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7shifts Review

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With the 7Shifts restaurant scheduling software, you can manage your team’s tasks, schedules, timesheets, communication, and other things— all in a central place. More than 700,000 restaurants use this scheduling app to simplify employee scheduling and team management. Managing a restaurant is not an easy task. That’s why you need to use the right tools to make restaurant management quite easy for you. Thus, if you own a restaurant and you urgently need a tool that can help you manage it properly, then you should keep reading our 7Shifts app review.



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Pricing Details

Starting from: $34.99/month/per location

Pricing Model: Subscription

Yes, has free trial

Yes, has free version

  • It is supported on Android, Web, and iPhone/iPad.
  • Provides an intuitive interface.
  • Offers a drag-and-drop scheduler.
  • It has overtime and compliance rules.
  • It's not so pricey.
  • Their pricing plans have employee limits.
  • Some advanced features are not available on the free version.
Best for
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad

Modern scheduling app for restaurants

The digital process is extending all over the industries. For example, 7Shifts is a foodservice industry and employee scheduling software created for restaurants, although those in other industries can explore its features. Also, because of its integrations with many POS and Payroll systems, it is the perfect tool for a modern restaurant.

Moreover, it also has excellent employee engagement and team management tools that you can use to track location-specific engagement like sicks, lates, no-shows, and others. You can also use it to find the most- and least-engaged employees. With this tool, employees can chat with their colleagues, view shifts, swap shifts, submit time-off and availability requests, and offer shift feedback to managers.

And then, managers can either choose to approve or deny requests, take shift notes, chat with their team, view real-time sales and labor data, and others. In addition, users can use the weekly budget tool available on 7Shifts to keep their scheduling on track to achieve their labor targets so that they don’t have issues with over or understaffing.

What is 7Shifts?

As I’ve said from the beginning of this review, this scheduling app helps restaurants of all sizes retain their employees,  reduce their labor costs, and stay labor compliant with excellent employee scheduling, communication, engagement, and labor compliance tools. As a result, more than seven hundred thousand restaurant owners use 7shifts to manage their restaurants.

Desktop schedule

How to use 7Shifts?

What is great about this tool is that you need to make no effort to start with; it’s easy to use, and everybody from your team can start enjoying it. Restaurants can use 7Shifts to create a schedule within a few minutes. To do that, they have to follow these steps:

1. Set up your restaurant

Quickly create a free 7shifts account within a few seconds. And then get immediate access to your scheduling dashboard.

2. Create a schedule

Go ahead to include employees and shifts within a few clicks.

3. Click to publish

After that, you can publish your new schedule. Then, it will automatically send notifications to your staff.

Create and publish

7Shifts Features

Here are some of the 7Shifts features that you should know:

  • Manager Log Book

One amazing feature that 7Shifts has is the Manager Log Book. This feature enables the shift admin to handle daily operations easily and monitor customer complaints, maintenance issues, employee concerns, etc.

7shifts manager logbook has a default set containing the most vital restaurant operations categories, like shift notes. Still, you can customize the settings to take into account details needed by your business, such as progress on a project that carries over shifts or an anticipated visit from a vendor. Also, off-duty managers can look at the logbook at any time and reply to or even make new entries.

With the work that this manager log book helps you do, you can search for trends and find problems that require addressing. You can also use this Manager logbook to generate shift feedback scoring and request feedback anonymously from your team and have them fed into the logbook. With this, you can evaluate workplace health, generate brainstorming, and discover issues that stay hidden.

Desktop Manager Log book

  • Integrations

A lot of customers use 7Shifts because of the amazing integrations it has. For example, the app has integrations with twenty-three POS systems, and a lot of them are part of the top-rated POS systems for restaurants.

Also, 7Shifts integrates with thirteen payroll software services. It also integrates with Speak Up, ExpandShare, and HigherMe. Here is a list of the POS systems that 7Shifts works with: Toast, Heartland Dinnerware, Rezku, Upserve, TouchBistro, Square, Revel, POSitouch, Lightspeed, and Cake. 7Shifts payroll system is also great. It has integrations with these payroll systems: ADP, Gusto, Paychex,  Paylocity, and QuickBooks.

