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Nowadays, small and large businesses rely on social media to market their products and services. But not all business owners know how to use social media to achieve their marketing goals properly. If you want to achieve those goals and be aware of who’s talking about your brand, you need a social media monitoring tool like Brand24 to help you do that. This social media monitoring plus analytics tool helps you boost your brand reputation online. Many marketers use this brand management platform to track their social media mentions based on our review. Thus, let’s see what is capable of this one.

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Brand24 – online reputation management

Brand24 is an online reputation and brand monitoring tool that helps manage your social media accounts on a central platform. This social media monitoring tool has sentiment analysis, social search, additional logins, influencer score, collaborative work, topic grouping, competitor knowledge, mobile applications, automated PDF reports, white-label, and many others. Moreover, Brand24 gathers publicly available social media mentions from YouTube, Twitch TikTok, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, news sites, and other valuable sources.

brand24 - online reputation management tool

What is Brand24?

Brand24 is an online free monitoring solution widely used by thousands of brands to identify and analyze their social media mentions online conversations about their brands, competitors, and products. This powerful online reputation management tool provides brands with an excellent, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that enables them to monitor online conversations that are important to their businesses.

Our Brand24 review also suggests that this brand monitoring tool offers you direct access to listings about your brand on the internet. Also, this social media tracking tool enables you to gain access to anywhere your brand is mentioned online, from social media platforms to influential publishers. It also allows you to respond to real-time comments about your brand quickly.

What is a social media monitoring tool?

Many e-commerce business owners use social media to engage existing and prospective customers. A social media monitoring tool like Brand24 allows you to communicate with your consumers in real-time. You can also use a social media monitoring tool to evaluate how people talk about your brand online. Social media monitoring is the process of finding out what people are saying about an individual, brand, product, or service via social and online channels. Moreover, social media monitoring is an algorithm-based solution that crawls sites and indexes them. People can search sites depending on strings or queries as sites get indexed.

social media listenting tool

The moment you have an idea of your company’s public perception, you can:

  • Use negative feedback to correct mistakes in your business.
  • React in real-time with consumers on various social media platforms.
  • Find out what some demographics think about your brand.
  • Use positive feedback properly in marketing.
  • Discover the social media marketing campaigns that are performing well and those that are not.
  • Manage your brand authenticity and credibility.
  • Modify your marketing spend by removing channels with the lowest engagement levels.
  • Calculate return on investment via advanced reporting capabilities.

With the aid of a  social monitoring tool, you can grow online awareness for your e-commerce store. As a result, you can act on your company’s said to serve your customers better.

How to use Brand24?

Brand24 has a lot of free monitoring and social media tracking tools that you can use to enhance your brand reputation. There are many things you can use Brand24 to do. Here is how to create a social listening report on Brand24:

  • Create a project in Brand24

The first thing you need to do is set a keyword. If you operate promotional, communication,  or image activities around your brand, the name will be at the center of the project. Include it with a link to your social media profile. Also, you are free to include the names of your search terms, products, and characteristic hashtags. You can add everything that identifies your brand online.

  • Check competitors data

The next thing you need to do is check what your competitors are doing. You will find a lot of useful information about where the active brands in your industry are situated, how they are executing their marketing activities, and what people say about them online. You will gain more insight into all these moments you create a project.

  • See correct results

You are likely to get results not directly related to your brand. If you do, this is where filters come in handy. You can choose the information that is most crucial to you.

  • Monitor

You must monitor who is tracking your brand online. When you do, you can find how to satisfy the needs of these people with your services or products.

  • Generate the report

You should create a project so that you can search for mentions of your brand, your competition, and individuals in search of both. Therefore, generating your report is very important. First, open the project you want to generate data from, click on the Results tab, and then the PDF REPORT.

This is where you can select the specific information that you want to add to the final document. Usually, the most famous ones are already selected for you, but you are free to modify them to suit what you want. When you finish, just done, click on GENERATE REPORT. And that’s all.


Brand24 Features

Here are some of the features that the Brand24 online reputation management tool has:

  • Mention analytics

This Brand24 feature gives you a perfect understanding of the people talking about your brand online. It also analyzes buzz quantity and quality to gain new insights about your customers.

  • Mentions feed

This amazing Brand24 feature helps you find what people are saying about your brand and helps you take action in real-time.

  • Discussion volume chart

With this feature, you can notice instant changes in the discussion volume of your brand so you can protect your brand reputation. You can also use it to identify serious issues before they get worse and maximize the potential of the positive publicity that you are already getting.

  • Sentiment analysis

With this one, you can better understand your customers’ attitudes and find attitudes find problematic challenges that require instant attention.

Brand24 sentiment analysis

  • Influence score

This feature helps you locate your industry influencers to make conscious decisions about the particular people you should be working with that will be helpful to your brand.

  • Alerts

Here, you can be the first to find out changes in the number of discussions around your brand. It helps you to customize your alerts the way you want.


  • Filtering

With this feature, you can streamline your results to concentrate on what is most vital for you. You can choose to filter either by the number of visits, sentiment, mention source, and many others.

  • Data exporting

Turn your data into automated infographics, .xls files,  and PDF reports. In addition, you can gather your mentions with Brand24 so you can use them outside of the tool.

Brand24 Pricing

 Brand24 pricing is fair and attractive. Also, it has a 14-day free trial to convince yourself that this tool is the one for your business. In addition, you don’t have to enter your credit card details, and there are no hidden fees. Here are the four Brand24 pricing plans:

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Brand24 Alternatives

Brand 24 is not the only social media tracking tool that you can use to handle your social media mentions. There are many other social media tracking tools that you can explore. Below are some of the Brand24 competitors that you can check out:

  • Mention

This real-time media monitoring tool enables users to keep track of all their social media activities. It helps you track in real-time, react in seconds, analyze your statistics, work intelligently and easily with your team. You can gain access to the software anywhere. It has four pricing options: The Starter, Growth, Company, and Enterprise plan.

  • MarketSpace

This Brand24 alternatives MarketSpace scans brand news, social posts, app updates, videos, and many others to monitor your customers, portfolios, partners, competition, and sales prospects. This powerful tool can also help you monitor your brand’s products and services. In addition, it has a simple interface and fair subscription prices.

  • Brandwatch

This is another Brand24 alternative that you should use. It is a social media monitoring tool too. Brandwatch provides a subscription-based application that enables users to monitor their social media conversations about their products, brand, or any generic topics on the web. It helps you to automatically clean and analyze your brand’s coverage and makes it simple for you to view insights, prioritize actions, engage and respond. The intuitive interface also permits you to create customized reports and dashboards.

This unique tool covers social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, news sites, blogs, and forums. Brandwatch has one of the tools with the best real-time coverage of Social Media.

Brand24 Review Conclusions

Brand24 is one of the best social media monitoring tools that you can use to boost your digital marketing strategies. This excellent tool gives you useful insights and enables you to react immediately to comments and mentions about your business. Our Brand24 review is a great tool for those businesses or marketers that want to build their social media presence. It is a brand monitoring tool that helps you improve your brand reputation online. This monitoring tool also enables you to achieve your social media marketing goals. This is a tool you should try out. It will transform your business for sure.