logs, languages, and trash. It also lists all the junk folders and files present in your storage, together with their sizes.

  • Adware and Memory Cleaner

While penning this MacKeeper software review, we discovered that this device aims to become aware of and remove malicious software programs that might attack your device with apps. Mac has enough protection to ensure no spyware enters your operating system, as long as you live clean of pirated content. The best thing about it is that it sends you alerts each time it spots a suspicious program. Additionally, If you have memory-hogging apps, MacKeeper will assist you to control the situation better. The “Memory Cleaner” unloads the RAM and allows for speeding up the overall performance of your machine.

  • Private Connect VPN

The MacKeeper utility also includes an incorporated VPN for a stable connection, especially if you use public Wi-Fi. Here is what this platform can do for you:

The minute you turn in your net through the VPN, it encrypts all of your sensitive information, which then travels via a secure tunnel to a server of choice. That prevents anyone from snooping around your internet traffic. Additionally, all of the requests you make via your net connection will appear to come from the server rather than your IP address. This hides you from any trackers searching for your location. With it, you can securely make payments to your bank. Shopping from anywhere also becomes a breeze without the fear that hackers may access your financial details.

  • Antivirus

MacKeeper is a fully functional and real-time antivirus tool that people can use to detect malware and malicious files. If you’re worried that someone might be spying on you via your camera or mic, this solution can be of absolute help. The MacKeeper virus scan will alert you right away in case of any such occurrences. In addition, MacKeeper has a huge variety of customer service options, including:

  • 24/7 stay chat.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Email support.

While MacKeeper gives its software in 20 exclusive languages, it currently only provides customer service in English.

MacKeeper Pricing 

The tool offers different plans and pricing to choose from. Firstly, there’s a choice to use the software program for free, but it only lets you do a “Find and Fix.” However, in case you need to apply capabilities like Memory Cleaner or the integrated VPN, and more, you’ll subscribe to a premium account. Unfortunately, MacKeeper doesn’t provide a trial version. Therefore, one can most effectively clean or uninstall apps or junk before switching to the paid version.

The good news is: The company gives a 14-day money-back guarantee in all of its plans. If you exceed the 14 days, then you’ll be capable of getting a partial refund, depending on what number of days you used the software program. Now, let’s have a look at the pricing and plans of MacKeeper:

See all Features

Is MacKeeper free? 

You can use MacKeeper to experiment with your Mac for items at no cost. However, if you want to access advanced MacKeeper tools and have all items to your Mac fixed, you’ll want to buy a complete license. You may use one of the following payment methods to purchase MacKeeper.

MacKeeper Alternatives

If you are unsure about this software after reading reviews for MacKeeper. Alternatively, you might want a tool that offers more advanced features and protection. Here are the top alternatives available in the market:

  • Bitdefender
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • CleanMyMac
  • F-Secure Total
  • Intego Mac Internet Security X9
  • Avira Prime

MacKeeper vs. CleanMyMac 

CleanMyMac is another Excellent cleansing software program for Mac, one of the oldest clean-up apps in the market. Moreover, CleanMyMac has also been notarized by Apple Inc., which means this software program is free from any malicious files. It gives diverse cleansing tools and functions that MacKeeper doesn’t offer. Its functions include:

  • Space lens
  • Space visualization tool
  • Monitoring trash status
  • Cleaning up logs
  • Managing preferences

CleanMyMac additionally gives an unfastened trial version. However, it comes with a few limitations. They also return your money if you need to cancel the subscription within 30 days of your purchase.

MacKeeper Review Conclusions 

MacKeeper offers tons of security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection. In 2019, MacKeeper received the celebrated AppEsteem certification. It’s crucial to notice that the best manufacturers that have cleaned up their history of the usage of deceptive practices get this certification.  This is what that means for the consumer:

It protects you by removing misleading practices by app manufacturers. In other words, it serves as a watchdog to make certain that providers only launch clean apps into the market. Even better: The MacKeeper scores have barely progressed because there has been a reduction in the rough affiliates. That only means one thing – the scareware behavior has gone away as well.

Is MacKeeper safe?

All in all, MacKeeper is a reliable software program with plenty of high-quality features. It offers you privacy and safety and cleans your Mac for extra space past any common antivirus software program. MacKeeper security eliminates malware, detects adware in addition to ransomware. AVG test labs have examined MacKeeper for viruses, malware, and different safety abilities and provided a rating of 13/18. This software program is more expensive than most of the excellent antivirus software program programs. However, it tops the maximum software in this category with its sturdy features. The tool’s StopAd, ID robbery safety, and VPN provide you safety during your online browsing.

Overall, after checking out this MacKeeper antivirus review, we can say a software program is a top-notch option.