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Avast One

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Avast One Reviews

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What is Avast One?

Avast One is a security suite that offers excellent protection in both free and paid options. Avast’s new top-tier product aims to provide value to users who want complete protection at affordable pricing.

Avast One improves itself from the previous Avast products, including Avast Free and Avast Free Antivirus, and comes with a refreshing new design and features. It also comes with multi-device coverage to provide complete protection. However, the new product has nothing to do with the NortonLifeLock merger with Avast. But, with the merger complete, Norton should own Avast.

The product also has a new desktop app featuring a clean user interface. It utilizes the minimalistic approach heavily with a subdued aesthetic and light colors with whites. The menu has also seen an overhaul with a simplistic approach. The menu contains four simple items: Explore, Messages, Home, and account.

In short, Avast One is the next step forward in online protection. It offers all the protection, including data breach, VPN, antivirus, and device cleanup. In addition, Avast One is available on different platforms and operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

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Starting from:

$4.19 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Avast One follows a simple pricing model. The Essential plan is the free plan which offers one-device support. It will give the user access to the basic version; you can download it free from the official Avast site. The Essential basic version is currently supported on Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. The Premium version plan starts at $4.19 per month for five devices. There are two plans within Premium: one for individuals and the other for families. All the Premium plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Automatic Updates
  • Automated Remediation
  • Backups
  • Firewall
  • Incident Reports
  • Malware Detection
  • Risk Alerts
  • Threat Response
  • VPN
  • Web Control

Additional Features

  • Email Security
  • Wi-Fi Network Scan
  • Connection Advisor
  • Network Advisor
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Webcam Protection
  • Driver Updater
  • PC Optimizer
  • Disk Clean-up

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Avast One is Avast’s latest security offering that provides complete protection. It comes in free and paid options. Avast One comes with a clean interface utilizing a minimalistic approach. It offers many features, including VPN, powerful antivirus, device cleanup, and data breach protection and scanning. Currently, Avast One is available on three major platforms: Android, Windows, and Mac. Overall, you get a complete package that offers all-around protection for multiple devices. Let’s find out more in our Avast One review.

Avast One antivirus

Are you looking for complete protection? If you do, you need to check out Avast One – a brand-new product line by Avast. The product is initially launched in four main regions: Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada. Avast Security aims to release it to more regions across the globe with time. Moreover, it doesn’t replace the existing Avast products, and you can still get your hands on the free Avast Antivirus solution.

Avast One review

What is the difference between Avast and Avast One?

Avast One is the latest offering from Avast. It is released and available in addition to other Avast products. This means Avast One is not replacing previously released Avast lineups.

Avast’s history is rich as they have been offering the world their Antivirus solution for the past 20 years while operating in the tech field for 30 years. Overall, all these years, Avast primarily focused on providing free protection to users while offering upgraded paid versions for users that need them.

With Avast One, Avast has gone a step further. They offer complete protection for your devices, including their award-winning Antivirus solution, data breach monitoring, VPN, and device cleanup tools. Of course, the best thing about Avast One is that it is free for individual devices.

Apps slowing your device

How to use Avast One?

Avast One is very user-friendly. However, before using Avast One, you must install it on your device. Installation is simple, and you must download the correct installer for your operating system and let the installation wizard take care of the installation process.

Once the installation is done, you will be asked to go with the free version(Essential) or the Premium version. If you choose the Premium version, you must know how to activate Avast One premium. Then, all you need to do is click on premium and sign in to your account where you bought the key. You can also use the sign-in key to log in to your account and start using the paid version.

Avast One firewall

The best way is to try the free version and decide whether to go with the paid version. If you want to use Avast One on multiple devices for testing purposes, you can use the paid version at the start, taking advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Coming back to using Avast One, it is easy to get started with Avast One.

The Home Screen contains all the information and options you need to use Avast One effectively. For example, the Home button is where you can find the summary of your protection. Also, you can Run Smart Scan from the screen. The Home Screen consists of shortcuts, Explore, Message, and Account menu items on the side.

Protect your device

To protect your device, you must go to Explore → Device Protection. From there, you can set up device protection. Explore also contains the option to do Scans from Scan Center. Moreover, you can also connect to a VPN by Selecting Explore → VPN Secure Connection. You can also set up different VPN parameters in the VPN Secure Connection, including location, vulnerable websites, kill switch, and untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Not all options will be accessible if you go with the free version. However, the premium version should have access to all the features, including Password Protection, Boost Performance, etc. To know more about Avast One and how to operate it, it is best to check Avast One documentation from their support site.

Password protection

Details of Avast One Features

As Avast One is an entirely new product. Avast has given special care to offering features to its users. Let’s look at some of its key features to understand what it provides.

  • User Interface

The first thing you will notice about Avast One is its new interface. It differs greatly from other Avast products that tend to use darker tones. In the case of Avast One, you will be greeted with a minimalist and lightweight design that utilizes rounded rectangles for buttons and white background.

The minimalistic approach ensures you see the most important things without feeling overwhelmed. Avast One uses a minimalist approach, and you will have four key navigation options on the left-hand side that open up new options when clicked.

user interface Avast One

  • Antivirus protection and lab results

Avast One features trusted Antivirus software. The antivirus solution provides malware protection and protects you from different infections, including viruses.

The Avast One antivirus works in real-time to ensure your machine is always protected. The Smart Scan also ensures that no threats are loaded during the system boot. Additionally, you can always choose different scan options to check if your system is free from any form of a malicious actor, files, or services. You can always do on-demand scans or scheduled scans based on your needs. The scan speeds are also good; scans generally take around half an hour to complete.