7shifts integrations

  • Scheduling and time-tracking

The schedules on 7Shifts are created weekly, and you have three views from which you can make them: List, list by roles, and time frames. You can create shifts and move them when they are required through drag-and-drop. In addition, it has an Open Shifts line for shifts that require filling. The rules you added in the setup will be applied to the schedule to comply with work-hour laws and overtime, and it handles time off and availability.

You are free to save schedules as templates to use later. Also, you can customize your schedule to suit a particular department in your restaurant. For the premium plans on 7Shifts, you can set labor costs based on a particular department so that you can put your labor budget to good use.

Schedulling tool for restaurants


  • Time clock

With the 7shifts’ time clock app, employees can clock in and out from their smartphones, tablets, or your POS system. The time clock allows employees to also clock out for breaks without clocking out of a shift. Even when your Wi-Fi is down, this time clock app still works.

This feature also allows you to program compulsory breaks, thus enabling you to monitor compliance with state labor laws while making it simple for employees to clock in and out for these breaks.

With the aid of the mobile time clock, you can get GPS, which includes geofencing, so employees can’t clock in when they are not in their respective locations. You can also limit how early an employee can clock in to prevent marginalization of profits and require selfies to avoid a situation where one employee will clock in for his colleague. Many people love this time clock feature because it also acts as an employee health check. So, it can provide details of an employee’s health.

manage your shifts7Shifts Pricing

7Shifts pricing plans are quite fair. They have a 14-days free trial that you could check out. You don’t need to enter your credit card details to use the free trial. Here are the various 7Shifts pricing plans:


  • Up to 30 employees
  • Scheduling, time off, and availability
  • Time clock & Timesheets
  • Team chat and announcements
  • Hiring & applicant tracking
  • Employee engagement tracking
  • POS integration


$34.99per location
  • Includes Comp, plus:
  • Up to 30 employees
  • Schedule templates
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Labor budgeting & sales forecasting
  • PTO, break, and overtime tracking
  • Sales + Labor Reporting
  • Read receipts

The Works

$76.99per location
  • Includes Entree, plus:
  • Unlimited employees
  • Schedule with weather, stations, and advanced budgeting
  • Labor alerts (OT, break, clock-in)
  • Manager Log Book
  • Payroll integration
  • State-based compliance tools
  • Advanced Reporting


Contact them
  • Operations Overview
  • Machine-learning Auto-scheduler (BETA)
  • Task Management
  • Task Management
  • POS & payroll integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Devoted account management
  • Onboarding & implementation services

See all Features

If you want your restaurant to work perfectly, there are a few add-ons that 7Shifts offers that you can take advantage of. Here are some of them:

Task management add-on

With this add-on, you can easily access your daily checklists in a single task management system. It costs $12.99 per location per month.

Tip pooling add-on

This add-on helps simplify tip-out payments with a simple tool to calculate, create, and monitor tip pools. It costs $24.99 per location per month.

Operations overview add-on

With the aid of this add-on, you can monitor your labor performance and engagement across all your locations in a central place. It costs $6.99 per location per month.

Manager logbook add-on

It costs $14.99 per month per location. It helps keep managers in sync across shifts with a customizable digital logbook.

7Shifts Alternatives

7Shifts app has many interesting alternatives that you should check out. Here are some 7Shifts alternatives:

  • Calendly

Calendly is a remarkable 7shifts alternative. It is scheduling software created to enhance sales, save time, and enhance service quality. It has an intuitive interface that you will love. You don’t need to have previous knowledge of how scheduling software works before you can use it.

With Calendly, prospective customers can immediately log in to ensure that their employees do not lose them via phone tags and email. Users are free to configure their features and permit more guests to plan the same space, which is great for tours, webinars, workshops, and courses. And then,  invitees are free to include appointments very fast without registration.

