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MalwareBuster Alternatives

You do not have to look far to find antivirus software with malware removal capabilities. The reality is there are dozens of MalwareBuster alternatives, and some of them are giants of the industry:

  • Kaspersky 

Often ranked the best antivirus software, Kaspersky lives up to its reputation with a rich suite of features to protect your system. It is streets ahead of MalwareBuster that also remains competitive on price. Kaspersky is available across three tiers: Anti-Virus ($29.99), Internet Security ($39.99), and Premium ($44.99). The middle of those options is excellent for most scenarios, although Kaspersky does not always work well in VPN services.

  • Norton 360 Deluxe 

Like Kaspersky, Norton offers a range of products, but we think the 360 Deluxe package hits a sweet spot of features and affordability at $24.99 per year. Norton has always been amongst the best protection suites offering a dizzying array of security tools. However, in the past, the software has taken a heavy toll on system performance during scans. The excellent news is Norton has improved this area greatly in recent years, and it has been complaint firmly in the past.

  • McAfee

One of the biggest names in the antivirus software market also delivers arguably the most bang for your buck. It has perhaps the best password management and protection tools and is very cheap if you want to secure several PCs. Of course, there are a few pricing models, and McAfee still hogs system resources when running scans, but this remains an affordable and powerful security platform.

  • Sophos Home Premium 

Sophos Home Premium is excellent all-around antivirus software, but it fails to live up to some of the big hitters on the market. We would put it as equal to MalwareBuster as a reliable service but not the best. For example, password protection and VPN services are missing, while even malware removal needs work. Another problem is that Sophos positions itself as a pricier malware software security tool.

  • Microsoft Defender 

Once called Windows Defender, the Microsoft Defender platform is now available on Mac, other media, and Windows. It is an entirely free tool that lacks some of the granular tools of paid services. However, it is generally excellent at preventing malware attacks, is easy to use, and gets regular updates with innovative features. So if you are on the tightest of budgets, Microsoft Defender is an excellent place to start.

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