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Izea is a social media influencer marketing platform that connects businesses with social media influencers and content providers. Employees may use a unified platform to manage content, create businesses’ reputations, execute marketing campaigns, and assess campaign results. Today we will be reviewing this marketing solution-Izea. One of the most well-known influencer marketing networks is Izea.

IZEA has been in business since 2006. Thus, you’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for “platinum” services. The second advantage of their services is their pricing, which starts at a low price and allows for upgrading or scaling up. So without further ado, let’s get started.



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Pricing Details

Starting from: $50/ month

Pricing Model: Subscription

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  • Brilliant Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Tons of influencers to choose from
  • Influencer Relationship Management
  • Learning Curve
  • Interface and Navigation
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  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Large enterprises
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Izea: Influencer Marketing Tool

Izea, founded in 2006 and links companies with prominent content producers and publishers, is a pioneer in the influencer marketing sector. They run the largest influencer marketing exchange globally, with over 15 million influencers.

Izea provides the world’s largest brands and agencies with a comprehensive self-service SaaS platform, fully managed services, and hybrid solutions. For continual platform innovation and outstanding service, they employ over 140 team members, including a 40-person engineering team and a 30-person client services team.

IZEA is backed by billion-dollar hedge funds run by industry experts and is publicly listed (NASDAQ: IZEA). IZEA, based in Winter Park, offers an enterprise influencer marketing suite of apps and services, including IZEAx Discovery for finding influencers and content producers, the Izea Unity Suite for managing influencer location and content, and managed service if needed.

What Services Do Influencer Marketplaces Provide?

Marketers are connected to social media influencers in comparable sectors through an online platform in an influencer marketplace. You may, for example, locate a marketplace dedicated just to Instagram fashion influencers, a YouTube influencer marketplace dedicated solely to foodies, or a single marketplace where you can search for both.

Many are self-service influencer marketing platforms, allowing you to run influencer campaigns in-house rather than hiring an agency. In addition, some influencer markets become part of bigger influencer platforms and marketing tools, giving them complete end-to-end solutions.

What is Izea?

Throughout this article, we’ll tell you everything about influencer marketplaces. How many hours do you spend searching on Instagram, answering DMs, and vetting unqualified influencers?

Stop right now.

Influencer marketplaces and platforms are great solutions to reducing the amount of time spent profiling and connecting with new influencers –  time that can be channeled into optimizing your campaign.

By filtering across channels, demographics, and geographies, the platform helps managers design plans, generate and distribute content for businesses, and uncover creators. Professionals may engage with influencers using the app for open bidding, direct offers, and in-app chat. In addition, users may utilize Izea to generate articles, infographics, pictures, and video assets, disseminate brand messaging, and budget and manage payment transactions.

IZEA has been connecting businesses with prominent content producers and publishers for over a decade as a pioneer in the influencer marketing industry. IZEA is the world’s largest influencer marketing exchange, with over 4.6 million creators and millions of transactions.

To partners ranging from the world’s largest brands and agencies to small company marketing teams, IZEA provides a comprehensive self-service SaaS platform, fully managed services, and hybrid solutions. The platform handles all parts of influencer marketing, including locating social media influencers, cooperation, payments and distribution, and campaign effectiveness tracking.

Features to look for:

  • Services that are handled
  • Paid promotion content marketing subscriptions method for influencer content amplification

Izea Products

This might be of interes for you. Izea is offering three products for both creators and marketers.

Shake is IZEA’s subscription-free marketplace for Creators to advertise their services and Marketers to find Creators of all sorts – from TikTok videos to Instagram posts.

IZEAx Discovery offers a comprehensive influencer search solution augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Advertisers and brands can use this tool to find the best influencers to promote their products and services.

BrandGraph is their platform for social media intelligence. Social media performance is measured, benchmarks are set to compare with competitors, influencers are identified, and sentiment is analyzed.

Izea Features

The list of features that makes it stand out among its competitors is discussed below:

  • Searching Influencers

On the IZEA platform, you may find the finest influencers for your campaign by using various filters and refinements, including audience size, demographics, psychographics, themes of interest, keywords, social channels, and more. “VizSearch,” which works similarly to an influencer search but returns real pieces of content that match the query, is a new addition to the site.

Searching Influencers

This search is driven by picture recognition and artificial intelligence, and it goes beyond basic visual searches like “beach” or “sunglasses,” for example, to reveal eerily relevant photos. When you type in your brand’s name, you’ll get a list of influencers sharing material that includes your product.

