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Are you still stuck with old productivity tools which are cumbersome and difficult to use? If yes, do not worry. We have a solution for you. Today we will be reviewing one of the best productivity tools available, which is the ultimate solution for all business needs. WordPerfect Office is the name and is one of the Corel products. An all-in-one office suite that may replace the old one you’re using.

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WordPerfect Office Features

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Corel WordPerfect Office is a reliable solution for creating beautiful documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. With built-in PDF functionality, advanced reveal codes, and eBook publishing, you’ll find all the familiar support and features you need to work more efficiently and collaborate easily with support for over 60 types of files. In addition, user-suggested enhancements optimize your most important workflow requirements, setting you up for success in any office environment.

Corel WordPerfect Office Suite

WordPerfect office 2021 is productivity software that permits businesses to create, edit, and publish documents similar to resumes, brochures, newsletters, booklets, prospectus, letters, and more. In addition, a non-premise solution permits professionals to generate, organize, and analyze spreadsheets for expenses, purchases, budgets, and invoices.

The software permits managers to collect pictures and texts via the WordPerfect lightning practicality and reprocess them in documents, blogs, and emails. Developers will read font attributes and text alignments within the reveal codes window for cell formatting. The keystroke menu bar authorizes users to access the setting and command tools to switch the content. With the WordPerfect office, publishers also can redact specific words and phrases to confirm confidentiality of information.

WordPerfect Office is compatible with Microsoft Office applications similar to PowerPoint, Excel, Sharepoint, and more. In addition, the software package helps designers share files in multiple formats and save WordPerfect documents in OpenDocument document formats.

What is WordPerfect Office? 

Unlike all alternative major workplace suites, WordPerfect workplace doesn’t emulate Microsoft 365’s productivity apps. Instead, the application program at the center of the suite, WordPerfect, produces documents that seem like something made by Microsoft Word or Google Docs. However, it creates those documents in a completely different method and provides way more management over format and other options.

WordPerfect contains a loyal user base in law firms, government offices, and academia. Every cover version of the suite adds some features and bug fixes but leaves the fundamentals unchanged, making WordPerfect the sole word processor that uses the same file format that it started using twenty-five years ago. That sort of continuity is strictly what its user base needs. The main advantages of WordPerfect Office X8 are the integrated PDF function, the improved functions, and the redaction tool.

WordPerfect Office X8

With WordPerfect Office X8 already supporting PDF files, businesses no longer need to purchase additional software. In addition to creating, editing, and sharing PDF files, users can also create PDF forms for customers, colleagues, and supervisors. WordPerfect Office X8 is now compatible with Microsoft Office, which means that users can work with files created in any Microsoft Office program. The software can also process 60 additional file formats from other word processors and applications. Armed with various tools that enable them to work much faster and more efficiently, WordPerfect Office X8 users can be more productive because they can now focus on content.

Confidential information that users want to keep hidden can be hidden with the Redaction tool. With this tool, you can protect files, and users can configure permissions that only allow a few to see redacted parts.

How to use WordPerfect Office? 

Getting started with the creation of word documents is straightforward using WordPerfect and can be done in the following steps:

  • Topics can be researched using WordPerfect Lightning.
  • Pages need to be numbered. To start numbering your pages, choose Format > Page > Numbering to open the Select Page Numbering Format dialog box.
  • Headers and Footers need to be inserted.
  • A table of contents can also be created.
  • Users can further create master documents and subdocuments.

WordPerfect Products 

The various products that come bundled with the Corel suite are listed down below:

  • Presentations Xn
  • WordPerfect Xn
  • Quattro Pro Xn

WordPerfect Office Features 

WordPerfect offers the following set of features to its users, which makes it an ultimate processing solution:

  • Template Viewer
  • Function Key Template
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility
  • Favorites
  • Multiple Formats
  • PDF Form
  • Import & Export PDF
  • PDF Security & Archiving
  • Reveal Codes
  • Integrations and File Preview
  • Formatting

Now let us look into some of these features in detail.

  • PDF Import and Export Capabilities

WordPerfect Office isn’t only for growing trendy workplace suite documents—the software program also helps create, edit, and share PDF files. On the pinnacle of that, customers could make PDFs with bureaucracy that may be stuffed in with the aid of using their colleagues, supervisors, and customers with ease. In addition, this permits agencies to store cash on software programs because something crucial like PDF is already supported using the program.

  • Multiple Enhanced Features

Popular WordPerfect Office functions were similarly improved, ensuing in more suitable gear with extra functionalities. These encompass boosted Microsoft Office compatibility, which permits customers to work with document formats created with the Microsoft Office packages. Aside from that, the workplace suite also helps around 60 extra document codecs made using different phrase processing packages and suites.

