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Apollo.io Pricing

Apollo.io Pricing Plans

The pricing of a tool is a decisive factor for a user to purchase a subscription. If you have read our Apollo.io review, and learn a few things about what this tool can do for your business, maybe you want to find more about its pricing and the plans that Apollo.io offers.

Apollo pricing varies with four different plans. All pricing plans are per user. The first plan is free, the second plan, the Basic, is $49 a month. The Professional plan is $99 a month. And the fourth plan, Custom, which includes everything mentioned in the product overview above, requires a call to receive pricing.

Apollo.io Plans

The free plan is an excellent way to test Apollo. But it would help if you use Gmail. It provides enough contacts to try out, but it is limited in taking your outreach to the next level.

With the month-to-month option, anyone serious about doing cold outreach and is looking for a sales automation tool would be silly not to try the Professional plan for $99 a month. This plan includes access to the full database of contacts. Paying $50 more a month, you also get access to essential features such as A/B testing, the dialler, and custom stages.

Upgrading to Apollo’s Custom plan requires a more robust outbound sales need. And is usually limited to companies that have entire outbound teams. In addition, it’s likely overkill for an individual user. The main benefits of the Custom plan are a customized amount of direct dials, no actual limit on selecting records to import to sequences (50,000), and Enrichment.

In addition to this, Apollo.io offers the ability to pay Monthly or Annually for all plans except the Custom plan. With an annual subscription, the Basic plan drops from $49 a month to $39, and the Professional plan drops from $99 a month to $79 a month per user. However, there’s no discount for the Custom plan because it requires an annual subscription.