This has a far broader use than merely locating things that match your search terms. For example, when you search for a large international firm like Procter & Gamble, you’ll get results that include items from its subsidiaries, making the search engine useful for competition research.

  • Pre-designed Algorithm and API Calls

If you locate influencers through profile searches or VizSearch, you’ll receive plenty of info about them. As part of the algorithm, IZEA pulls data from the API for all influencers on the platform. If they opt-in and link their accounts, there can be even more.

Brands will be able to view and analyze the influencers’ audience growth or decline over time, in-depth interaction data, post-activity, a look into their portfolio, and a rating score that shows where each creator ranks among others on the platform. IZEA has always been a leader in data, and that hasn’t changed in its many years as a leading platform.

  • Ability to maintain Network

Another fantastic feature of IZEA is the opportunity to keep a private network of influencers with whom you collaborate. They may sign up to work for your firm using a sign-in portal, and their profiles aren’t publicly accessible or viewable—though they will appear in your searches.

You may make lists as you explore the site for possible influencers to keep track of who you’re interested in and for what campaign. It’s not simply a list, though; consider it influencer segmentation, with producers split by subject and platform or a mix of both.

Ability to maintain Network

IZEA also serves as a communication center for artists and a front-end for mass activation of individuals you wish to collaborate with. Because the platform is collaborative, all team members may see these lists and discussions (assuming you grant them the appropriate rights), ensuring that no one is left in the dark when they need to intervene.

  • Campaign Management

IZEA’s campaign management tools make planning, executing, and managing your influencer marketing campaigns easier. IZEA’s algorithm matches your needs with any of the creators who would be a suitable fit, based on the parameters you provide, through an open bidding system.

If they choose to participate, they can then submit suggestions. The ability to add your budget (and subsequent expenditure) for each campaign and the “Maximum Bid” option are two useful tools. This allows you to limit how much you’re prepared to pay a single author, saving you time from sifting through offers that will be rejected solely based on price. You may also approach authors directly with offers.


The campaign management tools also provide businesses with high control over content scheduling, publication, and verification to guarantee it meets your requirements. For example, include any hashtags, mentions, or wording you’d like to have appended to the post, and IZEA will do it automatically when it goes live on Facebook or Twitter.

When postings go live on social platforms that don’t allow direct publication from the platform, IZEA will analyze them and notify you that your influencer’s material is missing. In this instance, their payment is halted until the problem is resolved. When it comes to payment, creators are paid directly by IZEA after their material is available and validated, while brands are sent a single invoice.

  • Messaging Services

Additionally, IZEA’s messaging module keeps track of the progress of all participants in your campaign. Therefore, activities like accepting a proposal or approving material appear in your message thread, keeping track of their chronology within the wider discourse. Also, you can view your interactions and activities with a specific creator in the context of other screens.

There’s a more systematic approach to promoting information you’ve paid for and published via your social account or blog: ContentAmp. IZEA makes it simple with ContentAmp: fill out a few sections in a form, select your budget, determine how much you’ll pay per click or interaction, and specify the sorts of influencers you want to work with, and the platform will do the rest.


IZEA then searches for influencers who meet the criteria and informs them of the possibility. Then, they only have to post the link to your article on their feeds in exchange for a small pay-out. The performance of these shares may then be tracked, including clicks, shares, likes, and individual performance data.

Similarly, IZEA has a tool called ContentMine that archives all of the material that influencers have contributed to you in previous campaigns. Rather than just serving as a gallery to look through, the platform uses artificial intelligence to scan, analyze, and tag each piece of material, allowing you to conduct a VizSearch to identify user-generated content that you own and utilize with your other sponsored campaigns. Again, the entire procedure is streamlined thanks to a Facebook Ads connection.

  • Reporting and Analytics

IZEA’s reporting engine goes beyond most marketplaces’ conventional Reach/Engagement measures. Performance metrics (of course), media value, and ROI are shown in an easy-to-read interface via the reporting engine. In addition, it sets trackable URLs for content that relies on clicks and then gives an in-depth analysis of all the clicks you’ve received: this is split down by platform and presented as both raw figures and graphs for an instant understanding of which social channel is working the best.


How to Maximize Your Izea Experience?

The initial step is to add all of the profiles you wish to monetize, including any websites you might have. Then, if you connect your profile, include as many tags as possible; the amount of tags you may add is unlimited.

