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If you struggle to make sales and get credible reviews in your business, NiceJob is the best app for you. NiceJob is a prominent marketing solution to help businesses gather more and better quality Google and Facebook reviews. Also, the SEO app improves marketing across social media platforms and visibility on search engines.

Both small and established business owners use NiceJob to improve their online presence. Some of NiceJob’s SEO tools include automated email, review invitations, SMS follow-ups, stories, and SEO management. Furthermore, NiceJob reviews help business owners increase their customer base and generate more revenues. Instead of moving from one social platform to another, NiceJob makes reviews accessible by putting all reviews in one place. In addition, the app offers both free and paid plans.

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NiceJob Features

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NiceJob – Reputation Marketing platform

NiceJob is a cloud-based reputation marketing platform that helps businesses garner reviews, sales, and referrals. The software provides its marketing solution by integrating with Zendesk, Zapier, JOBBER, FieldPulse, and Quickbooks.

NiceJob automates your online marketing by using your pictures and reviews. Aside from managing your marketing, NiceJob increases your online presence, ranking you on search engines. Using NiceJob reviews and photos, you can increase your website traffic and sales.

Reviews Campaign - NiceJob Review

The reputation marketing platform automates emails and text messages that influence customers to leave reviews on marketing platforms. If customers don’t leave a review, NiceJob sends reminders to encourage customers to share their experiences. Aside from written reviews, visitors can create customers’ stories using photos, tags, and comments.

Business owners can then publish the stories on their websites or select unique ones and share with Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. That will help them boost their brand image and increase engagement on their social pages. In addition, the intelligent review funnel feature allows filtering out any negative comments and distribution reviews to different sites.

What does NiceJob Do?

NiceJob makes it easy and affordable for business owners to have an online presence. NiceJob does this effortlessly without inconveniencing the customers or the business owner. Instead of wasting time and effort running after customers for reviews. It increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by gathering positive reviews to increase your sales and generate new leads.

NiceJob helps you get more reviews with automated compliments and posts, leading to more clients and prospects’ engagement on your social media. Its job is to encourage customers to leave reviews after every purchase. The app uses SMS invitations, email reviews, and photo snaps to motivate customers to leave comments. It also sends follow-up messages to remind customers if they forget to leave reviews.

Email Review Request

NiceJob puts all reputation reviews in one location so that business owners can access them easily and use them to make informed decisions. The SEO app saves you from spending on paid advertisements and campaigns. It helps you get a year’s worth of reviews in months by connecting to your favorite apps.

Aside from reviews, NiceJob also ensures your target customers find you easily on search engines, increasing your conversion rates. Their features include on-page SEO, content writing, call tracking, Landing pages, and more. The app does everything possible to get you to the top of search engines.

How to Use NiceJob

To use the NiceJob app, head over to and sign up. First, you can sign up for the free 14 days trial to get an idea of what the app is all about. After this, set up a campaign, so the default sends a text message to have customers’ phone numbers. That allows the app to send a text to your users to leave a review.

You can also use the email format where the app sends a direct message to the customers. For instance, your users may get a message like, “Would you recommend Great Oracle to your friend?” They then leave the review on your website.

Users management

If you want, you can choose in your setting where you want them to leave the review. For example, if you want your clients to leave a review on Facebook/or Google, you select the tool. Once the app leaves the review, you will get a notification showing within the selected platform. You can add a picture to the comment and share it on any of your different platforms. You can edit the picture, change or add more.

Key Features of NiceJob

The main features of the NiceJob app lie in getting smart reviews and testimonials from customers, enhanced SEO service, and creating social buzz. Check below for details on these unique features:

Customer Review

Social proofs are one of the best ways to improve your business. Potential customers often consider reviews on a product or service before purchasing or making any commitment. NiceJob understands the task. It helps you put together positive reviews from past and current, leading to more sales and revenue.

The cloud-based software allows you to send invitations through email or text to all your clients, inspiring them to share their stories and experiences with your services. When your clients do not respond to the invitation for some time, the app sends them follow-up messages automatically. That prompts them to leave a message. In essence, the app lets you get genuine reviews without doing much.

