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Setapp is an application you should be using if you are a Mac user who uses many third-party apps for different productivity, maintenance, and creative tasks. With this Mac app, you are sure of having complete access to premium and amazing Mac apps with a cheap monthly fee. With Setapp for iPhone, you can use the mobile versions of many Setapp apps on your iPad or iPhone. Based on our Setapp review, over one million people use Setapp, and there are more than 190 apps that people can enjoy.

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Setapp – one app suite for Mac

 Setapp is a one app suite for iOS and macOS applications. It has a monthly subscription that begins from $9.99. All of the available applications on Setapp are completely functional, with no in-app purchases and limitations. In addition, Setapp provides a vast suite of apps for Mac, thus offering its users a library service that can easily access, download, and use applications on their Mac devices.

Mac users can easily find applications for different tasks and reasons on Setapp.  Setapp has a user-friendly interface that users can easily find various apps. The tool also serves as a marketing tool for developers that intend to distribute their Mac applications on a better scale.

MacBook with Setapp - review by Tekpon

What is Setapp?

 Setapp is a Mac app that is subscription-based. It was launched in 2017 by a Ukrainian software company called MacPaw. It provides users access to a large range of iOS and macOS applications for a fixed monthly fee. Some of the application categories on Setapp include personal finance, education, writing, creativity, Mac maintenance, web development, lifestyle, and productivity. Over a million people use this Mac app, and there are more than two hundred applications available on Setapp.

With Setapp, employees can maintain schedules using a calendar, view files in a single or dual-pane layout, track projects, and create strategic plans or mind maps. Experts can also use Setapp to update apps and avoid viewing in-app purchases or ads automatically. This Mac app permits users to track system health in real-time, synchronize data across Mac or iOS devices, and distribute business documents with team members. Companies can use Setapp to look for documents across remote servers by tags, file names, extensions, and gather data to monitor usage.

How many apps are in Setapp?

 Setapp grants its subscribers access to more than two hundred premium Mac apps for only $9.99 monthly. Below are some of the available applications on Setapp: Workspaces, Mosaic, DCommander, BetterTouchTool, Bartender, One Switch, iStat Menus, MacPilot, 2Do, CleanMyMac X, and Ulysses.

Setapp Features

Let’s find out what kind of features this product offers to its users and how it may become helpful for your needs.

  •  User interface and layout

Setapp has an appealing user interface and layout. Within Setapp’s User Interface, you can easily browse the dashboard that provides app recommendations depending on your usage.

  • Discover new applications daily

Setapp gives you access to over two hundred applications. So, you will get to discover new apps almost every day you use this tool.

  • Synchronization of apps

With this package of tools, you don’t have to bother separating Mac and iPhone tasks because all your applications are completely synced across devices.

  • Marketing

This feature of Setapp is very interesting. Setapp handles the marketing aspect of businesses and developers that have their apps. It offers them a platform to sell their products without spending so much energy on marketing.

  • Latest app versions

All the applications that the product provides are usually the latest versions. So you have to pay for the upgrade of any app, neither do you have to bother about updating them.

Setapp Pricing

Many users use Setapl because its pricing plans are affordable. Setapp has a 7-days free trial without entering a credit card. After the free trial period expires, you will need to pay $9.99 monthly or $108 annually. Let’s see below what other pricing plans are they offering:

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Setapp Alternatives

Setapp is not the only Mac app that contains a lot of productivity tools; there are other apps like Setapp that you can consider using to increase your productivity. Based on the Setapp review we made, here are some of the Setapp alternatives:

  • Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect provides you with a cloud contact management tool that you can use to share your contacts with your business partners and colleagues. This software will allow you to convert your different business contact lists into one central address book and make them easily accessible from everywhere in the world. With the Pobuca Relationships plan, you can organize your organization´s leads, create marketing campaigns and manage your sales pipeline. This software is perfect for business workers in small, medium, and large organizations.

  • Basaas

You can use this app to create unique enterprise solutions and integrate your existing SaaS solutions. With Basaas, you can manage all applications in a single place and access a large range of applications. You can also use this software to gain insight into your company’s app usage, manage access management, and improve security. Basaas is used by more than five thousand teams in the world. It can be used by companies of various sizes and from different industries. This app fully complies with the European data security regulations, including GDPR.

The pricing of Basaas begins from $6.50 monthly per user. This Smart plan provides you with twenty app integrations. The Professional plan costs $9.50 per user and fifty app integrations per user. Basaas can be used free by any number of co-workers with five app integrations per user.

  • Trainual

This is another Setapp alternative. It is a training and knowledge transfer platform that growing teams use to create a document that will guide their actions. With Trainual, each policy, process, and procedures for all the responsibilities and roles in your business are easily searchable, assignable, organized, and documented. Trainual is great for companies that have between five and five hundred employees or individual teams ins big organizations that require streamlining knowledge transfer and being able to train people effectively. Trainual’s pricing begins from $49 monthly. It has a free trial, but it doesn’t have a free version.

  • GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting app is a popular app that is used for web conferencing. Many individuals and companies use it for their daily professional real-time virtual communication. With GoToMeeting, customers can meet face to face, share presentations and chat with colleagues. GoToMeeting is a  flexible tool that employees can use at any time and from anywhere in the world on any device. It is good for any business that has web meeting needs. It doesn’t have a free version, but it has a free trial. Its Professional plan costs $14 monthly, billed annually (150 participants).

  • Elium

This is a European knowledge-sharing solution, bringing together collaboration and knowledge. With this app, companies can capture, structure, and access knowledge to make the right decision and generate impact. It has integrations with Google, Slack, and Sharepoint. Elium is available on mobile and desktop via the iOS and Android app. Companies and individual teams use this application to share knowledge on Sales, HR, Research and Innovation, Marketing, projects, processes, or regulatory processes. It is safe, scalable, and flexible.

  • Asana

This is another Setapp alternative that you should consider using. It allows teams to organize their work-from regular tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana, teams are more sure of achieving more with less energy regardless of their location. Over 114,000 paying companies and millions of organizations across 190 countries depend on Asana to manage company objectives, marketing campaigns, product launches, and many others. If you are looking for the best platform that can help you manage tasks, procedures, and team projects, then you should use Asana. This powerful tool enables teams to deliver better results and become more productive. Asana has a free version and a free trial.

  • Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a free online CRM software used by more than eight million companies. It is available in the cloud with open source code access. Its free plan comes with telephony and email marketing. The advanced versions support multiple pipelines, have sales and marketing automation, campaign management, and bulk SMS. It is available in eighteen different languages. Bitrix24 is best for small and medium businesses. It is also great for remote teams that easily communicate and collaborate effectively.

Setapp Review Conclusions

Setapp is a vast collection of great Mac apps available to users by subscribing to it. Based on our Setapp review, you will have access to high-quality iOS and macOS applications for a monthly subscription beginning from $9.99. Setapp has a fantastic app suite for iOS and Mac users. So, you don’t need to pay for every app you want to use because all the apps are available in a central place for you to use. Moreover, Setapp does not have in-app purchases and additional charges, paid upgrades, or ads. Our Setapp review also shows that this Mac app has an attractive pricing structure. It has a free trial that doesn’t need a credit card. Also, its user interface is intuitive. Thus, if you’re a Mac user, what are you wainting for?