When you’re through with the tags, choose your target audience and pricing. Izea will offer a price for you, which I recommend you accept. Here are the social networks with which you may link Izea if you wish to include all of your accounts and websites. After completing all of your profile settings, you’re ready to begin your bidding experience.

Sometimes you’ll receive fantastic possibilities, and other times you’ll get opportunities that pay well, such as $150 per post. Still, you’ll have to include links that are completely irrelevant to your website’s subject.

You don’t want to bother your readers with commercial articles, so use discretion. Your visitors come to your website because you provide good information; please don’t get caught up in the paid articles, or you’ll lose them. Only bid on deals that are 100 percent linked to the theme of your website, and make everything appear genuine, and you’ll be OK.

Izea Pricing

IZEAx Discovery

Search our database to find influencers for your brand.


IZEAx Unity Suite

Enterprise platform for end-to-end influencer marketing programs.



Influence and Creativity, On Demand.



Social media competitive intelligence and benchmarking.


Managed Services

Fully managed influencer marketing strategy, execution, and measurement.

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Izea Alternatives

The top Izea alternatives that are available in the market are listed down below:

  • Outgrow
  • Joomag
  • Neoreach
  • Nativo Inc
  • Flipsnack
  • Star Micronics
  • Intellifluence
  • Webfluential


Neoreach is a self-service influencer marketing platform that boasts a database of more than 3 million macro-influencers. Top worldwide brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Tik-Tok, Walmart, and BET Networks utilize Neoreach for influencer marketing, demonstrating how strong and dependable this platform is.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Neoreach provides exceptional search accuracy, analytics, and campaign management. There are 40 search filters available, allowing you to restrict and refine your influencer lists in various ways. Automated processes, real-time analytics, and API connection are all wonderful features.

Smaller companies and those searching for a micro-influencer network will not benefit from this. Although it is possible to upload your influencers, this might take longer than anticipated.


Among the most well-known influencer markets in the world is Webfluential. In addition to its in-depth support for influencers and creators, it provides quotes, proposals, and analytics. They charge a 10% fee on approved, published campaigns, similar to Famebit, and it’s free to sign up as an influencer or submit a campaign plan.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: Webfluential vets and approves all influencers in this marketplace, making it a safe alternative free of bogus accounts.

Cons: Their influencer pool is small but increasing, and the search feature might be better.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms.


Intellifluence is a huge warm contact influencer marketing network that caters to many influencers, from peer-level micro-influencers to minor celebrities with millions of followers. As a platform-agnostic network, its flexibility in channels leads to a wide range of application cases, from Amazon to YouTube.

Whereas other influencer networks are just enormous databases of scraped contacts that have never been confirmed, Intellifluence stands out by requiring self-categorization of interests, price restrictions, and profile ownership verification as part of an opt-in procedure. As a result, reaching out to Intellifluence influencers generates far more interest and interaction than cold emailing contacts in the past.

Their influencer search, messaging, and payment processes are incorporated within the platform, so you’ll never need to rely on third-party software. In addition, they don’t demand long-term commitments, minimum budgets, or expenditures, making it a simple platform to scale up and down.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: The best dollar-to-real-influencer ratio is offered by Intellifluence. They are sure that when you consider the low and flexible plan price combined with the size and quality of the influencer network, Intellifluence genuinely is the greatest dollar-to-real influencer ratio in the market, with plans beginning at $99/mo and a huge and expanding influencer base.

Cons: No free trial is available

Amazon, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, podcasts, Reddit, Soundcloud, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube, are just a few of the channels available.

Izea Review Conclusions

Normally, these reviews do not read like a feature-by-feature list. However, most influencer markets do not offer a comprehensive set of services. And you shouldn’t read too much into the fact that the major body of this evaluation doesn’t necessarily rate how effectively things are executed one way or the other. Or take it this way: if IZEA was badly implemented, looked horrible, was buggy, or did anything else unpleasant, I wouldn’t be telling everyone about it. Instead, I’d be whining about how ineffective it is and wouldn’t bother to tell you about all of its features.

But it does everything well, and I haven’t even mentioned every function. There’s a lot more to IZEA than what’s listed here, and the only way to find out is to try it out for yourself. So, you may stop reading now if you’re looking for a self-service marketplace that provides you unparalleled control over your influencer marketing. IZEA is the place to be.