Reviews Management

It’s hardly ever possible for a business not to have negative reviews. NiceJob does an awesome job dealing with negative reviews so they don’t ruin your online reputation. You can filter out negative reviews of some customers to properly address the issues. You can work on several testimonials from an invitation.


Stories Feature

With NiceJob, you can create stories based on customer experiences with your products. Start by taking a snapshot of the customer experience and adding compliments to create stories. This tool can serve as a marketing tool across social platforms. You can also share the stories with multiple contacts to boost your customer interactions and gain greater digital visibility. That helps you get new customers and motivate existing customers to write their reviews.

SEO Management

Increase your sales and traffic to your website and increase your sales with NiceJob. The professionals at NiceJob can help you create an SEO-optimized website for your business. In addition, you can integrate the website into all social media. NiceJob’s experts monitor your website progress, implementing all necessary tools to rank it higher on search engines.

Besides, it automatically syncs customers’ reviews and testimonials to your website. That way, new customers can read the latest reviews to read. That way, search engines see your website as valuable and place it where your target customers can easily see you.

NiceJob Pricing

The online reputation management software offers a free 14-day trial for new users to try their amazing features.

The Standard Plan

NiceJob pricing paid plans are based on the number of users and selected modules. For instance, if you have close to 2500 customers, the standard plan is $75 per month. The features include:

  • Get Google & Facebook reviews
  • Connect 10+ review channels
  • Send review invites
  • Facebook marketing
  • Smart review distribution
  • Custom campaign templates
  • Fan journey insights

  • Photo SMS messages
  • Premium integrations
  • Use your reviews to win sales
  • Website publishing
  • SMS review invites
  • Review replies

Furthermore, for businesses with more than 2,500 customers, there are three more pricing tiers available. First, for businesses with 2,501-5,000 customers, the cost will be $95/month. Second, for 5,001 to up to 9,999 customers, there will be a monthly cost of $145. Finally, for companies with 10,000 customers or more, the monthly cost will be $290.

Conver Website Package

With the Convert website option, you will have a completely new website made for you. In this package, you have included:

  • Custom designed website
  • On-page SEO
  • Website updates
  • Personal website coach
  • Call tracking

  • ‍Content writing
  • SSL certificate
  • Call tracking
  • Landing pages (add on)
  • CMS collections (add on)

The cost for Convert website package is $99/m + $399 setup. In addition, your purchase is 100% secured by The Convert Guarantee. If the Convert website doesn’t make at least 10% more sales than your existing website after three months, your monthly payment is free — and they will refund your entire setup.

NiceJob Alternatives

  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo
  • Loox
  • Sprinklr
  • Sprout Social
  • Thryv
  • Listen360

NiceJob Integrations

NiceJob integration feature allows you to connect all your favorite apps. When you use NiceJob integrations, you can seamlessly add any reputable marketing platform into your app with a single control. For example, the apps you can integrate with NiceJob include Quickbooks, Facebook, MailChimp, WordPress, Zapier, Jobber, and Linkedln.

NiceJob Integrations

For instance, you can set Zapier up to push your clients’ contacts in through QuickBooks within your NiceJob account. Integrating NiceJob with other apps saves time and allows you to focus on other important parts of your business. In addition, NiceJob integration gives you the chance to create your branded review channel. With this, you can collect, examine, verify all customer reviews.

NiceJob Review Conclusion

NiceJob is a marketing platform that allows businesses to gather genuine reviews from different platforms. It works by integrating with your social media platforms to monitor your sales and sends messages via SMS and email to customers to leave reviews. Furthermore, if recipients don’t respond after some time, NiceJob sends a reminder to encourage them to send their experiences.

Aside from words, customers can take pictures and create a story to describe their experience. The app provides its services on a monthly subscription basis. In addition, the app provides a robust support system through live chat, email, online documents, and an online help desk.

Their SEO management feature places you on top of search engines. That allows customers to find your products and services easily. Your task as a business owner is to maintain a good reputation with your clients. NiceJob will get you great reviews without forcing your customers’ hands.