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If you have an online shop, probably you’re looking for different types of tools to help you grow your business. Using e-commerce software products, you can increase your customer base and generate more leads to boost sales. Drip is a fantastic CRM and eCommerce email marketing software launched in 2013. Its focus is on increasing sales for companies looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with B2C customers.

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Drip – Email marketing automation

Are you the proud owner of an online shop? Then, if you are looking for some help to bring your passion closer to your potential customers, you are in the right place. Many E-commerce tools can help you grow your business and get more leads for your sales team. Drip is one of them, and I’ll try to explain to you in this review some of its benefits and why it can be your lucky tool. Now, let’s take a look at this Drip review of how this software can make your life easier.

If you already have an online shop, you probably know that email marketing is an essential digital campaign that you must do. Creating a solid email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience personally. Also, increase sales at an affordable cost. Emails are essential to stay in contact with your customers and keep them informed about your products. It can give them a feeling that you are thinking of them. And you are.

Moreover, email marketing tools offer the ability to analyze your email campaign. You can track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates. This gives you a better understanding of how your email campaigns are working and what your customer needs. But let see what Drip is and how you can use this tool to get the best of your business.

What is Drip?

First of all, with Drip, you don’t have to become a digital marketing expert. This is the primary purpose of this software: to be a marketing professional in your place and move your focus to the actual business. Secondly, if you are looking to get more traffic on your website and improve your email marketing campaigns, Drip may be your tool.

What is Drip?

Drip was founded in 2013 as an email opt-in widget for marketing companies. From there, it evolved into a full-featured marketing automation platform for e-commerce businesses. In 2016, it was acquired by Leadpages, a lead-generation software company. Drip positions itself as an e-commerce customer relationship manager (ECRM). Its mission is to provide the same level of B2B marketing automation to B2C companies.

In other words, Drip is an email marketing campaign building and process automation software. You can implement every campaign with the click of a button and automate them to drive revenue while you sleep. With Drip’s email and marketing automation for e-commerce, you will grow your customer list with web forms.

Also, you can send automated emails and SMS and get reports to precisely see your marketing drives revenue. Therefore, you can try Drip for free for 14 days and bring your passion closer to your customers and make your store revenue soar.

Let’s move on with the Drip review and look at how to use the software for your e-commerce shop.

How to use Drip?

So what can you do with this software? First, drip is quite intuitive and easy to use. Creating a Drip campaign can be a fun and interactive process; moreover, the tool offers automated workflows. Drip helps you understand and evaluate your potential client’s activities by collecting all the user’s data from your website.

Once you’ve known your potential clients’ preferred options, you may now receive your insights and quickly turn them into reality by sending personalized emails with a sense of engagement that your clients should feel.

You can grow your database audience with customizable signup forms. In their in-app builder, you can design and customize excellent lead capture. Also, you can create interactive popups to engage with your audience at the right time and targeted forms for a better customer experience.
With Drip, you can design personal and branded emails that will convert your customers. Create dynamic content for abandoned cart items, unique discount codes, and recommendations to turn the audience into actual buyers.
Another great thing that Drip will do for you is that you’ll get to understand your audience better, how they behave, what they like and need. This thing will be only for your benefit. As an online shop owner, you’ll finally know how your campaigns are working or maybe what you’re not doing well.

Drip Features

With Drip, you will create the ultimate experience for your customers. And you know why? Because it has some excellent features that enable each brand to get a better approach to their clients and understand what they want and need from you. You will learn so many things about your customers that you’ll be able to personalize every interaction with them, grow their trust in your brand and humanize the whole experience.

But let’s continue the Drip review and see what features are included in this tool and how you can get the best of them.

  • Customer Data
  • Personalization
  • Engagement
  • Optimization

Customer Data

Knowing your audience is the most important step in a successful email marketing campaign. Drip offers you the ideal digital place where to gather all the information about your customers and use it to build a stronger relationship with your customers. Drip’s deep list segmentation features enable you to intimately understand how customers interact with your business and build insightful profiles based on that data. In addition, the tool offers you several instruments to track your customer data from every channel:



Get a fuller understanding of every person across your site and marketing channels with sweet and simple Tags. Not only do these handy labels help you quickly see how people interact with your brand, but they also provide an intuitive way of segmenting your people when it comes time to tailor your messaging.

Custom Fields

Every person to crosses your store’s path has information unique to them that you can use to build stronger relationships in your marketing. Custom Fields add all the extra personalized details to your emails that make your brand hit home with your customers and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Events & Customers behavior

Get a deeper look into when and how often your customers are up to something. For example, tracking Events in Drip lets you understand when someone takes a peek at their favorite product when they make a purchase. More so, you can personalize experiences based on real-life behaviors and engagement.


Unite data points from all your tools in one organized hub where they’ll always be ready for use in your next big strategy. For example, when you plug all your e-commerce marketing tools into Drip, you’ll finally understand what each customer is doing from the start of their journey through the checkout lane and back again.


