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If you’re looking for a great software product to track projects and your employee workflow, it’s time to meet Time Doctor. The owners of Staff.com launched this SaaS product in 2012. From this review, let’s find out why Time Doctor is a nice employee monitoring tool and what features offers to its users to boost their productivity

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Do you manage other people and think they could work more productively? These were exactly the questions asked me when I logged into Time Doctor for the first time. And if the answer to these questions is yes, then the review you’d be reading ahead would be a great learning for you. Time Doctor is a tool that promises to increase the productivity of its users by 22 percent. Woah! That’s huge. On the other hand, it looks like an ultimate solution to all the problems, at least to me. So let us dive right into the detailed review of Time Doctor.

Time Doctor Time Tracking

As the name suggests, it is a time tracking software. It is one of the popular ones available on the market. Moreover, it provides detailed analytics of the time spent on the workday. Thus, encouraging employees and managers to increase their respective productivity. In addition, it helps in tracking team attendance and thus reducing the manual work.

The data tracked is accurate every second, so users can see and analyze where the most hours are spent and then take actions accordingly to result in higher productivity. Well, this tool, if used significantly and properly, can prove to be a great asset in managing a team. So, let us look into the detailed features and obtain better insights into this amazing monitoring software.

What is Time Doctor?

It is one of the most widely used software that many companies use these days to track the time and productivity of their employees. This tool then uses analytics to come up with figures that can ultimately lead to improvised performance. With awesome features like tracking workday activity, businesspeople can make data-driven decisions and be held accountable whenever necessary.

Time Doctor is most popular among various small and medium enterprises. It has proved to be a blessing for the remotely located teams or work on a hybrid business model. Time Doctor app offers integration with more than 60 plus tools that help analyze productivity, all of this together in one place.

Is Time Doctor accurate? 

Time tracking data that is analyzed using Time Doctor is accurate to every second, and we can easily gauge the applications that are consuming most of our screen time. One can also use this data to bill their clients and to have an accurate record for paying the staff. It also enables to start or pause the time as per the usage and requirements.

Time Doctor eliminates the flaws with other time tracking software as it has several unique features that ensure time tracking is up to the mark. For example, if an employee is working on a task and decides to use Instagram, this software will ask him/her if they are working, limiting personal internet usage during workday hours.

In addition, the time Doctor’s employee monitoring software ensures that every task is monitored in real-time, and it works even when there is no internet connection available.

Benefits of using Time Doctor 

Time Doctor is very much adaptable software and can be personalized according to the business size. It is an amazing tool specially designed for managers and their employees to monitor their productivity and make decisions wisely. It has revolutionized the way modern businesses work.

The software earns itself an excellent rating when it comes to its ease of using this software. In addition, the desktop application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux versions.

Time Doctor Features

Below mentioned are the key features that will help you in getting a better understanding of how this software can be beneficial to your business:

  • Time Tracking

This software has multiple options to manage time tracking functionality. Users can download its chrome extension to add the tasks, and whenever they are ready, all they need to do is hit the play button, and it will start tracking the time accordingly.


  • Task Scheduling

Time Doctor also allows its users to set work schedules for employees that can also be distributed among various groups. In these scenarios, the manager will receive a notification when an employee starts work late or is absent from work.


  • Website Usage Monitoring

This feature is essential when it comes to making a note of the productivity of the team and its members. It is an important factor in determining the allocated time and improving the output to achieve better results. Time Doctor monitors internet usage and outlines the applications and the sites that are most visited. It also keeps track of a user by taking screenshots of their monitors at predefined intervals, anytime between 3 to 30 minutes, which can help a business track their remote workers.

  • Payroll

The payroll feature enables companies to compensate employees based on hours and days tracked or as a fixed-rate payment. There are several options available for making payments, including PayPal, TransferWise, and others. All the currencies are accepted on the platform, and it also has a filter to apply hourly rates to ensure that spendings are within the budget limit. One of the excellent features that this app offers, which is beneficial both for employees and their employers, is that it doesn’t charge any additional fee for processing the transactions and the payments.

  • Reporting and Dashboarding

Time Doctor also provides a wide range of reporting features that can help in monitoring the progress of projects and employees’ productivity. For example, the administrative dashboard displays a bird’ eye view of all the users and their respective logged times. In addition, the reports feature enables managers to use various built-in reports to get further insights into user attendance.

  • Mobile Application

Time Doctor also offers a mobile app that helps users track time when they aren’t using the desktop application. This is a handy feature for representatives in sales that are mostly working onsite. This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms and gives an overview of the projects’ tasks and projects. There is an additional feature that tracks the location of the users whenever necessary.

Time Doctor Pricing

Unlike all the popular apps on the market, Time Doctor pricing is based on the subscription model. It offers three different plans to stand up to the needs of its target audience. One of the most amazing features of this tool is that all of these plans come with a 14-days trial period, free of cost.

Starting From: $7/per user(Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

Time Doctor Integrations 

Time Doctor offers integration with many third-party applications that help get the best out of an individual or a team. Thus, allowing its users to track time used within various software, all through one interface. Additionally, it also offers users access to API, which they can use to build a custom-designed solution to meet demand requirements.

Some of the most popular integrations that Time Doctor offers include the following:

Slack Integration with Time Doctor 

Slack is one of the widely used tools for business communications. With the right integrations, one can even track time in slack. For example, time Doctor’s Slack integration allows you to see what tasks your entire team is currently working on in real-time.

Using Slack and Time Doctor integration, users will be able to do the following:

  • Get notified in real-time when team members start working on a new task.
  • Choose who gets to see notifications in Slack.
  • Get notified in real-time when a Time Doctor task is marked as completed.

One can also use the Time Doctor’s screenshot feature to track the activity level of the keyboard and the mouse for all the slack users.

Time Doctor Alternatives

One of the limitations of this time tracking software, compared to its competitors, is that it does not allow IP address restrictions. In addition to that, it cannot also track multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, the best alternatives to Time Doctor are the following:

  • Hubstaff
  • DeskTime
  • Harvest

Time Doctor Review Conclusion

Understanding how crucial time is and how you can make the best use of it is very important for any business or enterprise. Time Doctor’s simplifying and yet amazing software makes it all easy to implement. It helps organizations manage a remote workforce, which surely makes it stand out. Compared to its competitors, Time Doctor offers its users much more flexibility; it is an excellent tool for individuals looking to improve their productivity, not just on a business level.

Overall, we found Time Doctor to be an excellent and all-rounded packaged deal; after all, it helps increase productivity across the board. And one should never forget the saying that “Time and Tide wait for none.” So, let us make the best of it. Sign up today and explore the amazing features that this tool has inbox you.