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Updated Nov 11th, ’21
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Drip Pricing

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max 500 contacts

  • 1-500 contacts
  • Unlimited email send limit
  • Email support
  • Full library of integrations
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Automation
  • Customer Data


1000 of sends

$15per 1000
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • US numbers only
  • Cancel anytime


1000 of sends

$30per 1000
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • US numbers only
  • Cancel anytime

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Best for
  • StartUps
  • Medium business
  • Small business
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Drip Pricing Plans

If you really liked Drip and you want to use it for your eCommerce business, you have to know that its pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers. Practically, your Drip cost is based on the number of active people in your account and the volume of emails you send during the month.

Yet, their basic pricing plan starts from $19 per month, with a 14-days free trial. Unfortunately, SMS and unlimited emails are not available during your free trial. Other than that, you have free rein to use all of Drip’s features. Moreover, they offer a forever-free subscription to up to 100 contacts.

The monthly cost continues to rise as you add more contacts. Published rates top out at $1,599 for 135,001-140,000 people. If your list is larger than that, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. Also, you have to know that no matter how many people you have on your list. With Drip, you’ll have every feature included. From A/B testing, automated email workflows, multichannel touchpoints, optimization tools, list segmentation to eCommerce CRM tools.

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