Another great feature of Drip is that it offers you great liberty to personalize and create a unique customer journey. This is a crucial strategy for eCommerce brands to maximize sales and repeat purchases after the initial conversion. You need a CRM platform that allows you to track contacts as they interact with your website in different ways.

Deep Segmentation

Use Tags, Events, and Custom Fields to keep tabs on how people interact with your store. Drip makes it easy to understand what each unique shopper is looking for, opening, clicking, buying, and beyond so you can use every little detail to craft campaigns made just for them.

Behavior Automations

There’s never just one right time to reach out. Whether it’s just browsing or buying it all, Drip’s Workflows automatically engage with folks at critical moments in the customer experience. From a warm welcome campaign to abandoned cart reminders and more, Drip was built for impact.

Personalized Experiences

Over 90% of people are more likely to shop with brands that remember and recognize them with custom content. Put all the customer data you track to good use with dynamic content like unique discount codes, product recommendations, price-drop notifications, and more content people care about.


Let’s continue this Drip review with the engagement feature. So, the software offers you the right instruments to engage with your customers and generate more leads for your business. You can send to your audience meaningful messages, recommendations, and inspiration. From email to SMS to social and beyond,  you can show your clients that you remember them.


Grab your customers’ attention with a direct channel, to the point, and easy to consume. Sky-high engagement rates make text message marketing the perfect channel for your most relevant, highest value messages—and practically guarantees that your customers will read your message.

Behavior Automations

The best times to engage with your customers is when your brand is top of mind, like when they’re visiting your site, opening an email, or whatever else-ing. With behavior-based automation and workflows, you’ll never miss another critical moment to reach out and engage with meaning.


Maximize the impact every email has on your customers. The Visual Email Builder makes it simple to create beautifully branded emails, while Liquid and Personalized Content blocks render each email as unique as your customers. Show shoppers product recommendations, goods in their cart, and more with no coding or dev.

Facebook and Instagram

The customer journey doesn’t end on your site. Always know what your customers are up to, then use that insight to show them ads across Facebook and Instagram that perfectly complement the email they just received, the postcard in their mailbox, or whatever strategy you cook up across your marketing channels.


With Drip, you’ll have all you need to keep tabs on how big of an impact every email, experience, and strategy is having on your bottom line. Then, easily check in on all the data you can handle to optimize tactics at every turn.

Automatic Revenue Attribution

Connect your store to Drip and start getting the clarity you want around which strategies are paying off and which need a tweak or two. Drip’s one-time setup makes it simple to start collecting all the revenue attribution data you need in one place for confident decision-making for the long haul.


Never waste time piecing together disparate data points again. With Drip’s dashboards, you will be able to see your must-have engagement metrics (opens, clicks, and unsubscribes) alongside overall revenue, revenue per subscriber, and more for every email you send or workflow you make.

Workflow Split Testing

Have a spot-on understanding of the types of experiences that have the biggest impact on your customers. Curious if shoppers respond better to getting an email or seeing an ad? Build split tests inside automated workflows, then watch which experience garners more revenue, site visits, and more.

Drip Pricing

Probably you want to know how much Drip costs now that you’ve found what is capable of this tool. The pricing is based on the number of active people in your account. It is growing once you have more active people in your account. And the volume of emails you send during one month. The monthly plan starts from $19 per month for 500 contacts. So, for example, for 1000 people, you will pay $29 per month. And for 5000 people, you can pay $89 per month.

Starting From: $19/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 14 day free - No credit card needed

Drip pricing plans are tiered on two levels: number of active people & volume of emails.

Drip Integration

With Drip, you can start connecting your shop with many apps that will help you gather more data about your customers. You can integrate Drip with more than 100 tools. Also, you can easily integrate Drip with pretty much any other app that supports webhook without Zapier. For example, you can integrate Drip with WooCommerce, Wistia, ThriveCart, OptinMonster, and so on.

Integrations Drip- honest reviews by Tekpon

Moving on with the Drip review to the alternative section, however, it isn’t easy to find a true alternative. So it came up with a fairly innovative way to promote and develop the software.

Drip Alternatives

Let me tell you that it is actually a great email marketing automation tool. You can create amazing campaigns with it. But, if you are looking for another E-commerce software or you want something more from a tool like this, I’ve made a list for you.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • GetResponse
  • Klaviyo

Drip Review Conclusion

I hope this Drip review answers some of your questions about how an email marketing tool can help you grow your business and get you closer to your customers. Drip is designed to help businesses as they have grown and scaled up subscriber-wise. Moreover, Drip will help you create a unique journey for each customer based on the information the same tool is gathering for you to get to know them better. In this way, you’ll be able as a business to communicate better with them, to know their needs, and convert them better than before. In the beginning, it may look expensive, but once your business is growing, you’ll better start using Drip.

The other users say that this one is the best of all the email marketing tools on the market. Maybe for them. Why don’t you try it for free for 14 days and let us know if they are right?