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If you want to save time on scheduling and appointment management, Calendly could be the solution for you. It allows you to streamline meetings across teams, clients, and potential customers. In our Calendly review, you can read about the full experience, including automation tools, integrations, and price. Does the app hold up against other scheduling tools currently available? Let’s find out!

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Calendly – Appointment Software

Meetings are a fundamental part of the enterprise world, but they can also be frustrating for executives and team leaders to handle. You face a constant battle with managing schedules and organizing availability across an organization. If your business happens to cross multiple locations in multiple time zones, handling meetings become an even bigger drain on your time. This is where Calendly can help, removing the headaches of meeting schedules by taking care of the details so you can concentrate on more important tasks.

In the following review, we will look at how the platform can streamline your meetings experience. We cover both the app on mobile and desktops while also looking at features and pricing (including Calendly free).

What is Calendly

Calendly is a web-based scheduling and online calendar platform that makes meeting creation and management more efficient. It helps organizations avoid availability conflicts when setting appointments. Instead of emails and phone calls with team members, clients, or customers, you can use Calendly to create meetings.

Thanks to its schedule software, managing meetings or creating a Calendly appointment is simple. In addition, you receive a personal link that you send to any contact, allowing them to access the free calendar.

Business owners and team leaders will appreciate the ability to bring more automation to their meeting management. The Calendly calendar seamlessly syncing contacts into a meeting and handling appointment times, attendees, and dates is simple. This is why Calendly is one of our favorite scheduling app services.

How to Use Calendly

Calendly is a service that simplifies planning and meetings across your organization. It would be ironic if the Calendly login and account creation process were complicated. Luckily it is not, and you can be up and running with your Calendly account in minutes. New customers choose between opening an account with email and password or using Google Account for easy sign-in.

Calendly schedule app dashboard

Calendly uses a trial and a free version, so you should take advantage of this option before committing with a paid account. Whether you are paying for Calendly or using it for free, the platform looks the same. You have access to the Calendly dashboard, where you can create meetings, select different types of events, manage appointments, and more.

There is also a Calendly extension available for Google’s Chrome web browser. With this web add-on, you can access your Calendly account and manage meetings directly in your browser.

Calendly Features

When you tap into Calendly’s rich suite of features, you will never have to worry about juggling appointments and schedules again. Instead, you can automate your meetings through Calendly, which handles it all for you, leaving your teams to focus on more productive work. For example, you can select availability, decide which type of meeting to host, and then let Calendly sync everything across invitees and timetables.

This is all possible through the following features available on Calendly:

Create Meetings

  • Connect Calendly to your calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts or bottlenecks.
  • Set your availability.
  • Create specific meetings depending on your goal—for example, group meetings, one-on-one, etc.

Scheduling in Calendly

  • Sharing availability where you want is easy, thanks to the Calendly personal link. In addition, you can add the service to emails, social media, text messages, and your website.
  • Send meeting times on the move through the Calendly mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Access Calendly via a Chrome web extension for more efficient scheduling.
  • Choose between virtual location meetings or in-person appointments. Calendly offers recommendations for meeting locations.

Automation Tools

  • Calendly uses integrations to bring further automation to meetings.
  • Analytics and data integrations.
  • Payment platforms for integration with calendars.
  • Integrations provide full CRM tools.

Ongoing Relationships

  • Calendly uses automated workflow management to send follow-up emails to contacts, allowing you to keep engaging.
  • Calendly reminds you of work tasks via notifications, emails, and SMS by tapping into your CRM solution.

New feature addition in 2021 is user groups, although only part of the Calendly Enterprise price plan. Admins can separate users into groups, assign moderators, and allow more granular management of schedules within the group using the new feature.

One of the things we love about Calendly is that it is clear about its mission. It does exactly what it says it is going to do, streamline meeting management across an organization. So often these days, services seek to diversify and offer features beyond the original goals of the platform. This can be good and bad, but sometimes it is nice to see a clearly defined app. With Calendly, you know exactly what you are going to get in terms of functionality.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly plans cover a broad range of pricing options, including the Calendly free version. You can also access the paid Calendly pricing plans on a free 14-day trial. We fully recommend taking advantage of this trial period to see if Calendly brings value to your organization. When you weigh up the Calendly cost for each plan, it is important to compare features across each tier.

Starting From: $8/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14-days

Calendly Integrations

Calendly is an integration-rich platform that allows you to leverage a multitude of third-party services within the app. In the modern enterprise environment, having access to all your valuable tools in one place is important. In addition, organizations are increasingly chasing efficiency, especially as more team members work remotely.

It is arguably even more essential for a calendar and scheduling app to have wide access to important third-party apps. Calendly integrations are diverse and cover many popular enterprise tools across communication, management, and productivity. It is also worth noting the platform has an API that allows you to build a custom Calendly integration within your business.

  • Calendly Salesforce Integration

You can access Calendly directly within Salesforce, syncing meetings across the CRM platform.

  • Calendly Microsoft Office

You can integrate Microsoft Teams into Calendly schedules, tap into Calendly from Office apps, and use the Calendly Outlook integration for email scheduling.

  • Calendly Zoom Integration

Automatically add Zoom call details to Calendly meeting schedules, including real-time updates.

  • Calendly Google Workspace

Calendly provides a direct link to Google Workspace, allowing you to manage appointments within Google’s productivity suite.

  • Other Integrations

Other noteworthy integrations within Calendly include Slack, HubSpot, and Intercom. Furthermore, the platform also connects with Zapier, which provides access to over 700 enterprise integrations. In addition, Zapier allows you to build your own automation that connect Calendly with your favorite third-party tools.

It is also worth noting the PayPal integration in Calendly, which allows your admins to include payment details in meeting schedules. If you are billing, contacts can access PayPal for payments directly within the Calendly appointment schedule. Stripe users are also taken care of with direct integration in Calendly.

One of the most important integrations in Calendly is Google Analytics, which allows you to monitor engagements across all your schedules. When you create an event in the Calendly app, Google Analytics records it and provides insights into performance. As a result, you can track every step of the process, including invitee responses and engagement.

Calendly Alternatives

Automated scheduling is increasingly one of the most hotly contested spaces in enterprise at the moment. More organizations are turning to remote work, and managing meetings, schedules, and connections across team members in multiple locations is challenging. Having a platform to do the heavy lifting is valuable, and apps like Calendly are the answer.

Calendly Review Conclusions

Nothing can drain your resources, productivity, and energy, quite like meeting scheduling. It is a necessary part of enterprise but also incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. With the Calendly app, you can hand over your schedule and appointment management to software, allowing you to carry on more important tasks.

Calendly does everything well and excels in some areas. While it may not be the complete meeting/calendar platform (that honor goes to Acuity), Calendly balances powerful features with usability and a competitive price.