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Writer is a full-featured writing helper tool for individuals, bloggers, and employees in organizations with a profession requiring them to play with words. The ability to check spelling, punctuation, and tone in real-time isn’t the only benefit of using a writing assistant. Integration with commonly used tools, a user-friendly interface, and privacy concerns are important considerations. So, without further ado, let us dig into the detailed review.

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Anyword is software that assists various types of businesses in creating unique keywords that represent the features of thei...

All digital firms and influencers must write content to communicate effectively with their customers and management. Not every article has the same tone or conveys the same idea. The tone and expression of your message in the text you write are important in achieving the desired results. Extending the budget to hire a writer for your office in 2021 will not work.

Any individual or company official might benefit from having digital writing assistance. However, picking one is tough because every free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector application appears the same. You’ll thank me later because this post will introduce you to a new writing assistant.

Writer.com – AI Writing Tool

Writer.com is a new AI writing tool with high-profile clients like Twitter and Pinterest. It was formed last year and was previously known as Qordoba. It has since changed its name to Writer. In a Series A round, the company raised $21 million to grow and improve its service.

This tool isn’t the same as the other AI writing software we’ve discussed. Writer’s real-time helper, unlike Shortly or Smart Copy, does not write for you; instead, it provides you with insight into your writing copy and turns complex writing into easy English. It also automates tedious chores for you if you construct a template due to its Snippets function.

They also utilize an AI system that understands context and content comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-3, used by most AI writing tools but developed independently.

Writer dashboard

What is Writer?

The language that the person uses is aware of a person’s dependability and trustworthiness. Similarly, its internal and external communications language can determine a company’s credibility and authenticity. For example, in corporate communications, the tone of the message leaves an impression.

The writing tool takes care of the language you use, the tone of your message, and the appropriate wording in business communications, so you don’t have to. In addition, its adaptive connection with various workplace tools makes it simple for a person in the organization to make a task easier while also being more successful.

Companies can use the Writer.com platform to define guidelines for things like:

  • Goals in messaging
  • Tone\s Style
  • What to Do and What Not to Do (words to avoid, etc.)
  • Writing with accessibility in mind
  • Plagiarism issues in writing for women
  • Preferred terminology (e.g., “people” rather than “users”).
  • Definitions of industry phrases that are correct
  • To put it another way, it keeps everyone in the firm on track. While this may not be crucial for a small firm, it becomes increasingly important as a company grows, especially if it has a comprehensive social media and marketing strategy.

Writer - AI writing tool

Getting Started with Writer.com

  • First and foremost, register! You may log in with your Google Account or your email address.
  • Decide what you’ll do using Writer. Then, go to the dashboard and select “New Doc” to begin writing when you validate your email.
  • Determine your grade level: Writer.com will assign a number between 0 and 14 to you. The greater the number, the more difficult it is to read. According to the tool, people with high literacy understand a score of 14 or greater.
  • When looking at the score, keep your audience in mind. You’ll also see statistics like how long it takes to read your article, the average sentence length, and the word count.
  • See Writer’s tips for ways to increase your readability. Of course, if you don’t understand what it’s suggesting, you can always click “learn more” to read a quick and informative explanation.
  • Make a Snippet out of it. Select “Snippets” > “New Snippet” from the dashboard. Create a shortcut for the text you want to put automatically. You can also use a tag to help organize your files.
  • Open documents and create a shortcut to the text you wish to insert.
  • Now that you’ve learned how to use Writer try using one of their plugins, such as their Chrome extension. You’ll benefit from the same features as in the app anywhere you go once you install it!

Who can use Writer?

Businesses. This is a crucial distinction: while I found Writer to be quite useful during my review, it is not an app for a novelist, a single writer who maintains a blog, or an essay writer, for example. Instead, it’s geared toward marketing teams, branding agencies, social media managers, sales and HR departments, public relations, and other business-related writing projects. Keep that in mind while I go over the main characteristics.

This AI writing assistant is for everyone who writes or manages a staff of writers. You’ll need this tool whether you’re a student, a content designer, an editor, a support agent, a teacher, or a project manager. Let’s take a look at some of its characteristics to see why.

what you can do

Writer.com Features

The company lives on the motto, “great companies start with great writing.” And the features that this tool offer abides by that:

  • Errors and inconsistencies are corrected

Grammar is crucial in writing. The entire meaning of the statement will alter if you fall off the track. A single erroneous punctuation mark sinks the ship. In this case, Writer comes in handy. It looks for faults in real-time and notifies you by highlighting them with various color codes.

For example, spelling errors, the brand’s voice, terminology, acronyms, word choice, writing style, and punctuation. This real-time error-checking technology will identify errors and aid the writer by proposing better alternatives to the writer’s word choices.

Punctuation Check

  • Maintaining the Brand’s Voice

There will be no single person in charge of the entire paperwork and communication process in the companies. As a result, manual adjustments will retain the core of personal messaging terms, resulting in discrepancies.