The lab results are also great for Avast One. It scores highly on popular lab scores and reaches a 9.5 aggregate score by four testing labs, including AV-Test Institutes and AV-Comparatives. In addition, SE Labs, which certifies products in the form of AAA, A, B, and C, gives Avast One AAA certification, making it one of the best antivirus protection providers.

  • Malware protection

Avast products come with excellent malware protection, which is true for Avast One. Here, you get multiple layers of malware protection. This ensures a high level of malware detection and the ability to quarantine them without the need for your interference. However, the not-so-obvious results will flag the program as suspicious and ask for your permission before taking action.

It does well in malware protection tests and scores highly on different tests. In addition, Avast One can capture system-wide malware and ensure that it captures browser-level malware without installing a browser extension.

Malware protection

  • Scan Choices

With Avast One, you get plenty of scan choices. Once you do your Avast One installation, it will ask you to do a smart scan. The first smart scan takes care of the malware, browser security, and places that need cleanup. The malware scan from the smart scan goes through important parts of your computer, but you need to run a deep scan to ensure that your computer is free from any malware. However, depending on your storage capacity and system configuration, the deep scan may take time. On average, it should take around 30 minutes for the deep scan to complete.

Apart from a complete system deep scan, you also do a target scan to select folders and files.

Scan Center - antivirus

  • Network protection and Firewall

Avast One offers excellent network protection using a firewall. The firewall takes care of your network connections by monitoring the network traffic and ensuring no hackers can penetrate the network.

The firewall gives you the list of apps that use the connection, the data they send, and their creating connections. You can choose to control each app and decide which one you want to block. However, Avast One network protection does lack some automation that other security suites, such as Bitdefender and Norton.

You access the Wi-Fi Scanner feature in the Android app, but it is not present in the Windows version. In short, you get access to a simple firewall that protects your network against unauthorized access without bombarding you with unnecessary notifications or popups.

Web shield

  • Phishing protection

Avast One offers excellent phishing protection out of the box. Phishing attacks differ from malware as they disguise themselves as useful solutions. That’s why phishing attacks are aimed at users rather than the system. They try to fool the user into thinking they are beneficial and then steal sensitive information. The sensitive information can be your bank details or your card details. In most cases, the user clicks a link and lands on a fake site where users enter their details, which only get stolen.

Avast One takes care of phishing attempts and blocks any malicious URL or program that tries to steal your information. In tests, Avast One can stop 99% of the malicious URLs.

phishing Avast One

  • Ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are also becoming more common than before. These attacks infect the system and lock all the data behind a paywall. To unlock or get back access to your data, you need to pay the malicious actor money, and then only you will get access to your system or data.

Avast One takes precautionary steps to protect your data. It actively protects your important documents, desktop folders, and pictures. Moreover, you can also add other folders or vital information under the protection. You can also choose to protect different file types, including Database, Disc, Audio, Archives, Pictures, Videos, and Documents.

Another way Avast One protects is by using Smart Mode, which enables trusted apps to take care of your files and only allows the trusted app to make changes to the files. If you still want more control, use more Strict Mode bans.

Field shield

  • VPN

Avast One also offers a fully-featured VPN solution. However, it is bandwidth-limited and limits functionality to a greater extent. The VPN protects your devices from data leaks and your privacy during travel or accessing sensitive sites. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it works by creating a secure tunnel between your device and the server and only transmitting data using an encrypted format.

This way, no one can look into what you are doing, and you are safe from malicious actors that try to steal your information. It also protects your digital well-being and ensures that your identity is not revealed to advertisers. VPNs are also very useful for accessing services or content that are geographically blocked due to restrictions.

Avast One VPN

Is Avast One a good VPN?

Avast VPN is decent and works well, but it offers nothing new or outstanding. It offers access to protocols and servers across 55 locations in 34 countries. That’s not a lot. However, they provide the basic functionality to stay hidden and protect your online identity. Avast One VPN is integrated into the solution. The Avast One Essential doesn’t offer the ability to select the server, and the solution automatically selects it. However, if you take the premium plan, you can choose the server of your choice.

Currently, the Avast One VPN offers 5 GB of free traffic per week, which is good enough to protect your data when accessing financial or sensitive sites. However, the limitations don’t give you the ability to stream content. As a user, you can set up Avast One VPN to turn ON when connected to an untrusted network. However, the bandwidth limitation hinders the process as you can easily deplete the limited bandwidth without your knowledge.

It offers a basic VPN and lacks advanced features such as split tunneling, multi-hop VPN connection, kills switch, and no static IP address.

  • Password protection

Avast One also comes with a Password Protection feature that constantly monitors the dark web to see if your passwords are leaked or not. It is not similar to Password Manager protects your password in a secure environment. So, how does Avast One know if your password is leaked? It constantly scans data breaches with the data provided SpyCloud – a dark web monitoring expert.

Another interesting way Avast One protects your password in the browser is by using Browser Protection. It ensures that no third-party solution can access the password.

  • Performance

Avast One also offers a good performance boost to your system. The three key performance features include actively scanning for apps in the background to check if they are slowing your machine. Another way it provides performance is by updating apps when new updates are available.

Avast One also comes with a software updater that ensures your system is updated when needed. It scans your apps and updates the apps when available. You can automate the update process, but if you don’t, then you need to click update manually. For example, the Essential version requires a manual update, while the paid version automatically updates the apps.

Improve your performance

Avast One Review Conclusions

Avast One is one of the best security suites out there. With Avast One Essential, you get free protection on different platforms, including macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android — but limited to just one device. The Premium version does not let you do multi-device protection and has additional features. Avast’s new Avast One is a brave new step that may overshadow its other products but not replace them.

Here, you get their trusted antivirus protection and VPN and privacy-oriented features. With reasonable good pricing, Avast One is an excellent pick for those who want to upgrade their Avast protection or are looking for a complete privacy and security solution for your home devices or business.

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