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This SocialDog review is for anyone looking for a great Twitter growth tool to manage their account. Everything can be kept track of via a simple dashboard, allowing you to put your phone down for good. SocialDog is a fantastic tool for anyone who is primarily interested in Twitter. SocialDog outperforms Hootsuite and Buffer on Twitter. You can control all of your mentions, unfollows, follows messages, and analytics for a little charge, unlike the rest. So, without further ado, let us dig into the review.

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SocialDog: Twitter Management Tool

Auto Scale, a Japanese firm, created SocialDog. It was founded in June 2016 and had its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. SocialDog is a popular Twitter management application with over 1 million users. In addition, they have a significant number of clients, ranging from tiny enterprises to major corporations, that utilize their products.

With SocialDog, you can quickly plan and manage your Twitter account. The user interface is well-organized and easy to browse. With SocialDog, all of your Twitter data is collected in one place, including mentions, followers, likes, unfollows, and analytics. To save time during the day, you can schedule your tweets.

What is SocialDog?

SocialDog is a cloud-based social media management tool that allows organizations to manage their Twitter accounts from a single location. Organizations may use the platform to automate tweets, manage followers, and communicate with them.

Post scheduling capability is included in SocialDog, allowing users to schedule material or Tweets for a specified day and time, queue numerous posts in advance, and synchronize Tweets with RSS feeds. In addition, a unified dashboard allows administrators to manage several accounts and grant access to various users.

Managers may receive insights on follow-back rates, audience segmentation, and other data using Social Dog’s built-in analytics features.


Why Should You Use SocialDog?

  • Secure account connection: Unless you provide your permission, there will be no tweets or other account activity. Using Twitter’s official “OAuth” authentication, you may utilize SocialDog without registering a password.  Twitter-compliant to the nth degree: All functions are fully compliant with Twitter’s official “Twitter Rules” and “Automation Rules.”
  • Obtain the assistance you require: Users new to managing their Twitter accounts may acquire all the information they need from extensive help and documentation. A support form is also available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Increase the number of people who follow you and enhance your engagement: All of the tools you’ll need to increase interaction and develop your audience are included.
  • Use automation to boost efficiency: Automate the administration and analysis of tweets and followers to increase productivity.


SocialDog Features

The list of features that makes SocialDog stand out among its competitors are listed down below:

  • Analysis of Followers

The SocialDog Follower Analysis function is quite useful. The basic pie charts on SocialDog contain a variety of data. The first diagram shows whether or not the users are private or public. The second graph depicts their primary language. The total number of tweets sent by your followers is shown in the third graph.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see the remaining three charts due to the trial. On the other hand, the second graph is really useful. For example, if you see a surge in followers who don’t speak English, you can consider tweeting in multiple languages. Assume you start to attract Spanish-speaking fans. You may send them a few Spanish tweets to read and answer.


  • Analysis of Tweets

You can track the efficacy of your tweets using SocialDog’s Tweet Analysis tool. It appears to be the best time for others to retweet or like your tweets. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping track of your materials. We like the “Time of Day” graphs since they help us figure out the best time to tweet our content. In addition, the graph depicts how customers react over time.


  • Schedule of Tweets

In addition, you may schedule tweets using SocialDog. We prefer systems that allow users to organize their content using a calendar. It’s a great way to keep your attention throughout the day, and it also prevents you from being distracted by trivial social media distractions.

Additionally, the Tweet scheduler allows you to schedule tweets for maximum impact or engagement. For example, you don’t want to schedule tweets at 2 a.m., when everyone is asleep. This is an inadvisable period to arrange your material for obvious reasons.


  • Users that have been inactive for a long time

Twitter’s main problem is that it’s inundated with bots and trolls. Because SocialDog recognizes this issue, it adds a function for tracking inactive users. People may use it to search through your followers and clean up the mess. It also aids in lowering your total follower count, allowing your Twitter account to maintain a respectable appearance.

We like this feature since it prevents you from unintentionally following an inactive individual. Unfollowing them and redirecting your follower list to more active Twitter users is a great way to boost your Twitter engagement. Set up an Action Agent and leave the unfollowing to SocialDog while you go about your business.

  • Whitelist + Blacklist

Without these two essential aspects, no Twitter application would be complete. For example, if someone appears to be bullying or harassing you, you can put them on your blacklist. You may also whitelist your most dedicated followers who engage with your content regularly. It’s a straightforward tool that lets you focus your time and energy on individuals who add the most value to your Twitter account.

  • Keywords should be followed

The Follow Keywords feature is a fantastic addition. People may use it in several ways. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the feature. Here are a few examples of how to put this really valuable tool to work for you:

  • Twitter responses to marketing attempts
  • Use keywords to find people who are likely to be interested
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing replies

The Follow Keyword, when used correctly, may be highly useful. You may, for example, observe how marketing campaigns or current news articles propagate. In addition, you can share the replies on Twitter or other social networking platforms. 