Artificially intelligent algorithms in Writer.com follow the writing style throughout the organization, assisting them in maintaining the same tonality in the messages.

Not only does the Writer edit tone, but he also corrects grammar and spelling, and vocabulary to ensure that the brand voice is consistent across all functional teams.

Brand voice

  • Writing Style Guide

Regarding documentation and communication, teams assigned to complete the tasks will receive instructions in PDF files. Therefore, they require a manual proofreader in a mutually exclusive manner. In this case, the ‘Writer style guide’ option comes into action.

It assists you in creating content rules for your entire firm while also automating the process. All of the dos and don’ts can be readily listed with examples. In addition, it makes available the word lists and dictionaries that your firm uses solely in all documents and business communications to reflect the messaging in whatever you write for business.

  • Complete control over in-the-moment assistance

As a user, you have complete control over the suggestions that appear in real-time. However, not everyone is comfortable with poking at mistakes in real-time. The workflow of some people terrifies or annoys them. You can solve this problem by turning off the real-time feature and having it proposed at the end.

  • Autocorrect

 The same features you enjoy on your phone are now available in your work and school apps. For example, Writer.com will automatically adapt the phrases to reflect a more buttoned-up version of yourself if you type them the same way you would in any chat app -gotta, tmrw, etc.

  • Create Your Own Set of Rules

Create your own content rule if the Writer doesn’t have one. Then, create your own rule with their versatile rule builder. “Never use the first person in product content,” for example.

  • Data Safety and Security

Writer plugins’ wide range of adaptability raises concerns about the safety and security of the organization’s writing projects. However, the confidentiality of written papers and communications and data submitted into various business tools are protected.

Unlike other Writing programs you may have encountered in the past, Writer will not store data to train its algorithms. Instead, the program is created to communicate no word or sentence to Writer servers.

Writer.com complies with GDPR, and its DLP API recognizes and protects sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, US and selected international driving license numbers, and phone numbers. In addition, its privacy shield framework complies with all applicable data security and privacy legislation. As a result, there is no need to worry about the saved information on their servers.

Data privacy & security

  • Analytics And Reporting

Learn where people make the most mistakes, who accept your advice, and which Snippets are the most popular using gorgeous visuals. Even better: you can acquire all of this information while keeping your users’ writing secret. Because maintaining one’s privacy is always a top priority.

Reporting & Analytics

Writer Pricing

They provide affordable pricing plans for both individuals but also businesses. Moreover, Writer offers a 20% discount on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans to non-profits and educational institutions. And also offer a free plan.

See all Features

Writer.com Integrations

‘Writer’ is a forgiving platform. As a result, it will not be necessary to migrate the entire organization to exploit its benefits. It’s available as plugins for Google Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, HubSpot, WordPress, ServiceNow, Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Front, Draft, Quip, Oracle, Contentful, Adobe, GitHub, Wix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, and Medium, among other popular business and technical software programs.

Extending its functionality to various tools makes it simple for organizational staff to collaborate with this application. It does not necessitate any further technical training or expertise. As a result, this tool is more resistant to adaptation into regular business.

As can be seen, Writer.com is no longer confined to a single business niche. Whether you’re a blogger or work for a huge corporation, writing is an important part of your job, and this tool helps you with the same.

Writer.com Alternatives

The top alternatives that are available in the market to Writer are:

  • AutoCrit
  • Grammarly
  • Dabble
  • Final Draft
  • Dynalist
  • IA Writer
  • Ginger Software
  • Vellum
  • LivingWriter

Why is Writer.com superior to Grammarly?

 If you’ve used Grammarly before, you’ll have no trouble utilizing Writer. It’s similar to Grammarly but with a lot more advanced capability. For example, on the right side of your screen, the writer will display a list of suggestions that you can accept or reject.

“Your brand voice is more than just grammar,” writes Writer, and I agree.

Even if you don’t want to hire an AI to write for you, tools like Grammarly won’t suffice if you want to maintain consistency in your brand voice, writing style, vocabulary, and grammar. Writer.com highlights text that can be improved. Its suggestions will appear in green, and you can click them to apply changes to your text right away. You can turn off Writer on particular websites when it isn’t needed. Furthermore, it has a four-times faster analytical engine than Grammarly!

Writer vs. Grammarly


Writer.com Review Conclusions

Writing helpers have already been observed previously. They are the ones that steal data to train internal AI systems. The writing assistant tool understands that privacy is critical for any firm that uses third-party technology. However, for everybody who writes in English, Writer.com is a must-have tool. Its AI technology lets you polish your grammar on your terms, save time on repetitive chores, and adapt to new and more inclusive language norms.

Its real-time features help you comprehend what’s going wrong throughout the drafting phase. It not only corrects papers or emails, but it also educates the writer on how to avoid making the same error again. You may try it out once and then make your conclusion. Have faith in me! You will not be disappointed with your purchase. “Check out Writer’s free grammar and proofreading checking tools to get a sense of what they offer!”

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