  • Workflow Efficiency

With WordPerfect workplace, office staff are often additional productive and be more efficient. That’s due to the office suite providing them with an overplus of tools that enable them to figure quicker and be more targeted on the content they’re operating on.

  • Redacted Sections

Users can also additionally create documents with regions they want to hold hidden. That is why WordPerfect Office X8 consists of a redaction tool, which enables them to cowl up touchy information. This allows them to stable documents and ensures the best people with the proper authorizations recognize what’s hidden via the black bars.

  • Easy-to-use Interface

Some advanced options are so much easier to use in WordPerfect than in Word. For example, you’ll take away multiple designs from a document in a single operation, one thing not possible in Word.

  • Reveal Codes Pane

The feature that creates WordPerfect distinctive is its optional Reveal Codes pane, which shows precisely wherever information like italics, indentation, styles, or the rest begins and ends. Press Alt-F3 or click a toolbar button, and therefore the Reveal Codes pane shows the text of your document interspersed with otherwise hidden codes. So if some formatting is wrong or misplaced, you drag or delete a code to vary it.

In Word, by contrast, it’s nearly impossible to work out exactly where formatting begins and ends. Even knowledgeable users are perplexed by Word’s system of storing formatting within the commonly invisible paragraph mark at the top of a paragraph and by the usually unpredictable effects of deleting a paragraph mark or applying the information to a paragraph mark that you can’t even see. Moreover, once you italicize some text in Word, you primarily paint it with formatting that keeps in an exceedingly a part of the file become independent from the text itself.

The WordPerfect suite is the simplest available for computer systems running Windows working structures and isn’t used on cell gadgets or the web.

WordPerfect Office Pricing 

Corel Word Perfect offers three SMB and enterprise plans to choose from. Users can select from the following plans available based on their business needs and requirements:

Standard Plan: This plan is charged at $179/one-time payment and includes the following features:

  • Built-In PDF Forms
  • eBook Publishing
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Creating Documents

Professional Edition: This plan is charged at $319 for a one-time payment and gives the following benefits:

  • Document Creation
  • Built-In PDF Forms
  • eBook Publishing
  • File-Based Paradox Database Management

Home and Student Plan: This plan features can be availed by making a one-time payment of $84.99 and has the following features:

  • Learning Resources
  • Free Templates, Photos, Graphics
  • Intuitive Tools
  • Extensive Compatibility

WordPerfect workplace runs solely on Windows, not on mobile devices or a browser. It also lacks time collaboration features. If you would like to run WordPerfect on a Mac, you’ll want virtualization software. The suite includes three office apps: the WordPerfect word processor, the Quattro professional computer program app, and Presentations. You furthermore may get a file-viewing and note-taking utility is known as WordPerfect Lightning and some utilities for building legal documents, making eBooks, and managing photos.

WordPerfect Office Alternatives

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • SoftMaker Office
  • LibreOffice
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Apple iWork

Microsoft 365 vs. WordPerfect Office 

Microsoft 365 is the world’s popular workplace suite and the best one that’s similarly effective online and on the desktop. Despite some glitches, not anything else comes near in power, flexibility, or ease of use. It has the following advantages:

  • Most effective workplace apps of any competitor
  • Available on nearly all platforms
  • Smooth collaboration features
  • Elegant, user-pleasant interface with vast assist features
  • All-in-one app for mail, contacts, and calendar

Microsoft office offers seven different pricing plans. Thus users get a variety of plans to choose from as per their needs and requirements.

Both programs deliver quality data processing while not a lot of fuss. As mentioned, the newest version of MS workplace is somewhat complex. Program options and interfaces aside, Word good could be more cost-effective than MS workplace. Because the years pass, MS workplace versions keep obtaining a lot of expensive, this can be dangerous news to anyone who needs a good word processing program.

Presently, the latest MS Office program can cost you around $400. Corel Word good, on the opposite hand, can be found for around $250. This immense worth gap isn’t essentially justified since Word Perfect will do everything MS workplace will do – some say Corel even will it better. In a perfect world, testing out every program side-by-side would assist you in picking the correct word processor.

WordPerfect Office Review Conclusions 

The WordPerfect word-processor is the jewel within the suite’s crown and the compelling reason to shop for it. The feature that creates WordPerfect distinctive is its optional Reveal Codes pane, which shows precisely wherever information like italics, indentation, styles, or anything begins and ends. Press Alt-F3 or click a toolbar button, and therefore the Reveal Codes pane shows the text of your document interspersed with otherwise hidden codes. As a result, if some formatting is wrong or misplaced, you merely drag or delete a code to alter it. In Word, by contrast, it’s virtually impossible to work out exactly where formatting begins and ends. As a result, WordPerfect is a considerable software that offers greater stability, a simpler interface, and a lot of useful feature sets for creating complex documents. So start your free trial today!