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Time Doctor

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Time Doctor Reviews

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What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a comprehensive time tracking and productivity management software designed for both individuals and teams. It offers real-time monitoring of tasks, providing insights into how work hours are spent.

Beyond just tracking time, Time Doctor captures screenshots, monitors websites and applications used, and even tracks breaks to ensure work efficiency. Its powerful reporting tools offer detailed analytics, making it easier for managers to assess team performance and identify productivity bottlenecks.

Additionally, Time Doctor integrates seamlessly with other popular tools like Trello, Slack, and Asana.

Its features are geared towards promoting accountability, reducing time wastage, and enhancing overall productivity, making it a favored choice for remote teams and freelancers alike.

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Smart Employee Time Tracking Software with Screenshots
  • StartUps
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    Time Doctor

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    United States

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Starting from:

$7 /user/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

Time Doctor pricing comprises three plans - Basic, Standard & Premium - with costs ranging from $5.9 per user monthly to $20 per user monthly. A 14-day free trial is available to test before choosing a paid plan.

  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Employee Database
  • Mobile Time Tracking
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Automated Reminders
  • Task Timer
  • Alerts
  • Project Management
  • Timesheet
  • Time Clock
  • Mobile App
  • Absence Management
  • User Management
  • Team Dashboard
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Project Dashboard

Additional Features

  • Online Time Clock
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Employee Activity Monitoring
  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Task Scheduling
  • Self Service Portal
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Usage Tracking/Analytics
  • Online Punch Card
  • Real Time Updates
  • Data Import/Export
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Summary Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Customizable Reports
  • Browsing History
  • Project Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Single Sign On
  • Employee Profiles
  • Online Time Tracking
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Activity Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Employee Management
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Real Time Data
  • Client Portal
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Clock In/Out
  • Multiple Billing Rates
  • Remote Support
  • Task Management
  • Billable Items Tracking
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Compliance Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Offline Access
  • Employee Portal
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Reminders
  • Screen Activity Recording
  • Workstation Tracking
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Activity Tracking
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Payroll Management
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Accounting Integration
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Vacation/Leave Tracking
  • Historical Reporting
  • Time Zone Tracking
  • Timesheet Management
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Live Chat
  • Email Alerts
  • Salaried Employee Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • API
  • Reporting/Project Tracking
  • Task/Project Tracking
  • Monitoring


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Have you ever wondered if your team could work more productively? I asked myself this question when I first tried Time Doctor. If you answered yes, then reading this review could be a great learning experience for you. Time Doctor is a tool that claims to increase the productivity of its users by 22 percent. That’s a significant increase!

However, it may seem like the ultimate solution to all your problems, at least to me. Let’s dive into a detailed review of Time Doctor.

Time Doctor – Time Tracking

As its name suggests, this software is designed to track time. It is one of the most popular time-tracking software available in the market. It provides detailed analytics of the time spent on work, which encourages employees and managers to increase their productivity. Additionally, it helps in tracking team attendance and reducing manual work.

The data tracked by this software is accurate down to the second, allowing users to analyze where most of their work hours are spent. This information can then be used to take appropriate actions to increase productivity. If used properly, this tool can be a great asset in managing a team.

Let us explore the detailed features of this amazing monitoring software to gain better insights.

About Time Doctor

Many companies use software to track their employees’ time and productivity. One of the most widely used tools is Time Doctor. This app brings analytics to the table that can be used to create figures that lead to improved performance. With features like workday activity tracking, businesspeople can make data-driven decisions and be held accountable whenever necessary.

Time Doctor is very popular among small and medium enterprises, especially those with remote or hybrid teams. The app integrates with more than 60 tools to provide a comprehensive analysis of productivity. launched this SaaS product in 2012.

From this review, we can see why Time Doctor is a great employee monitoring tool and what features it offers to boost productivity.

Is Time Doctor accurate? 

Accurate time tracking data is crucial when managing a team or billing clients. Time Doctor provides precise data to the second and allows us to monitor the applications that consume most of our screen time. With this data, we can pay our staff accurately and bill our clients with confidence. Moreover, we can start or pause the time tracker according to our needs.

Time Doctor stands out from other time-tracking software due to its unique features. For instance, if an employee decides to use Instagram during work hours, Time Doctor will prompt them to confirm if they are working. This feature reduces personal internet usage during work hours.

