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StoryChief is a complete marketing solution for businesses and agencies. It lets companies manage their campaign content through different channels. With StoryChief, you can define content lists and rank them based on custom-made KPIs. It also allows you to do content performance, embed leads forms, track campaigns, and more!

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StoryChief lets your team create stories or blog posts so that they can reach their actual audience. The process for publication is streamlined, and you can customize the stories or blog posts before hitting the publish button. Our StoryChief review will learn what makes it an excellent option for B2B businesses and agencies.

StoryChief – a complete marketing solution

Are you a business that is struggling to manage your content marketing and social media efforts? Then, you may need a content marketing solution that can help your team manage everything with a centralized approach. StoryChief is best suited for content agencies and B2B marketing teams, allowing them to grow their business through content marketing.

StoryChielf is a complete marketing solution to manage your social media, content marketing, and content assets. Its centralized approach makes it a great way to explore opportunities and manage workflow for the best content marketing reach. In our StoryChief review, we will explore what it has to offer so that you can decide if StoryChief is for you or not.

What is StoryChief?

StoryChief lets teams manage their content marketing and social media effectively. With StoryChief, you get an all-in-one workspace where you can create content and distribute them. In short, it is a complete marketing solution where you can create, manage and execute your social media and blog campaigns.

You also get access to a content calendar, social media tools, SEO analyzers, collaboration options, and asset manager. In addition, the ability to integrate with other Content Management systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management(CRM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools mean that you can customize as per your needs and requirement.

StoryChief Dashboard review by Tekpon

StoryChief comes with a 14-day trial, and you do not need a credit card to try it. Once you login in, you get access to a feature-rich dashboard that gives you an eagle-eye view of your campaigns. At the core, you get the ability to create stories, social media posts and manage your media library. You also create fully-fledged campaigns. Apart from that, you also get access to the content calendars and insights. Let’s explore more about StoryChief in our StoryChief review.

How can you use StoryChief?

With StoryChief, you can do a lot of things. Once you are signed up and logged in, you can go directly into stories where you write, summarize, select audience and publish. This means that you get access to the WYSWYG editor, which lets you write blog posts effectively. There is also a nifty collaboration option available on the editor, which lets you quickly ask team members to edit or ask someone to review. Moreover, you also can share the story publicly, enabling anyone to view the story in read-only mode.

Publish content

Before you go and publish your content, you need to set the audience. In other words, you need to add your channel where you want to publish the content. For testing purposes, StoryChief offers a customizable free blog. You are free to add your blog. StoryChief supports various channels, including WordPress, Magento, Hubspot, SiteCore, and many others. You can also add a custom website and gather stats from it.

Apart from that, you can also add content hubs, referral channels, email marketing, and mobile channels during the publishing phase. Lastly, you can also configure social media publishing. With everything set, you can proceed to publish your stories or blog posts.

Publish content with StoryChief

Similarly, you can create and manage campaigns directly from the StoryChief dashboard. The campaigns are divided into four categories for easy access, including Running, Overdue, Upcoming, and Completed.

You can also take advantage of StoryChief’s in-built content calendar, which gives you an eagle eye for your publishing goals. It is an editable calendar which means that you can easily add or remove content that needs to be published. The calendar lets you:

  • Plan a story
  • Create a social post
  • Add an event

You also get to filter the calendar based on different filter inputs, including state, approval status, channel, campaign, type, and collaborator. You can also showcase the calendar based on published and scheduled draft content, social posts, and stories.

Lastly, you get access to insights where you can gain vital information on your campaigns and channels. Here, you get access to key critical metrics, including totals, breakdown, and published posts.

StoryChief Features

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

StoryChief lets you do multi-channel marketing. By using multiple channels, you are free to engage your audience with your content with ease. For example, once you create a story or blog post, you are free to connect to multiple channels, including personal websites, social networks, content hubs, and ambassadors’ mails.

Multichannel StoryChief

All the popular channels are supported by StoryChief, including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Medium, Blogger, and many more! The channel marketing requires a one-time setup. ONce done, you can easily distribute the content with just one click. With StoryChief multi-channel marketing, you get:

  • Publish content to multiple channels with just one click
  • Bring better engagement to your content
  • Improve your online presence

  • Content Collaboration

If you are a team, then you can take advantage of the content collaboration feature on StoryChief. When creating a story or blog post, you can invite collaborators within your team. You can also send your story or blog post for review. The best thing is that you do not have to leave the workspace at all. By collaborating, you will create the best content with sync enabled during collaboration. With content collaboration, you can do the following:

  • Manage permissions based on roles
  • Edit real-time
  • Add comments to drafts with visibility option
  • Keeps team in sync

  • Social Media Management

Sharing your content to social media platforms and channels can be a time-consuming and repetitive task. But with StoryChief, you can easily automate social media management with ease. To begin, you need to add your social media accounts to StoryChief. With social media platforms connected, you are now free to hit publish whenever you like.

You can also automate social media posting as per your needs. Moreover, you can tailor the posts or stories by channel by adding tags and mentions. In summary, you can do the following with the social media management feature:

  • Automate social media posting
  • Add tags and mentions
  • Fine-tune schedule dates for posts
  • Revive old content by regularly sharing them via social media platforms
  • Use a content calendar to strategize social media posting
  • Approve content for publishing by team members

  • Employee Advocacy

It is vital to engage your employee along with your audience. StoryChief understands that and offers employee advocacy. But what does that mean? Well, with this feature, employees can amplify the brand’s reach using their own social networks. In other words, employees can also share the curated content easily to their social media accounts. Thus, employee advocacy improves reach for the brand, as well as they, act as brand ambassadors sharing the content to their network. Employees also got to choose the content they wanted to share. With employee advocacy, you get the following:

  • Better engagement for employees
  • Access to company content from a centralized place
  • Amplify brand’s reach

  • Content Calendar

StoryChief’s content calendar is one of its core features. With the content calendar, you get an eagle-eye view of the content marketing efforts. This way, you can stay well organized and remain on track to meet the goals of your campaigns. You can plan a story, create a social post, and even add an event directly from the calendar. You also get all the customizable options when creating the required fields.

