Learn how to manage better all your email accounts

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Communication is an essential part of running a business. Keeping in touch with collaborators and clients and staying up to date on the latest details is your core responsibility. Email is a part of everyone’s life. And most of us have multiple email accounts that separate our private and office life. This is an efficient way to stay on top of the emailing flow and not mix up things. But, at the same time, this strategy can become hard to handle. 

If managing a single account is difficult, what about handling three or four? As great the strategy of having various email accounts for different purposes as demanding to cope with them. Thus, reaching for email management software might be the best solution to tidy up your email accounts. Let’s point out some email productivity tools that can considerably improve your workflow and ease your life. 

Manage multiple email accounts and stay productive with these tools

Although video and audio conferencing usage has increased through the years and proved its efficiency, communication via email is still a popular medium. And sometimes, it is a better alternative to the long calls. 

To manage your inbox effectively and keep the email account under control, you surely need to look at these email manager platforms. They are easy-to-use tools that offer you a unified inbox for multiple email accounts. Message scheduling, snoozing notifications, prioritizing, and organizing your email accounts with an email client software might be a productivity-saving solution. 

  1. MailBird

An email client software like MailBird can keep your inbox under control. It allows you to have as many email addresses as you need without managing them manually. To be clearer, MailBird provides you with a platform that gathers all of your email accounts in only one place. You can configure your email accounts in a breeze to access them within a central place. Thus, it will be easier for you to browse through unread messages without getting lost in the heavy workload of information. 

Mailbird Team Management Software

The unified MailBird inbox gives you control over contact and emails by allowing you to import and export, merge and link all of the contacts. Moreover, this productivity tool lets you integrate all your favorite apps such as email, calendar, tasks, social channels, and messaging. The list of integrations includes Google Docs, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, Dropbox, and many more. 

In addition, MailBird allows you to improve workflow by prioritizing the emails you receive. Thus, you’ll be able to snooze emails to remind you of an urgent event, review prior conversations, or ensure you’re back to someone with a follow-up email.  

  1. Shift

How to organize emails so that you won’t be flooded anymore with irrelevant messages? Shift is a desktop app that lets users configure their email accounts in one place. Thus, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 accounts, iCloud, and Yahoo can work together to improve productivity. Shift offers great email management features such as email archiving, monitoring, response management, shared inboxes, and signature management. 

Shift App Switcher

Shift also works as a team management software, providing a platform where you can add tabs, apps, and bookmarks and then share them with the team members. This way, you can perform activities together and complete more efficient tasks. In addition, the Shift email accounts management app has many useful capabilities like file sharing, presentation tools, project management, task management tools, and a team chat to stay connected with your collaborators. 

Shift has a free version, so you might want to try some of its basic features before paying for a subscription. 

  1. eM Client

Another email management and office productivity software come from eM Client. This program allows companies to manage their email accounts and calendars, schedule future events and collaborate with teammates. eM Client is a secure platform, and it promises its users high email security for their accounts. Thus, you can use this email management software to ensure your business’ data protection via an email encryption protocol. Moreover, you can design eSignatures that you can save for later to streamline communication procedures. At the same time, creating email templates is a real help when it comes to freeing up time. Creating pre-defined messages is also an important function of the eM Client. Additionally, you get your messages instantly translated if you communicate with international teams. 

eM Client Email Manager

eM Client supports importing email accounts and contacts from Outlook, iCloud, Gmail, Thunderbird, and other webmail services. This office productivity software allows you to manage contacts by groping them depending on specific criteria such as hobbies, family, and salary. Not only that you can filter contacts, but you can also filter emails.

Thus, you can search for certain emails, contacts, or attachments. More than this, you can stay on top of your email communication thanks to the delivery and reading receipt feature. Creating tasks and reminders and chatting with your contacts is easier with eM Client. 

Managing multiple email accounts is easier when you use the right tools. MailBird, Shift, and Em Client are our top choices for organizing and improving the workflow. In addition, office productivity software, such as email management tools, may help create a boundary between work and personal life without sacrificing any component.