Furthermore, Time Doctor’s employee monitoring software ensures that every task is monitored in real-time, even when there is no internet connection available. This feature makes Time Doctor the perfect tool for remote teams.

Benefits of using Time Doctor 

Time Doctor is a highly adaptable software that can be personalized to suit businesses of any size. It is an exceptional tool specifically designed for managers and their employees to monitor productivity and make informed decisions. The software has revolutionized the way modern businesses operate.

The software rates highly for ease of use, and the desktop application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Time Doctor Detailed Features

Here are the key features that will help you understand how this software can benefit your business:

  • Time Tracking

This software has multiple options to manage time-tracking functionality. Users can download its Chrome extension to add tasks, and whenever they are ready, all they need to do is hit the play button, and it will start tracking the time accordingly.

  • Task Scheduling

Time Doctor also allows its users to set work schedules for employees that can also be distributed among various groups. In these scenarios, the manager will receive a notification when an employee starts work late or is absent from work.

  • Website Usage Monitoring

This feature is essential when it comes to making a note of the productivity of the team and its members. It is an important factor in determining the allocated time and improving the output to achieve better results. Time Doctor monitors internet usage and outlines the applications and the sites that are most visited.

It also keeps track of a user by taking screenshots of their monitors at predefined intervals, anytime between 3 to 30 minutes, which can help a business track their remote workers.

  • Payroll

The payroll feature allows companies to pay their employees based on the hours and days they have worked or through a fixed-rate payment. There are various payment options available, such as PayPal, TransferWise, and others, and the platform accepts all currencies. Additionally, the app has a filter that applies hourly rates to ensure that spending remains within the budget limit.

One of the best features of this app is that there are no additional fees charged for processing transactions and payments, which benefits both employees and employers.

  • Reporting and Dashboarding

Time Doctor offers a comprehensive set of reporting tools to track the progress of projects and the productivity of employees. The administrative dashboard provides an overview of all users and their logged hours. Additionally, managers can use various built-in reports to gain further insights into user attendance.

These features enable managers to monitor the performance of their team more efficiently and make informed decisions.

  • Mobile Application

Time Doctor provides a mobile app to assist users in tracking their time even when they are not using the desktop application. This feature is particularly useful for sales representatives who typically work on-site. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and offers an overview of the project tasks and projects. Additionally, there is a feature that tracks the user’s location if needed.

Time Doctor Cost

Unlike all the popular apps on the market, Time Doctor pricing is based on the subscription model. It offers three different plans to stand up to the needs of its target audience. One of the most amazing features of this tool is that all of these plans come with a 14-day trial period, free of cost.

Time Doctor Detailed Integrations 

Time Doctor offers integration with many third-party applications that help get the best out of an individual or a team. Thus, allowing its users to track time used within various software, all through one interface. Additionally, it also offers users access to API, which they can use to build a custom-designed solution to meet demand requirements.

Some of the most popular integrations that Time Doctor offers include the following:

  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • FreshBooks
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • GitHub

Slack Integration with Time Doctor 

Slack is one of the widely used tools for business communications. With the right integrations, one can even track time in Slack. For example, its Slack integration allows you to see what tasks your entire team is currently working on in real-time.

Using Slack and Time Doctor integration, users will be able to do the following:

  • Get notified in real-time when team members start working on a new task.
  • Choose who gets to see notifications in Slack.
  • Get notified in real-time when a Time Doctor task is marked as completed.

One can also use the Time Doctor’s screenshot feature to track the activity level of the keyboard and the mouse for all Slack users.

Alternatives to Time Doctor 

One of the limitations of this time-tracking software, compared to its competitors, is that it does not allow IP address restrictions. In addition to that, it cannot also track multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, the best alternatives to Time Doctor are the following:

  • Hubstaff
  • DeskTime
  • Harvest

Time Doctor Review Conclusion

Understanding the importance of time management and how it can help businesses and enterprises is crucial. Time Doctor’s software simplifies the process and makes it easy to implement. The software is particularly useful for organizations with remote teams, which sets it apart from its competitors.

Time Doctor offers more flexibility than its rivals, making it an excellent productivity tool for individuals as well as businesses.

Overall, Time Doctor is an excellent all-in-one package that boosts productivity. As the saying goes, “Time and Tide wait for none.” So, make the best use of your time and sign up today to explore the amazing features of this tool.