For instance, you can add contributors, due time, and campaigns to the story. For the social post, you get the option to curate the draft from the calendar itself directly. This gives you the ability to create multiple social media posts without leaving the content calendar. Furthermore, you also get filtering options within the calendar to fine-tune your view. For example, you can choose between the type, state, approval status, channel, collaborator, and campaign filter. In short, you get to do the following with content calendar:

  • Get an eagle-eye view of your content efforts
  • Directly create social media posts
  • Schedule content
  • Create events
  • Filtering options for better visibility
  • Synch StoryChief with your calendar, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar

  • Content Data Management

Content data management lets you stay in control. This lets you manage your content data in the best possible way. It enables content editors to take full control over your campaigns. With a centralized approach, you can always get access to the right information when you need it. The support of advanced filters means that you can find content right away. Moreover, you can learn about your content impact through the data that StoryChief collects for your content. Lastly, you can also get along with team deadlines and approve them for publishing. With StoryChief’s content data management, you get access to:

  • Easy access to all content
  • Advanced filter
  • Learn which content is performing and what your audience likes
  • Approve team deadlines

  • SEO Copywriting

Another interesting feature that makes StoryChief valuable is its SEO Copywriting assistant. The assistant will guide you throughout the content creation project. In addition, it simplifies the technical aspect of content creation by providing suggestions that enable your content to rank higher on search engines.

By using SEO Copywriting, you will be able to attack more visitors. The SEO score provided by the assistant lets you gauge the effectiveness of your content. It does it by using 15+ metrics for SEO. The assistant also comes with a readability score which lets you know how engaging or easy it is for your audience to read your work. By using the score as an indicator, you can optimize your content for the readers.

The readability score is based on the Flesh Reading Ease test. Lastly, the assistant is smart enough to automate your SEO settings. It fills the SEO settings based on your story’s content. All you need to do is check it before approving it.

The key aspects that make SEO Copywriting useful includes:
  • Optimize stories and improve their reach
  • Readability and SEO score
  • Automate SEO settings
  • Manages 15+ metrics for SEO

  • Newsroom

Newsroom feature gives companies the ability to publish their own content by providing a blog for their business. So, if your company does not have a blog yet, you can use the newsroom feature to create one. With it, you can publish all your company content in a single place, including blog posts or stories about your products, stories, or leadership. The newsroom is completely customizable, and you can change settings without the need for IT support. For example, you can add a custom domain, display newsletter signup forms, banners, and so on. The newsroom is also well optimized, giving you an improved Green Lighthouse score. So, with the newsroom, you get:

  • A centralized place to share company information
  • Customizability
  • Improved performance

  • Analytics and Reporting

To help you better reach your content goals, you also get access to analytics and reporting. With actionable data at your disposal, you can understand your audience better, which in turn helps you reach better sales and engagement. So, the next time you want to learn what your audience likes, check the numbers and create more content based on it.

In addition, with better social media integrations, you also get access numbers from your social media platforms. This way, you can understand your social media audience and use it to grow your social media followers. So, with reporting and analytics, you can do the following:

  • Understand your audience in a better way
  • Improve social media followers
  • Improve engagement and sales

StoryChief Pricing

If you’re wondering how much you will pay for all of these features, let’s see what plans have StoryChief to offer. Firstly, there is no free plan or version but a free trial for its premium plans. Moreover, StoryChief offers 3 different plans to choose from.

Starting From: $120/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

StoryChief Integrations

StoryChief lets you customize the platform with integrations! You can integrate services and platforms with just one click. StoryChief also supports custom integrations using their powerful API. The integrations are categorized to help you find them easily. Right now, they offer integrations including:

  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Content Hubs
  • Calendar
  • ECommerce
  • Drop Emails
  • Editor Embeds

  • Email Marketing
  • Social
  • Writing Assistants
  • Webinars
  • Todo Lists
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Marketing Automation

You can also check out integrations based on collections, including:

  • For sales teams
  • Free apps
  • Enrich your storytelling

Some of the popular integrations that support StoryChief include:

  • Buzzsprout
  • Drupal
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • Joomla!
  • Ghost

StoryChief Alternatives

StoryChief is not the only content marketing solution in the market. However, storyChief simplistic approach may not fit the requirement for every business out there. That’s why your company might want to use an alternative to StoryChief. To help you, we have gathered the best alternatives for StoryChief as below:

StoryChief Review Conclusions

StoryChief is a great content marketing solution. It excels at what it has to offer. The onboarding process is smooth and easy. In terms of features, you get access to a smart SEO assistant, social media automation, the ability to create stories and blog posts directly from the backend, and the ability to customize the solution with excellent integration options.

Moreover, you can also take actionable content with the analytics and reporting data collected by it. The pricing is also well-done as it is aimed at B2B marketing teams and agencies. However, StoryChief is not for individuals. With an excellent Content calendar, you can better understand your campaigns and approve blog posts and stories for your team.

I strongly suggest StoryChief streamlines content management and enables teams to work collaboratively through a centralized approach.