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What is Similarweb?

Similarweb is a business intelligence solution that will help you monitor your website from traffic to your audience journey. And also to extract necessary data from these reports to create a better strategy for your website. So basically, we can say that it is analyzing the impact of your business online.

The company was built in 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and offers services for the most prominent eCommerce players like eBay, Google, PayPal, etc. Also, currently, Similarweb analyses more than 3 million apps and 80 million websites. That’s quite a number, making me think it’s worth the money. Moreover, Similarweb’s main benefits are scalability, complex analytics system, and features.

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Analyze Your Competitive Landscape

Recommended For

  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
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  • Website

Similarweb Pricing

Starting from:

$199 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

Several pricing packages available for research inteligence, sales Inteligence, digital marketing, intelligence and investor inteligence .

Similarweb Features

  • Conversions
  • Segmentation
  • User Data
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Attribution and Traffic
  • Audience Insights

Additional Features

  • Global and country-level data up to 3 years
  • Industry analysis
  • Company analysis
  • App analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Segments analysis
  • Excel export & dashboards
  • Affiliate Research Tools
  • Media Buying Research Tools
  • Ad Creative Research Tools
  • Insights Assistant
  • Lead Generator
  • Lead Qualification
  • Workspace
  • Technographics
  • Website Technologies
  • Salesforce Connector
  • Alerts and Buying Signals
  • Watchlist
  • Track your investment watchlist
  • Timely alerts to identify the digital signals that matter
  • Deal Sourcing Engine
  • Evaluation Dashboard
  • Comparative Benchmarking
  • Sector Analysis
  • App Analysis

Similarweb vs. Similar Products

Competitors App

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See samples of competitors' actions.


Tekpon Score
Agency-level analysis, reports & lead generation.


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Measurable results from online marketing.

Similarweb Integrations

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Similarweb is an excellent tool for intelligent analysis of your industry, competitors, and audience behavior, whether you are a website owner or a digital marketing professional. Moreover, Similarweb is not a tool to spy on your competition. But to observe their strategy and offer the necessary instruments for your business to do it better. So let’s get together through this review, and you will find amazing things about this product, pricing plans, and alternatives.

What is Similarweb? - Software Review by Tekpon


What is Similarweb offering to your business?

  • Analyze your competitors and industry trends;
  • Disclose the competition’s online plan;
  • Help you get new opportunities like partners, leads, or affiliates;
  • Keeps you up to date regarding trends and new players of interest;
  • It shows your audience’s behavior and their journey on audiences.

They are proposing four solutions for multiple cases. Similarweb works properly for each of these four depending on your industry, business, and activity.

Digital Marketing Intelligence

This solution is ideal for marketing leaders, SEO and Content Marketers, and Affiliate and Media Buyers. With this, you can quickly discover your competitor’s online strategy and improve yours. Here you can have a complete analysis of your competition. Then, find top keywords that can generate traffic and trending keywords, and introduce them in your strategy based on search volume, click rates, and paid and organic clicks.

With this solution, Similarweb offers a tool that shows the overview behind the website. And the SEO instruments that will help you optimize your traffic and rank your website better. If this is not enough, let me tell you that. Similarweb can also reveal your competitors’ search ads, PLAs, and Display & Video Ads for any given period.

Similarweb feature - Competitive Analysis


Research Intelligence

Maybe the name is telling you what you can do with Similarweb. With this solution, you can explore your market and industry trends and analyze your competition’s performance. Also, you can use it to understand better your audience’s behavior. You can access this in real-time from a single, intuitive platform. Thus, this data will help you create strategies for your business needs. Engage with your audience, explore new ones, see what is converting them and apply it.

Market Intelligence Platform - Similarweb Feature


Sales Intelligence

Now you have the opportunity to connect with the right companies at the right time and boost your sales. The platform can generate new customers from over 100M potential and useful insights to help your sales team win more deals. Yes, this tool can also generate leads.

Sales Intelligence Feature

Investor Intelligence

The lack of objective information about a certain company or more has diminished the investors’ ability to optimize decisions. Similarweb is the first to offer accurate digital insights into the investment lifecycle, enabling the breakdown of digital strategies, analyzing companies’ brand health, evaluating marketing strategies, and assessing market growth and key trends. This one offers Venture Capital, Investment Banking, and Hedge Funds solutions.

In addition, investor Intelligence is meant to provide investors 360° visibility into a company or market with an online presence.