With Twitter, individuals may respond immediately to events such as Super Bowl ads, failed marketing efforts, and so on. As a result, it’s an incredibly useful research tool for any social media or marketing campaign you’re considering launching.


  • Agent of Action

SocialDog is essential for efficiently controlling your Twitter time. Following Twitter’s Terms of Service, SocialDog allows you to schedule follow-ups and unfollows. Unlike other Instagram bots on the web, SocialDog strictly follows Twitter’s automation regulations. The Action Agent will follow and unfollow users depending on your supply parameters.

What is the most important aspect? You do not need to be a member of SocialDog to participate. You create your criteria and then sign them off. With little effort on your side, SocialDog takes care of all the hard work. It’s a simple three-step technique that you may repeat to see what happens.

time saving

  • Not Followed

There will be folks who do not follow you back on any platform. Monitoring such users on your phone is inconvenient. In contrast, SocialDog overcomes this problem by providing a thorough list of people who do not follow you.

The list makes it simple to schedule Action Agents and unfollow them.

It’s a great way to streamline your Twitter feed while increasing interaction by focusing on common followers. You may also save the list as a CSV file for more convenient analysis. You may also add such people to a blacklist, so you don’t have to follow them again.

It’s a fantastic way to prevent wasting Twitter resources and instead focus on gaining new Twitter followers.

  • Followers to Copy

The ability to follow keywords is a terrific addition. It’s adaptable and may be utilized in a variety of ways. We strongly advise you to make use of this function. Here are some examples of how to make use of this really useful tool:

  • Reactions to attempts at Twitter marketing
  • Determine who is likely to be interested using keywords
  • Keep an eye on what your rivals are doing in marketing

The Follow Keyword, when used appropriately, has the potential to be quite powerful. For example, you could see the proliferation of marketing campaigns or current news articles. In addition, you are free to repost or share the responses on your own Twitter or social media accounts. 

Twitter allowed people to respond swiftly to events such as Super Bowl commercials and failed marketing initiatives. In addition, it’s an excellent research tool for any social media or marketing campaign you’re thinking about starting.


  • Dashboard

The interface of SocialDog is simple. They create graphs and aggregate your account’s information in a simple way to grasp. You may also pick from a variety of periods for your data. For example, you might be able to monitor your account’s growth over the last three, six, or nine months.

We like how they keep track of new followers, followers, and unfollows and provide a follower/following ratio. SocialDog is a service that combines statistics and a useful Twitter tool into a single package. Anyone who uses Twitter regularly will undoubtedly benefit from it.


SocialDog Pricing

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SocialDog Alternatives

The alternatives that are available in the market to SocialDog are listed down below:

  • eClincher
  • MavSocial
  • PublBox
  • Iconosquare
  • Sprout Social
  • Appu Social
  • Sked Social
  • Buffer
  • Loomly

Sprout Social vs. SocialDog

Sprout Social is a company that specializes in social media marketing. Sprout Social is a semi-premium choice that isn’t the cheapest of our top five to subscribe to. However, you will receive a solution covering almost every aspect of scheduling, community administration, and reporting.

Direct scheduling and reporting on every major social media network, including Google Business Listings and Instagram, is simple with Sprout Social. Although most customer management tools are not accessible until mid- and higher-level subscriptions, you may manage your social media communities using Sprout Social. Although the Inbox function has improved over time, it is still not as attractive as Hootsuite. 

Sprout Social Analytics

There are three membership tiers to choose from: $99.00, $149.00, and $249.00, each offering somewhat more sophisticated capabilities for the customer. The Professional membership costs $149.00 a month and is the most cost-effective. Let’s take a look at an example of their professional mid-level strategy.

  • All-in-one mailbox with ten social media profiles and one user
  • Calendar of Content
  • Reports on social media competition
  • Trending Words to remember
  • Reporting on paid campaigns
  • Bitly Workflow approvals and Google Business Services integrations
  • Tags for messages

HubSpot, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google services are readily integrated with Sprout Social. Try Sprout Social if you’re searching for a product that can easily integrate into your environment. Subscriptions start at $99.00 per user and are free for 30 days.

SocialDog Review Conclusions

For maintaining your Twitter profile, SocialDog is a useful tool. They simplify preparing content, setting up automated activities, and sending out welcome messages to new followers. Moreover, you may also keep track of keywords to gain new followers. You may steal your competitors’ followers by utilizing SocialDog’s Copy Followers tool. You can do a lot with their information to assist you in expanding your Twitter account. Furthermore, SocialDog is compliant with Twitter’s Terms of Service. Therefore, your account is completely safe.

Thus, what are you waiting for?

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