Calendly schedule app dashboard

Premium subscribers of Calendly enjoy quick email support during office hours. You can integrate Calendly into Office 365, Google, and Outlook and see all calendars to prevent double conflicts when booking. New calendars will automatically be included. Also, Calendly allows you to automatically send reminders and customized confirmation to guests for maximum retention.

Calendly is perfectly optimized for tablets, phones, and desktops. It ensures that guests do not experience compatibility challenges when running the software on their devices. Also, with this software, you can avoid nighttime meetings, set up intervals between meetings, and create the type of private event for enhanced control and privacy.

  • 10to8

This is a great appointment scheduling solution that enables businesses to handle virtual appointments simply. It can monitor user attendance, send SMS, email, and telephonic reminders to clients, report no-shows, and create data on staff performance. 10to8 has integrations with other tools such as office 365, iCal, Google Calendar, Exchange, and Outlook. 10to8 makes it quite easy for users to monitor appointments remotely.

It has 10to8 excellent security protocols, and it is fully compliant with all HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA regulations. In addition, users can build a personal appointment page, including their logos and brandings, with the aid of available in-built customizations. Also, 10to8 can integrate with Zoom Video conferencing and Salesforce, thus ensuring multiple videos to connect options.

Users can use 10to8 to create smart reminders for appointments based on the work at hand and monitor whether users checked them. There is no form of appointment that 10to8 is not suitable for.



  • Genbook

This is another great 7Shifts alternative. It is a mobile appointment scheduling tool. It contains all you need to carry out online booking, promote your reputation, and handle your clients, employees, and brand. There is no limit to the type of organization that can use Genbook. It can be used by beauty, wellness, health, and professional local service providers such as photographers, spas, medical, tax, barbers, salons, massage, skin care, acupuncturists, chiropractors, eyelash, medical, tanning, and others.



  • Timely

Another 7Shifts that is awesome is Timely. It simplifies the process of reminding, scheduling, reminding, and conforming events, tasks, and activities to save your time and increase your revenue. Timely aids B2B companies and revenue teams in enhancing their conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and attaining high productivity levels.

Timely uses advanced rules to distribute and qualify leads to the right representatives in real-time. It aids the growth of your organization by simply making your service great. You can easily generate automated schedules, book appointments, and manage payment processing with Timely.

Also, Timely permits multi-location appointment booking so you can offer a user-friendly experience to your customers. Timely is a perfect app if you want to manage your meeting room bookings, calendar, and online scheduling. This software provides a free trial version to test and try its features aside from different premium plans to suit any requirement and budget.

Timely overview

  • BookSteam

This is online scheduling software that helps users manage their time more efficiently and effectively. With this tool, users can remind and confirm appointments with their customers by sending them personalized notifications via emails and SMS that people can customize.

They can also manage the database of their customers by storing and managing their profiles, checking the customer history, capturing the customer notes, and creating tags to identify clients with ease. A user can design a book page for his brand by personalizing the colors, themes, and fonts of the BookStream via the software.

This software enables users to sync all their bookings in a central place so they can keep the functioning of the business very easy. As a user, you can customize the way clients view your class calendar or schedule, and you can also modify this feature by changing the view to either a list view or a calendar.

Booksteam-scheduling app

7Shifts Review Conclusions

One of the best restaurant management software that you can use is the 7Shifts app. 7Shifts is a foodservice industry software that you can use for easy clocking and scheduling. This time clock app has an intuitive interface. It is a drag-and-drop schedule builder that automatically factors in time-off, availability, overtime, and compliance with easy POS integration to ensure that you accomplish your labor targets.

With this 7Shifts employee scheduling software, staff can submit availability requests, swap shifts, chat, and build schedules. Based on our 7Shifts review, 7Shifts has a 14-day free trial and a free plan that you can explore before paying for the premium plans.



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Updated Apr 21st, ’22