Investor Intelligence Feature

How accurate is Similarweb?

Look for people’s reviews, people that have been using Similarweb. You’ll find out that they say it is one of the most accurate tools, on average overestimating organic traffic by 1% while estimating total website visits within 20% of the actual figure. Moreover, Similarweb can give powerful insights into when, where, how, and how many visitors interact with other websites in your competitive space. In summary, it will not tell you precisely the information you’ve expected, but neither will it offer you the wrong data. Similarweb will estimate based on his innovative software.

Similarweb Features

Now that you have the complete picture and find out what this intelligent platform can do for you, I will enter some details that may interest your business. First, we will discover its main features and how you can use them to get more insights about your audience, gain traffic, scale your business, and see your website’s health. Second, we’ll see how this intelligent platform is an advanced tool for optimization.

  • Website analysis

This feature allows you the necessary instrument to analyze websites and apps in real-time. In addition, you can use a variety of different tools to amplify your website’s performance, including:

Traffic and engagement metrics: How well does your website compare to your competitors? You can benchmark your website against competitors to understand your website’s overall visits, bounce rate, page views, and time on site.

SEO and PPC keywords: Organic and paid keywords can be found inside this tool. In addition, you can find trending keywords, view how much traffic these keywords generate, and discover any ads that are already associated with them to help you build up a stronger PPC campaign.

Audience interests: Powerful insights can be provided so that you understand which websites your visitors browse during the same session they were on when visiting your site. This will allow you to create potential retargeting campaigns, discover new audiences and use your audience’s interests to boost your website’s marketing and content.

Traffic sources: Traffic can come from a variety of sources. Discover which sources generate traffic for any website on the Internet. For example, you can find if these sites get traffic from social, search, display, or referrals. In addition, you can leverage your competitor’s acquisition strategy to help grow your business.

Popular pages: What pages of a website are most popular? You can track your competitor’s campaigns and reveal what pages and inner pages are most popular on their site. You’ll also discover what content you can recreate to generate a lot of interest and traffic in your industry.

  • Industry analysis

Industry analysis allows you to understand the industry they are either getting into or are already in. There are three main features of the industry analysis portion of this tool and may include:

Traffic and engagement metrics: Every industry has a different level and standard of traffic volume and engagement. You’ll analyze your industry to understand the standards for traffic, volume, engagements, bounce rate, page views, and time on site. You can also benchmark your site against the competition to build a successful marketing campaign.

SEO and PPC: Traffic can be either organic or paid. You can use the analysis tool to get inspiration on keyword ideas from the industry’s leaders.

Industry leaders: If you want to find the websites in your industry that are leaders with the most traffic, you can use the industry leaders tool. This tool allows you to understand how your industry leaders received their traffic, whether from social, search, display ads, mail, or referrals.

  • API and integration

API integration allows you to build tools that connect directly to a similar web platform. These tools can help you integrate your tools with the power of Similarweb. For example, you can use API for:

  • Rank and reach
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Similar site
  • Also visited
  • Website tags
  • Website categorization
  • Category rank

  • Adult websites
  • Social referrals
  • Search keywords
  • Destinations
  • Referrals
  • Keyword competitors
  • Mobile app information
  • Google Play installs
  • Site-related apps

Multiple industries are already using these APIs to their advantage. For example, you’ll find that the Similarweb API has you’ll send in the following industries, and the number continues to grow:

  • Ad-tech
  • E-commerce
  • Online services
  • Finance and consulting
  • Security

Similarweb Integrations

At this moment, Similarweb integrates with WhatRunsHere for insights. It also has a native API that allows companies to integrate Similarweb data with any third-party application. Similarweb can integrate with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and many more.

Similarweb Review Conclusion

This is a fantastic tool for every website owner or marketer. Not only can you boost your website reach or traffic and gain more audience, but it also provides a complex analytics system. Similarweb shows excellent insights for your website, your competition, and data traffic on mobile apps. You can check any business with a digital mark, showing you a well-organized control panel. However, you can go deeper than this and check for the website’s pageviews, visits, visit duration, bounce rate, and user journey.

Additionally, users or businesses can customize Similarweb pricing and plans for your business. This tool will give you only what you need to grow and gain a new audience. Another benefit that Similarweb is offering is SEO optimization. You can search for trending keywords that rank and use them in your marketing strategy. Overall, it is a complex tool worth the money and delivers quality services for all businesses.

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