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Izea Alternatives

The top Izea alternatives that are available in the market are listed down below:

  • Outgrow
  • Joomag
  • Neoreach
  • Nativo Inc
  • Flipsnack
  • Star Micronics
  • Intellifluence
  • Webfluential

In-depth analysis of Izea Alternatives

Now that we know which are the best alternatives let’s look at some of the platform’s main competitors.


Neoreach is a self-service influencer marketing platform with a database of more than 3 million macro-influencers. Top worldwide brands like Airbnb, Amazon, TikTok, Walmart, and BET Networks utilize Neoreach for influencer marketing, demonstrating how strong and dependable this platform is.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Neoreach provides exceptional search accuracy, analytics, and campaign management. There are 40 search filters available, allowing you to restrict and refine your influencer lists in various ways. Automated processes, real-time analytics, and API connection are all wonderful features.

Smaller companies and those searching for a micro-influencer network will not benefit from this. Although it is possible to upload your influencers, this might take longer than anticipated.


Among the most well-known influencer markets in the world is Webfluential. In addition to its in-depth support for influencers and creators, it provides quotes, proposals, and analytics. They charge a 10% fee on approved, published campaigns, similar to Famebit, and it’s free to sign up as an influencer or submit a campaign plan.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: Webfluential vets and approves all influencers in this marketplace, making it a safe alternative free of bogus accounts.

Cons: Their influencer pool is small but increasing, and the search feature might be better.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms.


Intellifluence is a huge warm contact influencer marketing network that caters to many influencers, from peer-level micro-influencers to minor celebrities with millions of followers. As a platform-agnostic network, its channel flexibility leads to a wide range of application cases, from Amazon to YouTube.

Whereas other influencer networks are just enormous databases of scraped contacts that have never been confirmed, Intellifluence stands out by requiring self-categorization of interests, price restrictions, and profile ownership verification as part of an opt-in procedure. As a result, reaching out to Intellifluence influencers generates far more interest and interaction than cold emailing contacts in the past.

Their influencer search, messaging, and payment processes are incorporated within the platform, so you’ll never need to rely on third-party software. In addition, they don’t demand long-term commitments, minimum budgets, or expenditures, making it a simple platform to scale up and down.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: The best dollar-to-real-influencer ratio is offered by Intellifluence. They are sure that when you consider the low and flexible plan price combined with the size and quality of the influencer network, Intellifluence genuinely is the greatest dollar-to-real influencer ratio in the market, with plans beginning at $99/mo and a huge and expanding influencer base.

Cons: No free trial is available

Amazon, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, podcasts, Reddit, Soundcloud, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube, are just a few available channels.

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